7 Dollar PTC – Is Seven Dollar PTC a Scam

Seven Dollar PTC home

7 Dollar PTC – Is Seven Dollar PTC a Scam


Seven Dollar PTC home
Seven Dollar PTC home

Name:  Seven Dollar PTC
Website: http://sevendollarptc.com/
Owner: Not disclosed and no where to be found when digging for them- Red Flag out of the gate
Price: $85.00 for one year ($285.00 Membership for life option or a $425 for a 5 year membership) Red Flag – lifetime is cheaper than a 5 year? This makes zero sense, why wouldn’t everyone just go lifetime?
Overall Ranking: 0/10 


What is Seven Dollar PTC?

Seven Dollar PTC is a Pay to click program that claims it will pay it’s members $7.00 for each and every advertisement that they click on. Each advertisement must be viewed for at least a one minute duration in order to get credit for viewing that advertisement. There are other ways of earning money through Seven Dollar pay per click. You can refer your friends, although they may not be friends after you refer them to this scam. they also offer you the option to purchase offers from them, so ultimately you will be spending more of your own money and not “earning money.”


More on The Seven Dollar PTC Program…

There are legitimate PTC programs out there that pay for advertisement clicks. The thing is though, they pay you about a penny per click and not $7.00 per click.

Think about that for a minute, how can every other company pay a penny or pennies but Seven dollar PTC pay’s a whooping seven bucks per click? Because they don’t pay out. It’s BS and a scam.

There are nothing but complaints online about Seven Dollar PTC.  I even spent a few hours looking online for a single positive review or success story about Seven Dollar PTC and could not find a single one. Not even one!

Seven Dollar PTC is pretty much like every other scam product online. They make their money off of people joining their membership services, which is not really a service at all.



The PROS and CONS of Seven Dollar PTC


  • It is easy to sign up for free (for what that’s worth)
  • The system is pretty straight forward click on advertisements in order to get paid (Or not paid for a better description)
  • If you are looking to throw money away on a membership service or make your Wallet a bit lighter (Then this could be a pro for you, I’m kidding don’t give them any money)
  • Long waiting period to claim any of your earnings
  • complaints of removal of funds from website without ever getting paid

Honestly though, I could not find anything positive about this program. I looked and looked and there is just nothing positive to say about Seven Dollar PTC.

Update–  I found one positive remark that I can say about Seven Dollar PTC. By the looks of their website, it looks like they put a lot of effort on the visual aspect of how the website appears.  Seven Dollar PTC’s website looks like it could be a legitimate professional business. That is, if it wasn’t a SCAM!


  • Every thing about this site, service, system is a Con (because they are Con artists)
  • Under their terms of service they have the sole right to change the payout amount (The one that’s $7.00) at any time for any reason. (Not that it would matter they aren’t going to pay anyone anyway)
  • No business owner information, no parent company listed either. They don’t list anything in regards to who owns the site, who pays you or anything else specific to who would be responsible for payment, or who you would need to reach out for.
  • They do offer a contact form in order to send an automated email to them, but as for the thousands of complaints I have read through they will not reply to any email sent. Especially regarding pay outs for rewards earned through the program.

There are really just to many CONS to list since this company is 100% Bogus and a Scam. A quick Google search will provide you with more complaints then you would ever care to read.



Red Flag Indicators that Seven Dollar PTC is a Scam

  • No pay to click program would ever offer a $7.00 pay out per click, their advertisers would go bankrupt.
  • Why would you need to”PAY THEM” to become a member to their program that is supposed to be making “YOU MONEY?”
  • No company name listed or owner’s listed
  • No telephone support number listed
  • $7,000.00 threshold before any withdraws can be made
  • Reserving the sole right to change the payout amount at anytime for any reason.
  • 85 day waiting period for any pay out (Holy Cow)!
  • Outlandish claims of income potential Thousands (Thousands upon Thousands of dollars)
  • No real description on how things add up to be so lucrative with Seven Dollar PTC. How they are able to pay you so much when other companies pay so little for the same type of service



My Final Thoughts on Seven Dollar PTC….

With most play to click programs you wont make a lot of money, it’s usually about a penny per click sometimes a touch more or less. The difference with Seven Dollar PTC, is you more than likely won’t be making even those pennies, because they tend to not pay ANYONE. Seven Dollar PTC is a scam and you should try to avoid these type of scams at all cost! Don’t even bother wasting time signing up unless it’s just for Sh!t’s and Giggles!


Seven Dollar PTC at a Glance….


Name:  Seven Dollar PTC
Website: http://sevendollarptc.com/
Owner: Not disclosed and no where to be found when digging for them- Red Flag out of the gate
Price: $85.00 for one year ($285.00 Membership for life option or a $425 for a 5 year membership) Red Flag – lifetime is cheaper than a 5 year makes zero sense
Overall Ranking: 0/10 



If your looking for a way to just make a few bucks online try Inbox Dollars at least they pay you, although not a lot. Or you could try Perk TV or Swagbucks, if Gift-cards are more your style. At the very least, these companies pay out something.




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Have you been scammed by Seven Dollar PTC? Please comment below we would love to hear your story.

I will ask for comments for success stories from Seven Dollar PCT (Even though we all know there will not be any) Just as a courtesy and to be fair.


This review report has been submitted by Damon, of HowtoEarnaLivingUsingTheInternet

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16 thoughts on “7 Dollar PTC – Is Seven Dollar PTC a Scam”

  1. Thanks for the review it’s good to have people like you around saving the rest of us from getting ripped off. Btw awesome site.

  2. Thanks a lot Andy, I appreciate the kind words. There are so many scam sites out there just waiting to prey on their next victim and together we are strong enough to hit them where it hurts, the wallet! If we don’t buy into these systems they will soon be out of business and we will all be a little safer. Thanks for stopping by and commenting…..

  3. I have tried the 7 dollar PTC program and I earned a good sum, but when I went to try and remove those funds the funds disappeared.

    Seven Dollar pay to click is a straight up scam, this review is 100% acurate

  4. I am so sorry Manola that you had been scammed by 7 dollar PTC. I have heard of them doing that exact same thing to other people though, so you are not the first or the last I am afraid.

    We appreciate you coming here and leaving your feed back about 7 dollar PTC though, it’s always good to hear from other people even if it is an unfortunate story.

    If you are still looking for a way to make some cash online with PTC programs, read my Inbox Dollars review they actually pay’s their people. It may not be the outlandish amounts offered by 7 dollar ptc, but at least they are legit.

  5. So Anybody wants to if they are a scam. I contact the to ask questions. This is the response from the email. Definetly Scammers and Liars. Here are the scripts and the support email. You will see at the end you have to pay to get your money

    I click on these ads will I really get paid for clicking ads. I have clicked on and I have not seen any results. I dont want to go google to see if you guys are scamming people.
    Thank You
    Hello Roy 🙂
    We have paid our members everyday for over 3 years
    Why is that I am clicking and not getting credit
    What do you mean you dont get credit??
    When I go to the earning area start click area click one link The Water Footprint Of Food says I would $10 for 50 sec. I did not get credit. To this sounds like a scam that this is not cool. I also check reviews on google they say you lying to people. So I will be creating youtube video letting people know that this is a scam.
    So all ads work, except for the one you mention below?
    We have paid our members everyday for over 3 years
    Why are these people when do a google is saying that you guys are scamming. If this aint gonna work me sure aint nobody else is going gonna want to do this. That aint good business practice.
    Those negative links on Google are made from angry former members who we banned because they breached our Terms
    What search or keywords are you using to find that website?
    I have google searched seven dollar click review.
    If I dont want sign up for premium can I still earn money is the question first before I do anything I have make sure you are legit.
    Yes but if you want to withdraw you need to become a paid member

  6. I have create a youtube on these scammers in anyone want see the scam. So dont waiste your time with these Cons

  7. sir, i am janaka i earned 7000 dollar from sevendollar ptc i request it but never get it what to do sir? please help me!

  8. yet i was worked contiuned in seven dollar ptc in 2013 but i have save balance 7000 dollar … i asking ur about scam or honest ? tell me pls reply me

  9. Thanks for leaving a comment Dinesh. We all love to hear anytime someone has made money with a program online, that’s why we all do this, right? Tell us though, have you been able to withdraw the $7k? Did it take you the entire 4 years to earn that amount? How many clicks do you think that was? hours of videos watched? what was the average pay out? $7.00 a click? we would love to see someone verify that claim!

  10. unfortunately Janaka, this story is heard time and time again. It’s so common in fact, that I made this blog about to help deter people like you and I from getting scammed by these type of places. 🙁

    You could try their customer support option at the bottom of the Seven Dollar PTC website. I don’t think anyone has had much luck getting paid by them though.

  11. Wow! That is just Crazy Roy. I have to admit though, I am not one bit surprised……..

    Thanks for sharing your story with us. I’m sure that will help save some folks time and money and we all appreciate it.

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