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I am Damon, I am here to help guide you through this process of making money online.

This is me in 2014
This is me 2014

I have been working for myself for two years now, since 2012. The reason I wanted to point that out is that I don’t have 10 or 15 years experience like most of the other people in this business. So the fact is that I can truly relate to the beginner. Not only that, but any issues you run into, or questions you may have I am sure I experienced recently and not 10 years ago like a 10 year veteran would have. After all, we all must start somewhere! Right?


My Journey Began

When I had been laid off from my job in printing, a job I had held for 16 years and guess what? There had been no open positions for this field in my area. I could uproot my family and move half way across the Country in order to find work for much less money then I had been making. Well that did not sound good to me at all, nor was my wife or kid’s happy with the idea of moving.

So here I was stuck! I was unemployed with a skill that used to earn me a good living, but with no positions for it available in my area of the Country. What was I going do? I have a mortgage, kid’s to feed, car payments and now I am out of work and at this time and the economy was shot. So I considered my options; find work in an unrelated field, find a new trade (Kind of late in life to do that) or start fresh some other way. Now I know you must be thinking, this is the point in which I started this business but that’s not the case. What I decided to do at this time was to go back to school and get an education at 35 years old.

My wife and I knew the only way we could afford to send me back to school and survive was to cut out everything that was not a NEED for our family. So for the next two years we had no cable TV, no cellphones, no dining out, no dates for me and my beautiful wife, no vacations. I’m sure you get the picture, life sucked!

I made my choice and decided to go back to school for server administration. After all, I had always liked computers and this was a field that had good earning potential or so I had thought at the time. I attended school and to my own surprise I did very well (I was not into school much when I was younger). I had gotten good grades (3.7 GPA which is outstanding for me), obtained certifications galore and was very excited about getting out and finding a good job in Computers that could support myself and my family.


But…You knew there was going to be a but right?

When I completed school guess what? I found out the hard way that no one is going to allow someone with no experience anywhere near their servers. Now here I am again, stuck. I have an education now but not a single job offer for what I studied. I knew if I did not find a job in servers soon, I more than likely never will. After all I have no more time to spare, unemployment is over (funds have been drained while going to school) and I have a family to take care of. To say the very least I was pissed and depressed at this point. I felt like a failure at every turn in my life after being laid off. I did finally find a contract position working for an IT deployment firm, this had no relation to the education I just obtained by the way. Ultimately I learned that I could have saved the 30k in debit I just borrowed for school, since all I was going to get was a very low position no matter where I went and no education was necessary for these positions. As most contract jobs go though it ended abruptly, and I was back to square one unemployed and praying for help.


A real new beginning

At this time, I had just about had enough! I decided I never wanted to work for SOMEONE ELSE ever again. I wanted to start my own business but there was only one catch, I had no idea where to begin or even what to start a business in. I mean I had Printing experience, I had computer experience but how do I turn what I know into my own business? I started searching online for ideas and came across a crap load of make money online sites , so I started reading up on these sites. Day after day, night after night, I read and searched read more and searched more. Finally I had come to this conclusion! There are some  legitimate websites out there (very few) that will actually train you on how to earn a living online. These sites however, either have a high cost associated with them or they have no assistance if you need help or if you get to a sticking point. As you probably guessed though, there are many more websites that are full of B.S. and are scams that are just looking to make a quick buck or a hundred or more.

So how do I cipher through all the bull that I was reading and watching? Eventually after some time, I found a pretty good site that was 100% free and took you all the way through the process of creating your own online business. The only draw back was the guy used about 20 different tools while training, and as you may have guessed all of these tools costed money. Some of these tools did have free alternatives but not all of them did, and once I added it up this free training was gonna cost me $500+ out of pocket. So, with no sure fire way to know if I could succeed with this method and not having a spare half a grand to just blow (Wife would have murdered me), I went back to the drawing board.

I finally came across a website called Wealthy Affiliate and they offered a free trial and some training videos for free, so I signed up. Hell it’s free, I figure I will give it a whirl and worst case scenario I will learn something off of their free video’s that maybe I hadn’t seen before. So I set up my profile, added a photo (readily available from all the recent sign ups for other sites at the time) and got started. I watched the videos in course 1 and the information was decent, but much of it I had already covered in some of the other courses I had previously taken on other sites. While watching the videos I noticed I had gotten some notifications from within the site, I figured this was spam since I just signed up so I ignored it. When I finally had gotten around to checking those notifications, I had 1-2 of the normal auto reply notifications (thanks for registering, etc) but I also had about 20 or so follow requests. Follow requests for what, oh great! Now I am going to get spam with tons of automated notifications, from this site. But that wasn’t the case, these had been other members of the site wanting to connect.


I had no idea at the time

that I had stumbled upon a community. Yes you read that correct a community of people trying to start their own business online just like I was. Honestly this did excite me a little, because I needed help, and had nowhere to turn. So I took a closer look around at some of the additional options that Wealthy Affiliate had to offer and the more I looked the more I was impressed. Wealthy Affiliates not only trains you, they also offer support and have a community that offers support too. After all we all had similar goals (making money online), even though they may be in different niches. I thought this site has a great idea going here, but I was not ready to sign on just yet (Skeptic after my last 3 years). I finished my training course 1 lesson 1-10 what they offer for the free, and inspected even more aspects of the website, you have 7 days to upgrade to premium. I went back and forth to the website probably 50 times before I decided on day 2 to sign up, and I must say it was the best decision I ever made in my life.


Fast Forward 2 years…..

I am still with Wealthy Affiliates and I am super happy with the living I am now making. Wealthy Affiliates has changed my way life, allowed me to be my own boss and earn the kind of income I deserved to earn all along. I now have 3 websites of my own each one is successful and growing daily and earning me more and more income each year. It has been a long, hard road to get to this point, but if you are hard working and have half a head upon your shoulders there is no doubt that you to can obtain the amount of success that I have or even greater.






It is always wonderful to meet my readers!

If you need anything, please drop me a comment below or you can contact me at Wealthy Affiliate here is a link to (my profile.)



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  1. Hi, Milan.

    I have created a few websites and am currently making my living online. It takes hard work and determination, but it is very worth it. If you’re interested reach out to me.

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