Affiliate Supremacy – Will Affiliate Supremacy grant me a Supreme Affiliate Status?

Affiliate Supremacy Review

Affiliate Supremacy – Will Affiliate Supremacy grant me a Supreme Affiliate Status?

Affiliate Supremacy Review
Affiliate Supremacy Review

Name: Affiliate Supremacy
Craig Dawber
Overall Rank: 


Affiliate Supremacy Product Overview

Affiliate Supremacy is a PDF guide written by Craig Dawber that really touches on all of the ins and outs of becoming an affiliate marketer.

As most of us are probably aware of by now, Affiliate Marketing can be a great way to make money online.  Affiliate marketing allows regular people like you and I, that don’t have a product of their own to produce, know nothing about how producing a product would even work or how to even start something like that to still own our own business online by promoting others products. This is what Craig touches on with Affiliate Supremacy and he does a pretty good job at it with this eBook.

Craig Dawber
Craig Dawber

The Affiliate Supremacy program is definitely a beginners handbook and anyone with an intermediate or advanced skill set is not going to find much value in the contents the guide. I would advise those people to save their money for something a little more their level and to bypass purchasing this guide entirely.

But, for the beginners that are looking to get into Affiliate Marketing this guide is right up your ally and you will surely pick up some of the latest tips on how affiliate marketing works.

Craig not only explains the ins and outs of Affiliate Marketing, but he also touches on the importance of finding a valuable Niche. A Niche is basically what area of expertise you intend to focus on. For example, when Craig sells you his  Affiliate Supremacy book that means his Niche for the book would be making money with affiliate marketing or affiliate marketing training. Craig explains all of this in pretty good detail, and maybe even more importantly Craig also shows you how to find a profitable Niche.


You will also learn about creating content that will power sales, the importance of social media, how to outsource and scale your business, as well as some of the most current traffic generation techniques. Craig really does a good job taking you from A to Z with this guide and for 9 bucks it’ not a bad deal

PROS and CONS of Affiliate Supremacy


  • The program is a great learning resource for beginners in Affiliate Marketing
  • The Niche portion of the training guide is covered in great detail and has a good view of what is needed to find a Profitable Niche
  • Affiliate Supremacy is a value at 9 bucks and change
  • 2 bonus eBooks; List Building Manifesto and Article Marketing
  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • Affiliate Supremacy is not a complete guide how to book, it will get you started, but you will need to seek additional training to continue to grow your business and knowledge of affiliate marketing
  • If you get stuck with anything in the guide and you are unsure what to do there is no one for you to turn to. There is no additional help or assistance offered, its just you and the eBook
  • There are up-sells for a few additional products which can be perceived by most (myself included) as a scam style tactic


Who is Affiliate Supremacy for?

Affiliate Supremacy targets anyone including current Affiliate Marketers claiming to make them Super Affiliates.

This system in my opinion is not for current affiliate marketers unless you have just stepped into the profession and are looking at getting your hands on some good reading material. Otherwise, the Affiliate Supremacy guide is completly tailored with a beginner affiliate marketer in mind.

Affiliate Supremacy Tools and Training

The training is the Affiliate Supremacy PDF and the other 2 free eBooks; List Building Manifesto and Article Marketing. All three of these eBooks are written by Craig and he is not adding in some other random training that was written off topic by some random author.

The only tools you get with Affiliate Supremacy is the training guides mentioned above, any other tool that you decide to use will be entirely up to you to purchase.

There are some additional up-sells that will be available for you to buy once you have purchased the Affiliate Supremacy Super Affiliate guide.

  • Premium Niche Theme packs – 5-10 premade Niche websites
  • IMA membership coaching
Affiliate Supremacy Contents
Affiliate Supremacy Contents

Affiliate Supremacy Support

There is no real support offered, but what kind of support can really be expected with purchasing a PDF?

The IMAmembership coaching I’m sure is where the support is offered, but I did not purchase any of the upsells so I am not 100% on how good or bad it is.


The Price of Affiliate Supremacy

Affiliate Supremacy List Building Manifesto
Affiliate Supremacy List Building Manifesto

The Price of Affiliate Supremacy is the only place in the review that raises some alarm with me.

Don’t get me wrong, the $9 payment for Affiliate Supremacy I personally find to be a good deal and well worth the information that you get for the money.

It’s the two upsells and one downsell that make me a little squirmish to endorse the product and say that everything is on the up and up with Affiliate Supremacy.

So we know that for $9 we get Affiliate Supremacy PDF that includes two additional eBooks List Building Manifesto and Article Marketing.

Craig is also going to toss a sales pitch at you for buying one of his upsells for Premium Niche Sales Packs of 10 premade websites that will include content and keywords premade for you with a price tag of $47.00.

The problem with this, besides being pitched an addition item to affiliate supremacy is the product itself that Craig is pitching.

Think about it for a moment, if everyone buys this same package then wouldent everyone have the exact same website with the exact same content targeting the exact same Keywords? And if that’s the case hold onto your britches because all of these sites are going to get Google slapped and not rank for crap in any search engine because every single one of them will appear to have stolen content and be exactly the same. A major no-no that Craig should understand with his affiliate marketing knowledge.

Affiliate Supremacy Article Marketing
Affiliate Supremacy Article Marketing

But wait, there is more! If you decide not to buy the 10 premade websites from Craig there is a downsell of 5 of the exact same premade websites for $27. This offer is not made untill after you decline the ten premade website offer though. Which is a another scam style tactic in my book, show me everything that is offered then let me decide, thats how most of us want it presented to us. Don’t wait untill I say no, then come back at me with a different price and another lesser offer!

The other upsell is the IMA membership coaching, I did not buy this portion of the program and since it is so new I could not really find any information on it online either. If the IMA membership coaching has some additional training platform involved it may be wirth the $17.00 a month fee that Craig charges, but if it is solely a mentorship type program I would leave this one alone too.

Where to Buy?

Affiliate Supremacy is available for purchase directly from the Affiliate Supremacy website


My Final Opinion of Affiliate Supremacy

I actually enjoyed the Affiliate Supremacy PDF and additional eBooks and thought at 9 bucks it was a good deal. Not only was it a good read for me, but it also has a good amount of information that anyone new to affiliate marketing would find useful.

The only thing I did not like was the premade website upsell. I feel as though anyone with an online marketing background should know better than to offer premade websites with premade content and keywords. Every website that is created in this way would appear to Google as duplicate content, and be next to impossible to rank due to the competition for the same exact keywords being targeted by everyone else. I would suggest staying away for this upsell at the very least.

The training offered through the IMA membership coaching could be a hit or miss, it really depends on what is offered for the additional $17.00 monthly fee to judge if it’s worth signing up for or not. If we use the other upsell as an indicator of what might be expected with the IMA membership coaching then I would advise to use caution when signing up for anything additional in the Affiliate Supremacy program and maybe just stick with the PDF and bonus eBooks.

We all know how hard it can be to not only learn alone but learn froma  book alone with no additional guidance what so ever.  With no mentor to bounce questions or ideas off of, no community to fall back on and no real developed training path that teaches you how to become an affiliate marketer, going alone is as good as a shot in the dark.

There is one place that I know of  that does offer everything listed above and will offer you a free trial with two free websites (not premade websites you will learn how to make your own websites yourself) and free hosting. It’s my #1 recomended training program on How to earn a living using the internet, called Wealthy Affiliate and it has been the key to success for thousands of my readers.

Now, I believe Affiliate Supremacy (just the PDF and free eBooks portion) is a good deal and something you should definitely look into purchasing, but lets face it your not going to learn how to completely start a business from a PDF document! Now are you? Take a look at the table below to see how a full-fledged training program like Wealthy Affiliate stacks up, even against a good product like Affiliate Supremacy!


Affiliate Supremacy At A Glance…..

Name: Affiliate Supremacy
Craig Dawber
Overall Rank: 




I really think most beginners to Affiliate Marketing will find some really valuable information with Affiliate Supremacy. This PDF is a very well constructed guide that will get you off to a great start in affiliate marketing and is sure to have you earning some type of residual income in no time. However, If you are the type of person that struggles applying what you have read. Then this PDF training guide might not be for you or may need to be combined with another type of training platform in order to get you started.


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6 thoughts on “Affiliate Supremacy – Will Affiliate Supremacy grant me a Supreme Affiliate Status?”

  1. Hi!
    This sounds like a good read and the price sure is right!
    Nice site you have here, I really enjoyed reading your review!

  2. It’s almost as if the Affiliate Supremacy service is kind of a gimmick, it’s like it gives you all the information any novice marketer would need to know then kind of make it seem like it’s all a piece of cake after that am i right? Sounds like it! I like Wealthy Affiliate and what Kyle teaches way better anyway!
    Thanks for a great review!!
    Matt TheDopestMatrix

  3. Hi, Matt.

    Affiliate Supremacy is not a bad little guide but is not something that I would think a Novice marketer would care to read. The guide is made with the complete newbie in mind, and once you’re done with the guide then what? What’s next? where do I go from here? This is when places like Wealthy Affiliate or other structured training programs could take over the training portion and you could build upon what you have learned with Affiliate Supremacy or whatever other program you have already been taught.

  4. Hi, Shawn.

    I tell you what, for $9.00 I was not mad at all with the content that was included in the PDF much less the other two bonus books. I found a few things to take away from each book, even with my experience in Affiliate Marketing. Stay away from the upsells though, those I did not like…….

  5. I purchased the Affiliate Supremacy PDF after reading this review and I wanted to come back and thank you for the recommendation. I already do affiliate marketing and I found it pretty useful.

    Thanks again

  6. Np at all, Cam. I’m glad that you enjoyed it, I know I enjoyed reading it and I have experience in affiliate marketing as well. Not a bad little guide in my opinion, and cheap too.

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