Bing Rewards Review – Bing Is trying To Steal You Away From Google With BING Rewards

Bing Rewards Review

Bing Rewards Review – Bing Is trying To Steal You Away From Google With BING Rewards

Bing Rewards Review
Bing Rewards Review

Name: Bing Rewards
Price: Free
Owner: Microsoft
Overall Rank: 3/10


BING Rewards product Overview


Bing OneDrive Reward
Bing OneDrive Reward

Let me start off by saying, that I have been a fan of most of Microsoft’s products over the years but the only product I never really liked was Bing. Now, I was never a daily user of Bing but over the last couple of years with the addition of Bing Rewards that has changed. Bing Rewards has sucked me back into using bing more and more on a daily basis for some of my searches. Don’t get me wrong, I still use Google as my primary search engine, but Bing has found its place in my web browser and its not just because it came with the browser by default this time either.

I primarily started using Bing Rewards about two years ago when I was searching for a good deal on cloud storage space. At this time, I ran across Bing offering 100GB of OneDrive storage space for a year for 500 Bing Rewards Points. Intrigued, and hoping to save money on buying my cloud storage space, I figured I would check out how I could earn some of these Bing Rewards points.

So, I signed up for Bing Rewards and I was off. Bing Rewards was a little confusing to navigate at First I spent most of my time trying to learn what to do from the Bing Rewards Dashboard. In the Bing dashboard rewards program section, it gives a simple breakdown on daily activities you can complete to earn Bing rewards.

At first, I mainly did Bing searches. I would sign into Bing each morning and do my maximum amount of searches that I could. I think at the time it was about 15-20 searches a day max, and each search would grant 1 Bing Reward point. I soon realized that this was going to take me almost two months to gain enough points to get my 100GB cloud drive space, I needed a way to earn Bing rewards quickly and not waste two months time.

Bing Rewards Points
Bing Rewards Points

In order to get bing reward points faster, I knew I was going to need to know the system a little better than just performing my daily searches. So, I started working towards the next Level of Bing rewards. Bing Rewards is broken up into 3 levels, the Member Level (this is the first level,) Silver and Gold. When going from Member to Silver there is a 50 Reward point bonus, and when going from Silver to Gold there is another 200 Point Bonus. I knew this was the way I would get to my 500 reward point goal the fastest.

This is a list of the primary ways to earn points with Bing Rewards.

  • Search the internet using Bing Search
  • Search the internet using Bing on your Mobile Device
  • Complete daily tasks
  • Advance in membership levels by completing required tasks
  • Silver membership grants a 50 reward point bonus
  • Becoming a Gold member gives 10% discount on all redeemable Bing rewards merchandise.
  • Gold Membership grants a 200 reward point bonus
  • points can be awarded for completing offers
  • Bing does offer double reward point days, where all search points earned are doubled
  • Inviting friends can earn you 100 bonus reward points if the referral gets to Silver Status
Bing Quick View Offers box
Bing Quick View Offers box

PROS and CONS of BING rewards


  • Bing Rewards is simple to use
  • Free stuff for primarily searching the internet (something you’re going to be doing anyway) using Bing instead of another search engine
  • The variety of offers is great with Bing Rewards. They offer everything from a $5.00 Amazon gift card to sweepstakes entries for a Microsoft Surface or Xbox One packages.


  • Earning Reward points can be boring
  • Accumulating enough reward points to purchase something like the 500GB cloud storage space can take over a month.
  • Lack of additional way’s to earn points besides the daily offers and daily searches

Who is Bing Rewards for?

Bing Rewards can be used by anyone looking to search the web. Why not earn a few extra bucks over the course of the month by searching with Bing?


Bing Rewards Tools and Training

You will learn the majority of everything you need to know from the Bing Rewards Dashboard. Most people won’t need much training or and tools since Bing Rewards is fairly straight forward and can be quickly picked up by most people.

Bing Dashboard Rewards program
Bing Dashboard Rewards program

Bing Rewards Support

Right inside the Bing Rewards Dashboard there is a Help section. The Help section displays a list of fact style question and answers, and a link to contact Bing Rewards Support if you are unable to locate the answer to your specific question.

The Price of Bing Rewards

Bing Rewards is entirely free to join and participate within the program itself. However, there can be some shipping charges on specific rewards purchased. There may also be some other additional charges on various other rewards that I have not personally ran across, please be sure to check for any additional payment information before purchasing an item with your Bing Rewards.

Bing Reward Prizes
Bing Reward Prizes


My Final Opinion of Bing Rewards

I really like Bing Rewards, mainly because it’s simple to use without any additional plugins. I keep Bing as one of the choices for search engines that I use, so I can leave my account signed in and within the first ten minutes of my day I have earned my Bing point allowance for the day, quick and easy.

There are a few downfalls when it comes to Bing Rewards though. The number one complaint is the amount of time it takes to accumulate any real substantial Reward points wth Bing Rewards! Earning Bing Rewards is just a long drawn out process, with no real options for speeding it up.

The number one complaint is the amount of time it takes to accumulate any real substantial Reward points wth Bing Rewards! Earning Bing Rewards is just a long drawn out process, with no real options for speeding it up.

The second complaint is often times when trying to get in on a high ticket item by the time you earned enough points the item can already be discontinued. Which brings us back to complaint number one and the amount of time it takes to accumulate points.

If Bing is trying to steal back Google searchers they may get a few back with Bing Rewards, but they need to do a much better job to make up for all the years they have lost to Google in the Search Engine race. People will use Bing Rewards to either get the daily points like I do or they will use Bing Rewards to get the item they desire and then quit!

Bing Rewards may not make you rich, but you can definitely earn some extra online spending cash for sure with them. I wondered if opening multiple accounts with Bing Rewards would possibly open this program up and make the earning potential more worthwhile, but at this time I have not tried this method and I’m not sure of Bing’s stance on doing so. I am pretty sure they would frown upon it though if I had to guess.

Earning Bing Rewards is easy enough to do on a daily basis, all you need to do is head over to bing, sign in and search. If you’re looking for an opportunity to make more substantial money, and rewards are not your thing. Then Check out the Legit Category right here, there are some opportunities in here that you may not want to pass by. Take my Top recommended program Wealthy Affiliate for example! Wealthy Affiliate is a step by step training program that has single-handedly changed the face of Affiliate Marketing.

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Bing Rewards At A Glance…

Name: Bing Rewards
Price: Free
Owner: Microsoft
Overall Rank: 3/10



Bing Rewards is a Legit program that does come with limited earning potential. I like the program primarily for some of the offers that they have and the ease of earning the daily reward points. If Bing did not have such a simple set up that I don’thave to even think about, it may very well fall into the Scam category due to lack of earning potential. But, since I can set it and forget about it, I like it and find it useful to earn profits without putting any real time into it. Bing Rewards is comparable to Swagbucks or PerkTV.


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8 thoughts on “Bing Rewards Review – Bing Is trying To Steal You Away From Google With BING Rewards”

  1. It’s funny I started using Bing Rewards for the same reason as you did, for the cloud drive offer from OneDrive. That offer alone was the only reason that I have ever used Bing Rewards and the one and only thing I have ever purchased. The system is not too bad, but Bing does not offer enough for me to mess with it day in and day out.

  2. Hi, Meagan.

    The OneDrive offer is great isn’t it? I think as Bing Grows hopefully they will add additional offers that everyone can enjoy. I mainly buy gift cards with my spare points, unless they have something that catches my eye.

  3. No problem, Velda. Just keep in mind Bing Rewards take time to build, it’s not going to be something you can get results quickly with.

  4. Great review of Bing Rewards. I recently did my own review here with a funny twist.

  5. Bing is the default browser of mine and I simply forget I’m using it. Now I have 8600 points and there’s a sweepstakes for the Razor Blade….
    I wonder if I can get lucky….

  6. Thanks for stopping by Comet.

    I use Bing rewards, but I mainly use it just for the Microsoft one drive. However, I looked up the bundle on the reward you mentioned and it looks like a pretty sweet deal. Hope you get lucky and win.

  7. Thanks for the comment Moola Mom. The Bing rewards program is so easy to become affiliated with and almost transparent when it comes to earning because you earn for doing basic daily activities like searching the web etc.

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