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16 thoughts on “Can You Make Money With PTC Sites – The Clixsense Review”

  1. Very useful information. I know something about clixsense but the information you reveal help me to update my knowledge. I agree wealthy affiliate is the best.

  2. I love working with ClixSense, It allows me to make some extra money when I want. It is also very easy to use. Good review though

  3. ClixSense is okay for every now and again, not something I would place a lot of time into for any substantial gains like you said.

  4. ClixSense Like most Pay to CLick (PTC) programs don’t really offer much when it comes to earning potential. This is a darn good clixsense review, Thanks for putting this out there

  5. Good review of ClixSense Damon. Given your 2/10 rating and the lack of earning potential I’ll be avoiding that one. Better sticking to Wealthy Affiliate as you suggest.

  6. ClixSense has some of the same features of Neobux and they even do it a little better. The referral system is a little more realistic and believable with ClixSense than with Neobux, is what I meant to say.

    I agree with your review of ClixSense though. ClixSense could be a big money maker for some, but most won’t make much in terms of a profit. I do think ClixSense will one day get the system right and be one of the top money making systems of it’s kind online. Only time will tell though.

  7. I like your vision for ClixSense Habiba and I can kind of see where you are coming from with that statement too. ClixSense does have some amazing potential if they can work out some bugs within their current system.

    I am familiar with Neobux and agree that ClixSense is a better overall or at least a more believable system as you stated. I also did a Neobux review that can be found here, if you want to take a look at that.

  8. ClixSense is not so bad! I have messed with ClixSense over the years and the system can make you some money without much effort really. You should move this into the Legit portion of your page I think. You even mention it’s a trusted name in PTC!

  9. Thanks for the Comment Eric. ClixSense is a trusted name in PTC, there just is not a lot of money to be made with any PTC program and ClixSense is included in that category!

    ClixSense is PC only, payment levels are very small, You have to accumulate a lot of money before cashing out especially for PTC, there is not much to be made being a free member and let’s face it ClixSense is very time consuming for the benefit!

    The time spent for money gained is not worth it at this time to move it into the Legit column. If the system changes some I will definitely give the review an update.

  10. I look at ClixSense like as a PTC MLM, literally!

    Yes, I know how bazaar that sounds, but is it not true? In a way?

  11. It’s a PTC with a referral program. I get what you’re trying to say though Nikki, and in a way I gues it could be viewed as such.

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