Does Climbing The Mountain With Digital Altitude Get You Closer To Success? The Digital Altitude Review

Does Climbing The Mountain With Digital Altitude Get You Closer To Success? The Digital Altitude Review

Digital Altitude Review
Digital Altitude Review

Name: Digital Altitude


Price: $1 Trial all the way up to $27,997

Founder: Michael Force

Founded: 2016

Overall Rank: 3/10


Today we will review Digital Altitude to see if they can truly help you climb the digital mountain to success that they promise with their training.  In this article we will highlight a few areas of focus you may want to consider should you decide to look further into the product.  Michael Force the creator of Digital Altitude states that this program is designed for dads, moms, high school graduates, waitresses, college dropouts, passionate creatives and anyone in between.  He goes on to advise this is not a program for business people.  Not sure why that is?

Michael Force
Michael Force

Michael Force was one of the top 3% income earners for Empower Network which you will come to realize the same structure for the different levels of Digital Altitude which they obviously model after.  As many of you will probably know the waves throughout the internet that the Empower Network has reached whether it be good or more than likely mostly bad.

Many people went on to lose tons of money including life savings where only the top 3% of producers were able to walk away with any money which included Michael Force.  So the remaining 97% of people that lost their money were the dads, moms, high school graduates, waitresses, college dropouts, passionate creatives and everyone in between.  These are all the same people that Digital Altitude and Michael Force are now focusing in on to create his new level of wealth.

While we focus on the different areas of Digital Altitude reviews you will begin to notice a very strong resemblance to the same structure that Empower Network was founded on.  We do have to highlight the fact that many of the times the average person that seems to be duped by these programs do not put in the effort or the time required to reap any benefits to what the programs are teaching.  We do have to alleviate some of these programs from that one huge stigma but when they are focusing on those that usually won’t prove success it is another thing to keep in mind.

You might be asking yourself what Digital Altitude and Empower Network have to do with each other?  Well it could be everything or nothing at all! You will see the complete similarities in both programs throughout this review of Digital Altitude.

What Is Digital Altitude?

Michael Force the creator of Digital Altitude is a Former Empower Network Top Producer and a retired US Marine who has been highlighted countless times on various scam reports including

Michael Force
Michael Force

You will soon come to realize that this is a High Ticket MLM program that will end up teaching you all the various ways to target other opportunity seekers such as yourself and you will have to try and convince them that for their $1 Trial membership in Digital Altitude will make them wealthy beyond their possible dreams.

What is Digital Altitude About?

In true fashion an affiliate program is set up for you to sell a product or service where the setup of Digital Altitude is much like Empower Network where you recruit affiliates and then you earn income on every new member that they recruit.  This structure will begin to train you to recruit others into your downline 3 levels deep which is much more like an MLM program.  The only goal to the program is to get you to recruit more affiliates and the focus is not on the product itself but the recruitment of other affiliates.

How Does Digital Altitude Work?

To begin you start out with a 14 Day Trial for only $1 which is just a great way to collect your personal information and that all important credit card you have in your wallet.  You will then proceed to another sales video to convince you to shell out even more money in up-sells.

Here is one of the crazy things that you will notice similar to Empower Network is that It will cost you $17.00 a month just to become a so called affiliate. This is the point when they will begin to call you an Aspire Member.  I don’t know of many affiliate programs that you have to pay to sell the product which seems quite strange to me.  So as an Aspire member you will gain access to various training videos and a coach.  This coach will begin you down the path of multiple upgrades into more expensive programs in order to help you with your success.  They are not really there to coach you but more of a full time sales person to sell you on more expensive levels of membership.

There are 3 levels to Aspire with Digital Altitude which all come with a different price point, different levels of training and a different commission payout on each level.  They keep stringing you along with training drip fed to you all while requesting more money for more training.

Potential earnings with 500 leads
Potential earnings with 500 leads

Here are the Digital Altitude reviews of the different Aspire Levels:

Aspire Walker

Price: $37 per month

40% commission

1 Level of payout

Access To Members Area

Beginner Training Videos

Aspire Hiker

Price: $67 per month

Potential of 50% Commission

2 Levels of Payout

Access To Members Area

Beginner Training Videos With Training Added Weekly

Aspire Climber

Price: $127 per month

Potential Of 60% Commission

3 Levels of Payout

Access To Members Area

New Training Videos Added On A Weekly Basis

Digital Altitude Aspire
Digital Altitude Aspire


You will quickly come to realize that being at the Aspire Climber is the most ideal level to be at for the most profit potential but for many of us whipping out $127 per month just to see how this whole system will work is a hefty price to pay.

I still have a hard time believing this is a true affiliate program when you have to pay this much money just to have the rights to begin selling all the various products to your new recruits.  Now that so called coach we discussed with you earlier will take a cut of your commissions if you decide you need any help trying to close the deal with someone trying to climb the ranks of Digital Altitude.  They will take at least half or more if you require this assistance to close the deal.

Digital Altitude Products At A Glance:

Now that you have paid for the rights to sell these five high ticket products let’s take a look at them in detail.  These products you will be selling are actually called Memberships, which we do find to be a more accurate title because they are not physical products.

1) The Base Membership

Digital Altitude Base
Digital Altitude Base

Price: $595 One Time

This video based motivational training has 12 modules and 3 different sections about business.

Section 1) Prepare

Section 2) Launch

Section 3) Grow

In Module 10 Titled: Create a captivating customer experience that reels ’em in and keeps ’em hooked.

In Module 11 Titled: How to build a cult-like-tribe that hangs on your every word.

In Module 12 Titled: How to build automated systems that save time and make you money while you sleep.


2) The Rise Membership

Digital Altitude Rise
Digital Altitude Rise

Price: $1997 One Time

This is more video based motivational training which consists of 19 modules in 5 different section about business.

Section 1) Commit

Section 2) Customers

Section 3) Create

Section 4) Words

Section 5) Partners

You will learn things such as:

How To Instantly Trigger A Powerful Desire In Your Customers’ Minds That Almost “Forces” Them To Buy.


3) The Ascend Membership

Digital Altitude Ascend
Digital Altitude Ascend

Price: $9997 One Time

Now by this time you will be filthy rich and you won’t have to care about money anymore.  This will get you a 3 night stay in Las Vegas baby!  This price tag will include your accommodations and travel for two if you should you decide to take another sucker along with you.  The last time I went to Vegas I didn’t have to spend almost ten grand and that doesn’t include any gambling.  What do you care though you are rich?  Some of the things you will be taught on this pricey trip are:

1) 6 Strategies To Scale Traffic: How to scale your traffic from a small initial trickle all the way up to millions of hits.

2) How To Build A Team: Discover the “power of duplication” and how it can literally “multiply” your sales exponentially.

I can think of a lot of different programs for much less than $10,000 to teach you about these 2 things.


4) The Peak Membership

Digital Altitude Peak
Digital Altitude Peak

Price: $16,997 One Time

You get 20 various topics on things such as:

Create More Efficiency In Your Business: Find out how to “grease your business” wheels so it runs faster & smoother.  Adding Massive Value: Find out how to add massive value to your products and services and get your customers hungry for what you’re selling. Secure Your Retirement Income: 5 strategies to secure an autopilot retirement income that pays you while you sleep.



5) The Apex Membership

Digital Altitude Apex
Digital Altitude Apex

Price: $27,997 One Time


Wow it will only cost you another 28 grand for a 7 day retreat in Vegas yet again.   On this week long adventure you will be guided further on how to scam all the suckers below you to reach the top of this mountain that you have now reached.

Is Digital Altitude A Scam?

When you have to pay to be an affiliate of any product this is not a true affiliate structure it is more like an MLM.  They do scam you in the belief that it is an affiliate program.  Only an MLM will require their affiliates to purchase the product in order to promote it even if they never plan on using the program themselves.  You are only paid on affiliate products on the level you are currently at.

A legitimate affiliate program will pay you for any sales that you produce.  It is that cut and dry!!


PROS and CONS of Digital Altitude


  • The system does teach you many valuable lessons on how to grow a business in a very systematized and sequential order. It keeps you engaged and guides you through various stages of the business process.  While it is ultimately training you on how to recruit others into the program it does leave you with some solid fundamentals for future business growth outside of the program.


  • Many of the other members that have little or no success leave much faster than their spots in the down-line can be filled once again.
  • Unless you are a marketer and experienced in building a productive and stable downline you should definitely run away from MLM to start out with.
  • They are not providing a tangible product for the money you are spending
  • Company was only started in 2016 and with the many business failures present I like to see any MLM, should you decide to go this path, must be in business for a bare minimum of 5 years with proven growth and success
  • The Digital Altitude reviews I have seen have not been so flattering

Who is Digital Altitude for?

As Michael Force stated this program is designed for dads, moms, high school graduates, waitresses, college dropouts, passionate creatives and anyone in between.  He states it is not geared toward those who are familiar with business.  This could not be further from the truth.  Unless you understand MLM and the process of recruiting I would stay clear of this type of program.

Tools and Training for Digital Altitude

Each course will come with various modules and sections which are taught through motivational videos for you to consume at your own pace.

Support for Digital Altitude

While they are touted as your own personal success coaches you do have access to them through email and phone but beware they are trained sales people out to upsell you to higher membership levels.

The Price of Digital Altitude

It all begins with $1 but then you will never see the end of the many up-sells.  You will be front loaded on the $1 which turns into $17 and before you wake up with your pants around your ankles and your credit card maxed out to the tune of $48,000.  Where did the time go?

My Final opinion of Digital Altitude

Can you say Empower Network ten times fast?  Digital Altitude is selling dreams disguised as your worst hang over. Yes you might learn some marketing strategies along the way that just may be useful in a legitimate business.  However with all the many more options out their today by much more qualified sources of training for online marketing you can do better than this.  Much better.

The tiers of this program and levels with different earning % and ton’s of different levels, I am exhausted just thinking about it all to be honest. Hell, by the time I understood how to get paid I bet these schemers would be be onto the next best program. It’s the same ole story rinse and repeat.

What if I told you I was right where you are right now? If I told you 3-4 years ago I was looking for some way to make money online. I was looking up scam reports and reviews on different things I would find online. Finally I came across the first thing I did well on Perk TV which was only a gift card app but still it was something, right? Well you already know that gift cards are not enough, so I started my search again.

This is when I lucked out and just happened upon a Wealthy Affiliate Review. So, I did my research and like most programs found some good and some bad about Wealthy Affiliate. Do you want to know what made me give this one a try though? See, Unlike Digital Altitude when I tried to sign up for their free trial guess what i was asked for? That’s right a credit card, boom right off the bat! Not at WA affiliate though, you can stick around as long as you want for absolutely free. Yeah, there is a premium membership that opens up more training and more benefits. But you can try it for free, get 2 websites and hosting absolutely free, they are yours 110% without a dime up front. How can they offer this? because they have a good product and they teach you how to start any business, not just pushing their product. face it, if your looking to learn how to build an online business why not give the absolutely free program a try before you waste that hard earned cash?



Digital Altitude At A Glance

Name: Digital Altitude


Price: $1 Trial all the way up to $27,997

Founder: Michael Force

Founded: 2016

Overall Rank: 3/10



Straight Up Scam!

Now, I’m sure in the right hands Digital Altitude could be amazing. Sadly those hands are more than likely yours or mine…With the multitude of levels it feels like they are trying to make it as confusing as possible and that’s not how it has to be! I know because like I said I was once in the same spot you are in right now, worried to take that first step or not. Nothing to lose at Wealthy Affiliate though, no money needed. So what excuse do you have now for not taking that first step?


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2 thoughts on “Does Climbing The Mountain With Digital Altitude Get You Closer To Success? The Digital Altitude Review”

  1. I really appreciate this up front and honest review of Digital Altitude. It was great to see you knew what you were talking about as I have joined this program with many of the problems that you discussed throughout the article. They never really tried to coach me more or less just pressured me to buy more even if you were not ready or had made any money as of yet.

  2. Hello Amanda and welcome. It’s the same song and dance with these type of companies, right? we have all heard the same claims. One on one training, or we have 24 hour coaching. If you follow this set of steps your will make X amount of dollars and own this mansion and these yachts…. blah.. blah… blah…. yackety… smackety…. all BS…….. Right?

    While I am sorry you have lost some money on this program Amanda, I am thankful for your post! You see by posting your experience on How to Earn a Living Using the Internet you may have helped save the next person from making the same mistake with Digital Altitude.

    Maybe, just maybe we can save some people, while pointing them in the direction of programs that actually DO work.

    If your interested in trying a program with a long track record of teaching people how to earn money, not “make” but “earn money online”. Then check out my top ranked program here, oh btw did I mention it wont cost you a single dime to try and get started? If you don’t like what you see then you are out how much money again? That’s right none!

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