Forever Living Review – Does Getting Involved With Forever Living Products Feel Smooth Like Aloe Vera?

Forever Living Products

Forever Living Review – Does Getting Involved With Forever Living Products Feel Smooth Like Aloe Vera?

Forever Living Products
Forever Living Products


Name: Forever Living MLM
Owner: Rex Maughan
Price: Free to Join, but you will have to buy products to sell
Overall Ranking: 3/10

Forever Living Product Overview

Forever Living Aloe Vera
Forever Living Aloe Vera

Forever Living is not a new fly by night company or system. In fact, the Forever Living products have been around since 1978 and the company has had pretty good success marketing many of their health and beauty products that contain their key ingredient which is Aloe Vera!

The Forever Living company offers regular ordinary people the chance to sell their product lines by becoming a forever living distributor. When becoming a marketer or distributor for this product line, what you are really doing is signing up for a multi-level marketing (MLM) program. Now, most MLM’s are bad news and I would suggest running the other way and as a matter of fact I have suggested this in many of my other reviews.

But, what intrigued me about Forever Living is that they have been open for business for nearly forty years, and I must admit it got me thinking. Most MLM’s consist of a shady bunch of characters that frequently rename their business’s every few years or so in order to keep ahead of the law, but Forever Living has been around for 40 years!

So are they doing something different than all the other MLM’s that are currently online?

Is there some sort of catch with Forever Living?

Well, after doing my research I learned two very important aspects of Forever Living.

Forever Living Products
Forever Living Products

Since Forever Living uses an MLM style platform, the majority of people that sign up to become distributors actually fail as they do with any other MLM style business. To become successful in an MLM style business you are going to need to push a product to people in order to make a profit, and as we all know being a pushy salesperson is not for most of us.

The second thing I learned was that the Forever Living products are actually a great product line that has a huge following online as well as offline! They offer some exclusive health and beauty products and most of them are made with natural ingredients.

So basically Forever Living is an MLM opportunity that is paired with a great product.

Let’s take a closer look at what other things becoming associated with Forever Living entails.

PROS and CONS of Forever Living MLM


  • The quality of products you have at your disposal is very high
  • The reputation of Forever Living is great and has a high standing among heath and beauty professionals
  • Considering it is an MLM program, Forever Living is set up to have a higher success rate than the normal 1% that comes standard with almost all MLM’s
  • You will be selling natural-based products
  • You will have good overall training that includes support from the Forever Living company


  • At nearly $400.00 per month for the auto-shipment of their business-pak, it is on the expensive side of getting started with a new program.
  • The products from Forever Living will be a bit more expensive than the competition. This can lead people to just buy another cheaper version from their closest retail store instead
  • Commissions for beginners are only at 5% which is well below most other MLM’s
  • The only way to really see any sort of substantial profit will be to sponsor as many reps as possible
  • It could take multiple years before you get your network of sponsors large enough to start earning a decent income
  • Selling to friends and family

Who is Forever Living MLM for?

Forever Living could really be for anybody, but in my opinion is geared more towards people with a sales background or an interest in sales. Forever living would be a smooth transition for people that currently sell Avon, Mary Kay, Tupperware or run fantasy parties out of their home just to name a few.

Here is a video that will show just how the Forever Living MLM program works.

You could try to market this product online, but success would probably be minimal since you would be competing with the parent company and other Mult-Level marketers pushing the same products and services.

Tools and Training Provided by Forever Living MLM

The training portion is not that in-depth or structured, they have some brief training video’s that will explain what some of the products are and how they work. This information can be leveraged to persuade prospective buyers in the future of course.

A more detailed training package would be a welcoming tool for most new members to the Forever Living system, but it’s apparent that this just is not available at this time.

FLP360 is a new addition that is claimed to be an all-in-one marketing suite. The sad fact though is that without any affiliate marketing experience this tool is virtually useless and offers no real value to those that don’t already have an affiliate marketing background or training.

Forever Living MLM lifecycle
Forever Living MLM lifecycle

If you are interested in utilizing this tool and learning about online marketing and affiliate marketing then check out another review I did on a program called Wealthy Affiliate. Pairing these two programs may be just what you need to push the online phase of this product above the competition.


Forever Living MLM Support

For the most part expect to get the majority of support from your upline Mentor, this would be the person that you joined forever Living under.

Picture it like this; the more money you make, the more money your upline makes since they sponsored you.

This will eventually be the same method you will be performing once you start getting sponsors of your very own. Not all Mentors are created equally though and getting a knowledgeable mentor could be just as much a shot in the dark as anything else.

Forever Living Distributors
Forever Living Distributors

The Forever Living website itself offers a wide variety of support, from phone to email and contacting your upline is always an option as well.

The Price of Forever Living MLM

To sign up to be a Forever Living Distributor is completely free. But, to be able to earn any commission you must at the very least purchase the Business-pak which will run you about $400.00.

My Final Opinion of Forever Living MLM


Forever Living Health Products
Forever Living Health Products

Even though Forever Living is an MLM and those are generally just a massive waste of time and scam products, I feel as though Forever Living does break out of this stereotype even if it’s just by a little bit.

The products offered at Forever Living are some great natural-based health and beauty products that really do help people! These products may be just a little bit on the pricier side when compared to the competition and this could make marketing these products a bit more difficult in the long run.

The training system that is set up for new Sales people coming into Forever Living is simply Lousy, the video’s could be more in depth and more detailed training wise.

Could Anyone make money as a Forever Living Distributor? Absolutely! The Forever Living Company has been around since 1978 so this shows someone is making money over those years otherwise there would no longer be a Forever Living MLM brand to market.

The amount of people having success with the Forever Living system is at about 5%, that means the other 95% fail or fail to make any money at all.

This type of system is not for me and not for 95% of other people that try it, but it could very well be a money-making powerhouse in the right hands.

Forever Living At A Glance…..

Name: Forever Living MLM
Owner: Rex Maughan
Price: Free to Join, but you will have to buy products to sell
Overall Ranking: 3/10

VERDICT: LEGIT (but not recommended without some sort of additional training)


Forever Living really only has two options when it comes to marketing the product.

Offline as a home-based business – This can include selling to family and friends, getting your own business cards, selling door to door, asking local markets to carry your products or even having health and beauty parties at your home or strangers homes.

Online as a web-based business- Forever Living does offer some basic training and 4 websites through the FLP360 program, but the training it offers is just enough to fail miserably if you don’t already have experience with online marketing.

Starting an online business takes time and effort, and without training you will fail before you ever even get started. This is one of the topics we discuss heavily here at How to earn a living using the internet, and if you combine good training with a good product then success should follow you no matter what Niche you create your online business under.

To see how the Forever Living Multi-Level marketing program stacks up against the Wealthy Affiliate – Affiliate Marketing program just take a look at the table listed below. If you are interested in starting the Forever Living MLM program and starting it up in the online world then combining Forever Living MLM with the Wealthy Affiliate training would be a sure fire way to grow your online presence by leaps and bounds.


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28 thoughts on “Forever Living Review – Does Getting Involved With Forever Living Products Feel Smooth Like Aloe Vera?”

  1. Thank you for doing the internet a favor by exposing this scam. A lot of people are falling victim to this kind of sites. Will be checking in this site more before I sign up for any programs in the future.


  2. Hi Damon, I got caught by MLM marketing in the 80’s with Amway, Tupperware, Betterware and Herbalife. Although these programs have fantastic products, doing MLM is very limiting and as you say it is impossible to make money from them long term.

    I have found that although a lot of these programs have been around for years it is the MLM strategies that will never work. Plus I prefer to find programs that allow you to sell products that people actually want instead of forcing family and friends to help you out by buying things they do not need.

    Thank you for the review, but I will definitely pass on this one.


  3. Thanks for the alert. I have tried MLM, but it didn’t last; I could never get over the fact that someone is always at the bottom struggling while others are living like kings at the top. I like to spend so much time on the computer too, I don’t think I would get out and talk to strangers… Plus, you really need to be a good salesman in order to get enough associates and customers, which is not my cup of tea. I do not however, have a problem telling people about things, and if I like it or not, that’s why I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a much better way to make a living.


  4. I like that you compared two separate money making possibilities. It made the choice clear to me and now I see even better what I need to do. Thank you

  5. I would not consider forever Living a full blown scam at all, but maybe more of one of those programs that fall in the middle of the pack, or a gray area sort of thing. Thanks for stopping by and commenting though Gan I appreciate it.

  6. Thanks for the comment Lis.

    I am familiar with Amway and Tupperware but not the other two. I could have used something like the Amway comparison in the review. I remember so many people back in the day being affiliated with Amway, just imagine the money they made back then!

    MLM’s are so abundant on the internet, it seems like half of all business I get asked to review anymore are MLM’s or some sub-system that is MLM’ish! Multi-level marketing only seems to work for the folks that reside at the top almost everyone else seems to fail to turn a profit and it’s a constant never ending cycle.

    Multi-level marketing = push sales
    Affiliate Marketing = Pull sales

    I will take affiliate marketing any day of the week…..

  7. Thanks for leaving a comment Travis and nice to meet another Wealthy Affiliate member.

    I don’t particularly like MLM’s either but this one does not seem too bad, maybe that’s because they are offering a tangible product which makes it, not a true MLM in the regular sense of the word. The marketing structure sure is as close to MLM as you can get though! Plus, like you said I am not a good salesperson and besides nobody likes a car salesman type, right?

    I am just like you, I don’t want to see people fail and that’s generally what happens with MLM’s. I want to succeed and I want others around me to succeed too, and your right that is where Wealthy Affiliate comes into play for the most of us that truly want to succeed and build our own business.

  8. Wonderful, what a great blog this is! This blog gives useful facts to us all, keep it up.

  9. I love the Forever Living Aloe Vera products. My best friend sells Forever Living and she does okay money wise I think, I’m not really sure what she clears or brings home, but it appears she does okay though. The products on the other hand I use daily and I can vouch for them 110%!!!!

  10. After reading this review and the comments it really makes me wonder how many people are marketing Forever Living Online! Would it be a good business to start up?

  11. Your website has provided me and my group of colleagues with valuable information to work on. You
    have done a formidable job and our entire community will
    be thankful to you for sharing these reviews with us all.

  12. Very shortly this web page will be famous among blogging and
    site-building visitors, due to it’s nice
    articles or reviews. I have been here several times and always find exactly what I am looking for when I am thinking of starting a new program. You have helped me make money and saved me even more on numerous occasions.

  13. Hi Jude. It’s not impossible to make a good income with Forever Living, just unlikely for most of us. Break into the online world and market this product and you may have a winner, at least before everyone else does the same, you gotta be ahead of the game.

    I hear the products are good and they have been around for 40 years so they must be doing something right 🙂

  14. That is definitely not the worst Idea I have heard. If I did not already have my hands full with the websites I’m already running, I know I would check it out.

    If you have never started your own online business before check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review to see how this program can help you get something like that started for free.

    If I can be of any assistance just let me know

  15. Hello, Everett! It’s great that you have earned and saved some money utilizing what you have read here from my reviews and articles, that makes my face smile. I appreciate you stopping back in and sharing that with me, it helps make all my work worthwhile when people re having positive results like you 🙂

  16. Just want to say your article is as amazing. The clearness on your writing is just great and
    I can be assured that you are a professional on this subject.
    I added the site via the RSS feed to stay up to date with imminent post.

  17. I market Forever Living products on my skin care website and they sell very, very well! As a matter of fact, even though the Forever Living products are bit higher in price people just love the ones with Aloe and buy them regularly.

  18. Great post. I was checking continuously this blog and I’m inspired!
    Extremely useful information!
    I was seeking this particular information for a very long time and I’m glad II found this blog.
    Thanks and best of luck.

  19. Hi, Tracie. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience with everyone. experiences like yours are always encouraging to hear.

  20. Every morning I enjoy reading your blog with a nice cup of coffee. Keep doing what you’re doing, good review on Forever Living

  21. Great articles. Keep posting such wonderful information on your blog, you have done a great job.

    I’ll certainly digg it and recommend it to my friends.

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