How to Build a Websites

How to Build a Websites

Have you been looking to create your own website?

If so, then I can help you.

Whether you are looking to build your own blog, make a website for a friend or colleague or even start your own online business. Website creation has come along way since years past, and these days its easier then ever to create your very own website. In most cases a website can even be up and running within just a few minutes and live on the internet. Most services today offer tutorials or guides on how to create a site through their service, they have taken all the guess work out and no technical knowledge is really needed to get started.

Want to know how to get started? Then please read on……


Getting a website up and running is so simple!

There are two basic things that every website needs to get up and running.

1) A domain name; This is the name of your website, if you look at the top of this page you are reading you will see that my domain name is This is what a domain name is, the name you select followed by things like .com, .org, .gov every website in the world had to register their name at one point in time. You can get your own Domain name by clicking on the link listed below or by clicking here.

2) A Website Hosting Service; This is ultimately the location  where your website will reside (So to Speak). The website Hosting service allows you to publish your website so that other people are able to view it online on the internet.

Think of it like this. When you start a brick and mortar style business, you need a place to open shop, right? So you need a location for your business to reside, for example a strip mall down the street. So you rent a spot within the strip mall and then open shop, this would be how a normal brick and mortar type business would function.

Well on the internet; your shop is your domain name ( and the strip mall in the example would be your hosting service. Your shop can exist as a domain (You have a name picked out), but is not open for business until you have a Hosting Service (The location to reside, the strip mall.)

The hosting service will also make sure your website populates quickly and efficiently when people are visiting  your website. The most important aspect of having a website is that other people are able to view it, and it is working properly, especially if you plan on using it for your own business.

Easy enough, right?

Ready to get hosting set up? Or get that website up and going then Follow this link to get started.



Okay so Now you know about domains and Hosting but what next?

I am sure at some point of your online life that you have heard of WordPress. But, did you know that over 25% of all websites online today are WordPress websites? Even this site you are on right now is a WordPress website.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS.)

So what does that mean exactly?

What this means is that WordPress does not require any coding knowledge. You don’t need to know all the coding gibberish to get your website up and going. No need to spend years getting certifications, or degrees in order to create your own website and learn how to write code. WordPress makes it simple so that the every day person can create their very own website with ease. That’s probably why it is used by over a quarter of all websites today, people like simple. On top of that they offer free themes to chose from to get you started, so no need to pay anything out of pocket.

Some Key Features of WordPress

  • Easy to use – Allows your website to get up and running quickly without the need to know any coding or technical jargon.
  • Flexible – Allows the creation of a blog, business, professional website, forums, marketplace or E-commerce. WordPress will allow for you to create any type of website that you can imagine, the possibilities are truly endless with WordPress. WordPress also has free themes available to chose from.
  • Adding content – WordPress has simplified the ability to add posts and pages to your WordPress website, making it easy to add content at anytime.
  • Adding Media- WordPress also has a simple one click option to add media (Pictures, videos) to your website. There is a basic browse for the file you want to add or you can drag and drop the item for the simplest of methods.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – WordPress allows you to add SEO plugins that make SEO a breeze. (There is no need to go out to websites like Bing, Google or YAHOO and submit your site and all your pages in order to be seen by these search engines)
  • Plugins – There are are over 10,000 available plugins that will work with your WordPress Website. These themes allow for adding things like social buttons in order to share your website out to the various social sites. Most of these are one click installs and need little to no configuration what so ever.
  • WordPress Themes- There are over 10,000 themes to chose from within WordPress. So no matter what you are looking for they are surely to have exactly what you want.
  • Community- WordPress has a very supportive community that can assist if you get stuck within any topic. You can ask questions on the support forum or read blogs about WordPress, and there is an abundance of help topics covered between the two.



Want to learn how to build your very own WordPress website completely FREE?

Wealthy Affiliate provides you with just that. A way to get everything mentioned above 100% absolutely free!

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, if you want to build your very own website then I can Help! To get started all you will need to do is follow the steps below

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Need more personalized help?

Simply leave a comment below in the comments section, search the knowledge-base or you can even reach out to me via my profile on the Wealthy Affiliate website. Reach out to me personally by clicking here




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  1. Thank you for this guide, I was able to build a website and it was actually free like you said. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  2. You are most welcome Marge 🙂

    Wealthy Affiliate has a lot of training to offer, take a look around at the training if you have not already.

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