How To Earn Cash Online – The MTTB Review: Is This System A Scam?

MTTB 21 Step System Review

How To Earn Cash Online – The MTTB Review: Is This System A Scam or A Money Maker?

MTTB 21 Step System Review
MTTB 21 Step System Review

Name:  My Top Tier Business (MTTB)
Owner: Matt Lloyd
Price: $49.00 to get started (with an additional up-sell for a licensing of $1997.00)
Overall Ranking: 2/10


My Top Tier Business (MTTB) Product Overview

Now if you have been looking up reviews online or scam alerts for MTTB, then you have probably noticed that the internet is scattered with thousands of people stating it’s a good product for this reason or bad product for that reason!  Right?

Well, I am going to give you an honest review. Why? Because like you, I am always on the look out for systems that may or may not work. That is exactly what this website is all about.

The most important questions that you are searching for will be found right here in this MTTB review. The most important question of all that most people are looking for is how to earn cash online?  And the most important question for this review is can money be made with the MTTB system? Or maybe an even better question is is MTTB a Scam product?

Let’s find out together…

Let’s start with Matt Lloyd. Matt is not new to promoting products online. In fact Matt has one of the biggest scam products online already with the MOBE system. You can find countless scam reports for the M.O.B.E. system everywhere online.

So did Matt turn over a new leaf and start out fresh with MTTB?

Let’s take a closer look at what the MTTB product is and how it works.

Well how MTTB works is like this.

They start you off with a 21 step program in which you will be trained how to promote two programs from Matt. One of these programs will be the exact program you are taking the 21 step MTTB program, yes you will be promoting this, and if you have not already guessed it the second program will be that scam product I mentioned earlier the MOBE program.

So, ultimately the MTTB program will teach you how to become an affiliate for Matt and how to promote his products. Now this is not a new strategy on the internet there are many other systems around the web that work very similar and some of them are actually good products. You just have to be very cautious and do your homework before buying into any of these systems.


The PROS and CONS of My Top Tier Business


  • High dollar item’s to market which equal higher commission rates (if you are in fact able to sell anything) and you buy the $2,000.00 up-sell product
  • The training portion of the program is extensive, although a bit dated and there are better options for free on the internet. But overall it’s not too bad
  • Is geared for the beginner


  • The $49.00 sign up fee is just that a sign up fee. Once you are inside expect to spend much more not make much more. After all they are in the business of making money and you are their customer, your job will be to bring in more people like yourself.
  • In order to market Matt’s products (which is the whole point of the program) you will need to buy the $1997.00 license oh that’s not the only cost it is also an additional $99.00 on top of the $1997.00 license fee. If you don’t like these hidden costs, which I am sure you wouldn’t, who would? Guess what? You will be delivering these same hidden costs to your customers that you will be trying to promote into this exact same program
  • There is no free trial, again they are in the business of making money not helping people.
  • The extensive collection of that training I mentioned in the PROS section, yeah well a lot of it is out of date and will be more confusing then helpful
  • There is a Coach or Mentor system in place, but don’t expect to have your questions answered in a timely fashion. I would expect at least 48 hours
  • Bogus refund claim of offering you $500.00 if you don’t earn any money in 30 day’s with the MTTB system


Tools and Training for My Top Tier Business

Various pre-made squeeze pages, sales letter, business forms and video squeeze page with pop up upon exit message box.

Other included tools and training, please note some may include additional fee’s (Some of these may also be a bit shady)

  • My inner Circle
  • My Email Marketing Empire
  • How to build a founded proposal
  • Affiliate Bonus Domination
  • The O.P.T Formula
  • 10,000 leads in a 100 day’s
  • Instant Info Product
  • M.O.B.E. License Rights
  • Get Traffic 3.0
  • MLM Launch Formula
  • Online Income revolution

The training with MTTB is not the worst I have ever seen, and some value can be found here.



My Top Tier Business Support

They have a ticketing system in which you can open a support ticket with the MTTB support team.

You will also have a Coach that you will have contact information for in order to get in touch or reach out to them. (Expect to wait a few day’s for your Coach to get back to you with any answers) this seems to be the norm although your coach may be quicker (don’t hold your breath though)



The Price of My top Tier Business?

For starters you can expect to pay $49.00 in order to get your foot in the door. This is for the starter type package or basic package and will allow you to market some of the lower tier products and programs from MTTB.

In order for you to get a chance to even try to promote the top level product you can expect to shell out a whopping $1997.00, yes you read that right almost 2 grand. You will also be paying a new monthly fee of $99.00 to have the right to continue being a member and selling that $2,000.00 product you just purchased.



My Final Opinion of My Top Tier Business (M.T.T.B.)

Well I can start off by saying my final opinion is not a good one. It’s not even a product I would recommend to someone that I disliked much less people I knew.

How to Earn Cash Online - MY Top Tier Business is the Wrong Way!
How to Earn Cash Online – MY Top Tier Business is the Wrong Way!

But to be honest the system could in fact make you money if marketed in the right way, but that statement could be made about a little kid selling lemonade on the corner for .25 too. After all there are companies today selling lemonade each and everyday to millions of people.

The training is okay and if you are really thinking about joining the MTTB stop after the $49.00 package, get some training and get out while you still have some cash in your bank account.



My Top Tier Business at a Glance…..

Name:  My Top Tier Business (MTTB)
Owner: Matt Lloyd
Price: $49.00 to get started (with an additional up-sell for a licensing of $1997.00)
Overall Ranking: 2/10


The fact is this, the system COULD make you money but it’s highly unlikely. If you upgrade to the $2,000.00 package with the initial investment to get started at $49.00 and now a monthly fee of $99.00, heck you are already starting out in the negative almost $2,200.00! And this is for a program designed to make you money?

Seems to me like this program is designed to make Matt Lloyd money!

Now there may be people out there that have made money with this product, there may even be people that have made fortune’s with it. But more than likely most people lose money, otherwise they would not still be in business, since all you are marketing is their system.



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This review report has been submitted by Damon, of HowtoEarnaLivingUsingTheInternet


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18 thoughts on “How To Earn Cash Online – The MTTB Review: Is This System A Scam?”

  1. Hey Damon,
    First off, I just wanna say, great review! 😀
    A few months ago I almost bought into MTTB. I was so close! Good thing I dug a little deeper.
    I found that most of the MTTB reviews online are negative. So that must mean it is a pretty bad “product.”
    Then a couple days later I found Wealthy Affiliate. Joining WA has been the best decision I’ve made by far!
    So I highly recommend the readers of check it out…
    And Damon, great site man.
    I’ll seeya around.

  2. Thanks, Julian I am glad you liked my review and I am even happier you had been able to steer clear of the MTTB program, at the very least you saved some money in the long run. Woohoo!

    I have read about 50/50 on MTTB and MOBE review half are good and half are bad, more than likely the good half are from MTTB member’s, so I’m sure they are just a little partial.

    I too am a member at Wealthy Affiliate, connect with me on my profile page and maybe we can talk shop 🙂

  3. No Problem Alexander, I hope that other’s get a chance to read this My top tier business review before signing on that dotted line. Well, at least maybe find this Article before they get suckered into the $1997.00 upsell.

  4. Did the MTTB 21 Day. Then after looking at all other programs. I was trying, to figure out. What am I selling and how can I use them. You will find some of his videos on YouTube. He does have a good sales pitch.
    I also found another offer like MOBE. They are just selling out dated information, or its an affiliate.

  5. Well, the MOBE system has been around for years. So ultimately, you would be selling that as a licensed Affiliate via their “My Top Tier Business program.” As long as you don’t get the upsells, you should get some value from the initial $47.00 investment.

  6. The MTTB and MOBE is basically the same program that will end up costing you thousands of dollars and not making thousands for you. It’s a Scam as big as they come.

  7. MTTB is a straight up scam like you said, if you don’t listen to this review then listen to me and stay away from this program. They charge thousands for the top tiers and licensing. STAY AWAY!!!!!

  8. The MTTB system is very costly and unless you have experience or a lot of money to throw away I would not get involved with a system like that. Great review on My top tier business.

  9. Stay away from MTTB, M.O.B.E AND Matt Lloyd! You are justified to warn your readers of these scams!

  10. I have learned, from my own personal error in judgement unfortunately that this is a scam. MTTB is a money pit that will you pump hundred upon hundred of dollars into, just don’t bother with them.

  11. Hi, Joanne. Thanks for stopping by and letting us all know of your experience with MTTB.

    Come back by anytime Joanne, we update our content regularly.

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