How to earn income with

How to earn income with

How to earn income with
How to earn income with

Name: Fiverr
Owner: Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger
Price: You can sell services from between $5.00-$500.00
Overall Ranking: 5/10



Fiverr Product Overview

Have you ever wondered how to earn income with It may not be as hard as you might expect to get started using Fiverr to earn an income online.

Now if your like me,  you may be a skeptic and asking yourself I know making money online is possible but does Fiverr work?

Well the simple answer is yes, and well a little bit of no tossed in too. Yes you can make money on Fiverr, a living even. But business is not always good, and it can be feast or famine at times working as a freelancer. This is common for all Freelance type jobs though and is not just an issue for Fiverr freelancers. is a task based money making system. If you can complete a task such as; writing an article, doing graphic design, building websites, doing back-linking SEO the list goes on and on, then you could potentially be making money online at home with Fiverr.



The Pros and Cons of Fiverr


  • The interface is very user friendly, there is no need to be techie in order to us this service (from a buyer or sellers side)
  • Easy to understand concept you either sell tasks or buy tasks
  • A very supportive forum that will help you get started and keep you engaged
  • You can make extra income from home in your PJ’s if you want.
  • It is the equivalent to making money doing a hobby that you like and let’s face it most of us that have a hobby are not making a single red cent from them.
  • If you do quality work you can bypass others that do a lesser quality of work, making it easier to rank ahead of people that have been doing the same gig longer.
  • Unlimited earning potential if you can work 24 hours a day, you could possibly earn 24 hours a day everyday if the orders are available for your gig


  • You only get to keep 80% of your earnings, Fiverr gets the other 20%.
  • Paypal is the the main method for getting paid and you must wait a rolling 14 day period before you can withdraw funds.
  • Once you place a Gig you don’t have much control over what is accepted. If you offer a gig and someone wants said gig and orders the gig from you, you are stuck performing this gig. This can at times have you performing things that may be somewhat out of your normal realm of knowledge.
  • If you must cancel an order that has already been placed because it may not be exactly something you perform, then your seller level could decrease by no fault of your own.
  • Fiverr has had some issues with slow payments in the past and the system still has an occasional hiccup
  • Getting ranked high enough to be placed on the first page can be difficult if your gig is in a competitive category
  • Impossible to get a 100% ranking, you can never please everyone and no matter how great your work may be someone at sometime will not rank you accordingly
  • People sometimes expect too much for a measly $5.00 service, you can get caught up sending emails back and forth with a client or explaining how fiverr works before you even start on the project.



Who is Fiver for

Anyone that has something to offer someone else.

Here’s a list of some of the best Fiverr gigs sold on Fiverr.

Do you have any of these skills? Or maybe you have a special skill that hasn’t been offered on Fiverr yet, if so you could stand to make a killing…

  • Video production- any variation
  • Consulting- if you have an area of expertise
  • Installing webpage scripts
  • Music – If you can sing or make beats or background music
  • Translator service- make one language readable by another
  • Writing – blog posts or articles
  • Internet marketing – posting on social media or back linking
  • Voice overs – Add your Barry White voice to a clients video
  • Tutoring – Teach someone how to do algebra or learn a foreign language
  • Graphic Design – logos, banner ads and graphics



Fiverr Product Tools and Training

Since you are a Freelancer, you will be responsible for creating your own items with your own tools. You wouldn’t expect as a  free lance photographer to get a free camera from a client, now would you? There are guides on how to create sales pages within Fiverr, as well as a Fiverr academy on YouTube. You will also have some tools in order to contact your clients including a mobile application for the on the go freelancer. Otherwise don’t expect to much in the form of help with tools, it is up to you how much you want to earn and to buy the tools necessary to accomplish those goals.



Fiverr Support

Fiverr has a costumer service department that can be contacted, or you can open a support ticket. You also have the option to visit the YouTube academy or browse the FAQ pages within the Fiverr website. In my opinion though, the best support Fiverr offers is located in their forums! They have a good community of people that can answer almost any question you may have and they are second to none.



Fiverr Price

Completely 100% free to join and become a seller on Fiverr. However, for each service that you sell Fiverr does keep 20% of the sale.



My Final opinion on Fiverr

It is absolutely possible to earn money selling services on Fiverr as a freelancer, doing almost any task based service. However, at times it is not worth the trouble that a nit picky client can cause when you are only earning $5.00. You can also go day’s with next to zero gigs being ordered when you have tons of free time on your hands and you could be working on gigs. At other times you can easily get over your head with the amount of gigs being ordered, when you don’t have nearly as much free time available to work them. This is the feast or famine that comes with being a freelancer, and this seems to be the case whether you are or are not a Fiverr member.



Fiverr at a Glance…..

Name: Fiverr
Owner: Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger
Price: You can sell services from between $5.00-$500.00
Overall Ranking: 5/10



3d Man With Green Check

It is possible to make money online and at home using Fiverr. The amount is completely dictated by how much work and time you have put into your efforts completing Gigs. It also depends on what skills you posses and what tools you can afford to buy (video editing software.)



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This review report has been submitted by Damon, of HowtoEarnaLivingUsingTheInternet


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About Damon

10 thoughts on “How to earn income with”

  1. I never thought of Fiverr as a way to make money, but to spend 🙂 I am going to think about it. Thank you.

  2. The best ting I’ve found Fiverr for is content writing. I’m sure there are other useful things you can get from Fiverr but I think your rating of 5/10 is about right.

  3. Great work Damon, I have never been sure about Fiverr but now I feel a little bit less apprehensive – Thank you

  4. Thanks Nigel, Fiverr is great for buying content but always keep in mind that you usually get what you pay for and at $5.00 most content is not even above par. If you find a good content writer stick with them, there are some good ones on Fiverr, you just have to cipher through the bad ones to find um.

  5. Fiverr is on the up and up and you will get at least something for your money, the quality may just not be there becaue most gig’s only charging $5.00. But sometimes you can find a gem on Fiverr, Keep those people close and don’t let them go. lol.

  6. I am a Fiverr user and seller (I sell ebooks on there – have 20) and get book covers and logos and some content written and have used the translation services and have been very happy with the services received and the sales made. Anyway in your rating of 5/10 which I think is low, you say you don’t get a website or hosting. If you are a seller you get a site hosted by them to sell from including auto-responders etc all for free so the set up cost are nil. Yes they take 20% but that’s only $1. for all you get in return. So to me that’s a big plus. I find that I can test out products to see what sells and then scale up if it gets a good response. It takes a little while to find really Great sellers on there, most are good and some are bad but generally it’s good value. Remember its ONLY $5. not $50. That’s my 2 cents worth. 🙂

  7. First off, I wanted to thank you for such a detailed post Peter. I enjoyed reading it and responding to it.

    The Value of Fiver ($5.00) is great “if you are able to find a good or great seller” from a buyers perspective. The fact is that it is hit or miss finding a great seller though, and you usually get what you pay for. For instance; I can purchase 9 gig’s that cost me $45.00 and let’s say I use 9 different sellers, 3 may be great, 3 may be good, and 3 may be bad quality, and in all honesty this is the best case scenario from my experience. If you happen to find a good/great seller, that does good/great work, then by all means hang onto them and don’t let them go. There are seller’s on Fiverr, that go above and beyond and do miraculous work! But you have to sort through the muck in order to find them.

    You do get a space to advertise within Fiverr, not really a website of your own though. So although you may have control of the advertising space to a point, you do not own the site (Fiverr does) and if they decide to close up your account tomorrow *poof* goes your advertising space. You “use” a piece of advertisement space within Fiverr that you can set up how you see fit, that’s it and nothing more. It’s not yours and you don’t own it, it’s more like a booth at the flea-market.

    Fiverr at the time of this writing is probably my second highest rated site on If you are focused, motivated and hardworking (and know your butt from a hole in the ground) in order to perform good work then you can definitely make money on Fiverr, no quarrels about that at all. 😉

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