How to Make Money Selling Website Hosting

How to Make Money Selling Website Hosting

So you are interested in learning how to make money selling website hosting? I was once in your shoes, and thought that this would be a great area of Affiliate earnings to get into. let me tell you that the payouts for referring people to website hosting has great income potential.

Website hosting referrals not only can make you a great deal of money, but is probably one of the simplest affiliate programs to be a part of and make money with. This is by far one of the most lucrative Affiliate Niches in the industry and the payouts are pretty much unmatched by any other service offered.


How to Become a Website Hosting Affiliate

So let’s start with the basics.

First you will need a way to promote your affiliate links and banners provided by each Hosting Affiliate you sign up with. There are multiple ways to promote affiliate links and banners but for this portion of the guide we are going to concentrate on either owning or creating your own website in order to promote the affiliate links.

The second thing will be setting up your website if you don’t already own one. Type in what Domain name (Example: you would like to have in the box below to get started setting up your very own website completely free. Or you can head over to my Build a Website page to get step by step instructions on how to create your very own free website there.

(SiteRubix is a free platform for anyone without a website already set up. You can use any service that you want in order to set up your website, many which will be listed within this article. This decision is entirely up to you and the ones listed here are simply options for you to choose from if you decide to. There are countless hosting companies out there that offer great hosting options, choose what suits you best)


The third and most step will be signing up for Affiliate Hosting programs in order to get your links and banners that you will place on your website. Placing these links and banners is how you will be getting paid. let me explain this in more detail, each time someone visits your website and clicks a link or banner that has been placed on your website and then signs up for a hosting account you will get X amount of dollars for that specific affiliate hosting company. Easy enough right?

So let’s sum up what is needed so far

  • A functional website that you own (WordPress is a fine platform) to place links/banners within website content
  • Sign up for Affiliate Hosting Programs (We will touch base on these in the next section)   Requirements for signing up for Affiliate Hosting accounts: Valid email address in order to sign up for affiliate programs and a method of being paid such as by printed check to mailing address or a validated Paypal account (I prefer to use the Paypal method when offered)



How to Sign up to be a Hosting Affiliate

In this next section we will be covering how to sign up for a Hosting Affiliate account. For this example we will be using one of the Top Hosting Providers available on the internet today HostGator. Now keep in mind this is just one of many Hosting service available to become affiliated with, and HostGator is just being used for this example.

To get to the Affiliate page follow this link for HostGator which will take you to the HostGator Affiliate sign up page.

click the sign up for free button.

HostGator Affiliate Sign Up Page
HostGator Affiliate Sign up screen










Once you Sign up you may need to Validate your email that you used to sign up for the program with.

Okay, so once you have gotten signed up you will need to access your Affiliate Links and banners.


Where do I get my Affiliate Link?

Once you have gotten signed into HostGator your personal Affiliate link will be shown on the HostGator Affiliate Home screen shown in the photo below.

HostGator Affiliate Home
HostGator Affiliate Link











Where do I get my Affiliate Banners?

You can access all the affiliate banners by clicking on Banner Links within the HostGator Affiliate Home screen. Once inside the Banner Links tab you can choose from categories or Dimension of banners. They have an array of selections available in many sizes and colors, the choice is yours and all banners should keep with your current color scheme of your website.

HostGator Affiliate Banner
HostGator Affiliate Banner Links


Banner Options
HostGator Banner slections












The Top 5 Affiliate Web Hosting programs…


Affiliate name HostGator: Free to sign up
Earning potential: $50-$125 per referral (depends on how many referrals per month)
Affiliate Sign-Up Page:
Want to Host your website with HostGator: Click Here

HostGator Pay-scale for Affiliates referrals
HostGator Pay-scale for Affiliates referrals








Affiliate name Ipage: Free to sign up
Earning potential: $105-$150 per referral (depends on how many referrals per month and what type of hosting selected)
Affiliate Sign-Up Page:
Want to Host your website with Ipage: Click Here

Ipage Affiliate Pay-Scale
Ipage Affiliate Pay-Scale








Affiliate name FatCow: Free to sign up
Earning potential: $25-$150 per referral (depends on how many referrals per month and what type of hosting selected)
Affiliate Sign-Up Page:
Want to Host your website with FatCow: Click Here

FatCow Affiliate Pay-Scale
FatCow Affiliate Pay-Scale









Affiliate name A2 Hosting: Free to sign up

Earning potential: $85 per referral (rate can be negotiated with A2)
Affiliate Sign-Up Page:
Want to Host your website with A2 Hosting: Click Here

A2 referral Pay-scale
A2 referral Pay-scale












Affiliate name BlueHost: Free to sign up
Earning potential: $65 per referral (Set Rate and does not fluctuate)
Affiliate Sign-Up Page:
Want to Host your website with BlueHost: Click Here




Click here if you want to learn about other Top Rated Affiliate Programs




We want to hear from You…

Do you know of a better affiliate web hosting program?

If you have any suggestions for this post? Or  just want to leave us some feedback we welcome it, and would appreciate any comments left below.


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