How to Report a Scam

How to Report a Scam

Have you been the victim of an online scam?

Have you been looking at purchasing an online money making product or similar product that your not sure is legit?

Want me to do a review of a specific product or program that has ripped you off, or a just need a second opinion on a product before spending your money on it? I would be more than happy to take a closer look and review whatever products your unsure about or think may be scams.

If you have a specific review you would like me to perform then please take a moment to leave me all of the information that you have available about the product below. Information should include any or all of the following.


  • The name of the product you would like me to review.
  • The website URL (if the product has multiple URL’s please include them all, this will allow me to see if they are linked in anyway. Many scams operate under several names or URL’s simultaneously)
  • How much the product or program costed you, or price that you are being asked to pay. (Is there a one time fee? monthly fee? yearly fee? etc.)
  • What was it that made you think this product was a Scam? Any key detail that made you think twice about purchasing it? Any specific shady characteristic?

You can either leave this information in the comment field below, or you can Email me directly located through my contact me page.

At How to Earn a Living Using the Internet we count on one another, not only so we all know what programs and products are Scams but to also know which ones are legitimate opportunities for us all too. 

After all, the more products that are uncovered as Scams or are verified as being Legitimate money makers the more money we all make and save. And that is always a good thing…


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9 thoughts on “How to Report a Scam”

  1. I had an auto accident in 2004. I used to work as a school bus driver and could not return to work due to major injury. I was forced to withdraw my pension and now I have to pay penalties. I am now back in the school system, but what can I invest in to catch up? I am 55yrs old.

  2. Well Tedin first let me say I am sorry for your misfortune and being hurt in an auto accident. I kind of know how that can be. I once became injured at work and just getting workman’s comp my bills fell behind very quickly. I had a family of 6 to support and the small amount of money payed to me each week, just did not cut it. Not that this compares to what you are going through, but I kind of understand where you are coming from.

    Check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review this is my #1 recommendation and should be able to help you get back on your feet. the training at Wealthy Affiliate is second to none and you can learn how to start your own business through this program.

  3. I like how you are well to help investigate scams. When I was looking for a job I kept seeing these work at home ads in the jobs listings, over and over and over again. I made the mistake of calling the first one I saw and after listening to about a 20 minute recorded message she finally gets around to talking about how it’s $99 dollars a month but she’s never had to pay it after the first month, yeah right! Total MLM. It was Ameriplan.

  4. I like investigating, I have a buddy of mine that has been a friend of mine since I was a teenageR, and he always tells me that I should have been a P.I. and I am missing my calling. I just laugh at him and go on, that is too much time sitting watching people for me. I would much rather help people this way, from the comfort of my own home without the worry of being shot, lol.

    Besides, I get to help a wide variety of people save money by deterring them away from scams and help others find programs that work by sorting the good from the bad.

    I usually get at least a few requests a month either emailed or left in the comments section asking me to research a program or product online and I am always more than happy to do it. I don’t think anyone has ever brought me a name of a scam company from the newspaper though. I can honestly say that I am pretty intrigued to see what I can dig up on Ameriplan though 🙂

    Thanks for the suggestion and comment Melinda, I appreciate it.

  5. I need to know if this pay at home took my money if it was a Scam cuz it just closed me out of that Jordan website and cannot get back in it

  6. Unfortunately Nanda that’s how they’ve always done business. On their homepage they have a contact us link which you could try, but not many people have had any luck.

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