How to Spot a Scam Online – Top 5 Ways to Avoid Scams Online

Ways to Avoid Online Scams

How to Spot a Scam Online – Top 5 Ways to Avoid Scams Online


There are so many varieties of Scams online today that it would take an entire team of writers and researchers to even attempt to uncover a small fraction of these scammers.

Ways to Avoid Online Scams
Ways to Avoid Online Scams

These scammers don’t just focus on one specific Niche either, they are not specific to work at home scams area, or make money online scams area. These Scammers are lurking everywhere online, if there is any money to be made even just a dollar then you can bet that there is a scammer already eyeballing that area of the web.


So how do we fight back?

This is the single most favorite thing about what I get to do for a living. Not only do I get to make money online and be my own boss, but I also get to uncover some of these programs for what they really are “Scams!”

I also get to interact with my readers and this allows me to learn of new programs that I may not have ever have stumbled upon myself.  This opens up doors for me to research these programs, sign up for their offers or services and investigate just how they operate, how they make money and how they scam folks.



Top 5 Ways to Avoid Online Scams

These are just some of the basic things I look for upfront when uncovering most online scams, and these simple steps can be followed by anyone to uncover these scammers for yourself.

1) Scammers want you to BUY NOW! –  They prey on irrational or binge purchasers.  These type of people can be easily mislead into buying either a product they don’t need or a product that may not work.

They do this with flashy video’s and advertisements. These advertisements usually have keywords like; Limited enrollment, a certain number of spaces or spots left (such as order now only 3 spots left). Some other key phrases are this offer is is for a limited time or it’s a “secret program.”

Now you may be thinking to yourself that you would never fall for those tactics, but you may be surprised how many people do, otherwise these places would not be around to report as scams.

2) Outlandish claims – We have all heard these type of claims!

They normally come from some man or woman standing in a Mansion, or sitting in that Ferrari telling you how they went from negative bank balance in their checking account to never worrying about money again, now they make “millions” or whatever and they do it using program (insert scam product name here).

If any Scam product would have a hard time hanging onto a customer base, you may think it would be this type. We should all know by now the old saying “if it sounds to good to be true, it usually is” right?

Spot a Scam and Don't Believe the Hype
Spot a Scam and Don’t Believe the Hype

But these programs are still around because they go by the older saying “there is a sucker born everyday” let’s stop being suckers, these type of scam programs could be eradicated.

3) Asking you for money before you make any money – This should be a no-brainer, unless you are getting a product of some sort that you have researched for yourself and KNOW that it works, then don’t give these fools any of your money.

Always be aware of companies asking for money upfront, always be aware that most sites that do this are usually scams unless otherwise proven by a good track record. And most important always remember these places will more than likely try to take your money and run, think of them like the contractor that you could hire to remodel your basement but he wants 50%-100% upfront… Not from me pal!

After doing some research of your own if you still feel the company is legit then stop there, check them out on the Better Business Bureau and make an educated decision.

4) Make money for doing nothing or while you sleep scam – These are similar to the ask for money scammers, because most of these scams are going to ask for money upfront too.

These guys play on the lazy, people that want to be rich but don’t want to do anything to get there. How many wealthy people, unless born into money or winning the lottery (Which most end up broke in the long run anyway) do you think made there money while sleeping, or doing nothing?

None of them, it’s a misconception that wealthy people do nothing for their money, most wealthy people work very hard and are either wealthy due to luck, great ideas, work ethic or a mixture of all the above.

Don’t get caught up in the goose that lays golden eggs ploy, or the do nothing and get rich scam. In this situation the scammers will be the ones getting rich, and they are doing it off of you.

5) Think about what the product or program offers (really think about it) – Okay this one is simple, have you ever read or heard somewhere that a sure thing or maybe a stock market tip, or maybe even the #5 horse in the 5th race is shoe win? There is never a sure thing, with anything in life.

Avoid Scams Stop and Think First
Avoid Scams Stop and Think First

Take a look at other things you buy for example tooth paste, do you buy your tooth paste because it tastes good? No you buy it to clean and help prolong the teeth you have, right? You know why you buy it, there is no doubt when you run out of tooth paste that you will need to buy more…

Now most toothpaste products are very similar but yet different, some are gels or pastes and some are fruity or minty, right? Now what if I told you that I had the best tooth paste on the market, this tooth paste would make your teeth whiter than ever you breath smell good all day no matter what you ate, and the tooth paste tube would regenerate the product cutting out the need to ever buy another tube ever again..

Would you buy it? would you ant some proof? want to hear someone else vouch for it, maybe someone you know? Of course you would..

Take a look at what a company offers, if they state that they can help you earn $100,000.00 in a month for only a $200.00 investment! STOP, would you give away something valued at 100k for 200 bucks? A better example, would you sell me your home for a couple hundred bucks? Hell no!!!!




This is how scammers operate, this is there bread and butter so to speak. These people are not smarter than you or I and they can be out witted if we just STOP for a minute and think about what they are offering before we just throw money at them.



Report a Scam…

If you are unsure about a specific scam product, scam website, scam program or just can’t come to the decision for yourself if they are legit or a scam then head over to my article on how to report a scam and I will research them for you.




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3 thoughts on “How to Spot a Scam Online – Top 5 Ways to Avoid Scams Online”

  1. I am sick of all these scam websites on the internet today, and you are exactly right it’s like they are screaming at me to “BUY NOW” or hurry up! I bet if all the scam sites are removed from the internet as of today, that over half the internet would be gone.

    Thanks for the heads up on, how to avoid these places I will use your tip’s

  2. You outline what to watch for when trying to avoid a scam beautifully. I have read some other “how to avoid scam” type blogs or guides and this one is perfectly written. You also give some sound advice on what exactly these scammers “ploys” always are, like the “Buy Now” or “Hurry Buy Now” pitch that they always give to push an impulse buy from a customer.

    Overall I really think that you touched on all the main points, that would be able to help anyone watch out for scams themselves. Great Article, great information and thank you for sharing this information with us all.

  3. Wow, thanks a lot Dina I am so happy that you enjoyed the article so much.

    I think people know things are scams sometimes, but they just get tricked by the scammers. Having a good list like this helps us all watch for some key features that most scammers use, just like the “Buy Now” pitch that scammers use. If it is a good product then there is no reason to buy now because a good product will still be around tomorrow for you to buy. That is something they don’t want people to consider, don’t you think so too?

    If you liked that article you may also like to know that we do scam reports to, all you have to do is go to this post and leave a message on what program or Product you would like a report on and we will look into them and let you know.

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