How To Start An Online Business For Yourself – Chris Farrell Membership Review

Chris Farrell Membership Features

How To Start An Online Business For Yourself – Chris Farrell Membership Review


Chris Farrell Membership Review
Chris Farrell Membership Review


Name:  Chris Farrell Membership
Owner: Chris Farrell
Price: $1 for your first week. Then $37.00 per month or $297.00 a year (33% savings) and an additional option for a $997.00 Mentor me charge
Overall Ranking: 5/10


Chris Farrell Membership Product Overview

Have you ever wanted to know; how to start an online business for yourself? More than likely you have, this is how you ended up at this site reading this review. If you have been looking for a good program to get started with, then you probably already know that there is no shortage of shysters and scammers out there looking to do nothing more than take your money. This is why you’re looking up Chris Farrell and Chris Farrell Reviews, right?

Well then, you came to the right place. That’s because today we are going to be conducting our very own Chris Farrell Review. Now I have signed up for the basic membership and delved as deep as I could into this program in order to give a good honest review. I would also like to add that I am not affiliated with Chris Farrell what so ever and what you’re going to get here is just my unbiased opinion, nothing more and nothing less. If at the end of this review you decide the Chris Farrell membership is for you

So, enough babbling let’s get on with the review shall we?

Okay,  back to the Chris Farrell Membership Product Overview!

Chris Farrell
Chris Farrell

Let’s start off with learning a little bit about Chris Farrell himself.

Chris Farrell is a well respected and successful internet marketer. Being a successful internet marketer is not something new to Chris either, he actually began his internet marketing career in 2008 and when he started he actually had zero internet marketing experience under his belt!

When Chris started in 2008 he incredibly started making money within his first 6 months, which is pretty rare for most internet marketers much less someone with no experience.

Within his first 6 months being an Internet Marketer Chris had a daily income average of  $200.00 dollars a day, which grew to almost $1,000.00 a day by the 9-month mark. As time went on Chris even had a single 24 hour day period that profited him over a million dollars!

Not only is Chris doing well but his system; The Chris Farrell Membership program has also been voted the number one online coaching program by the IRMreport card for 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015!

Sounds like Chris is doing pretty well for himself, huh?

But what about the product? What about the Chris Farrell Membership?

Well, the sales page for the Chris Farrell membership at first glance looks just like another scam product. He has a video on his home page and in this video Chris is telling you about how he can help you create an online income.  Chris also tells you that his service was rated the number one online service, that 23,000 people have completed the step by step training and that the course is geared for anyone beginner to advanced.

What he does not tell you though is what the system is about, what it does, provides or what you will be expected to do in order to make money online. You have to click the button for that, another scam style tactic that does not bode well for Chris Farrell if his program is, in fact, legit.

Chris Farrell
Chris Farrell

So what does the Chris Farrell Membership entail? What will I be doing if I sign up?

You will be starting your very own online business with the Chris Farrell membership program. You will be building an Internet Marketing style business in order to sell products online and earn an income.

This is accomplished with a 21 day training program that Chris will have you following upon signing up. This 21 day training program will give you the basic tools in order to get started with an online business. You will be learning how to create your own website, set up hosting and drive traffic in order to earn an income. Now this is just a short list of what you can expect to learn during the 21 day training program, there are many more features besides the ones listed here.

Chris Farrell Membership Features
Chris Farrell Membership Features



PROS and CONS of The Chris Farrell Membership


  • You can get started today for only $1.00
  • Prebuilt website templates make website creation a breeze, even if you have little or no experience
  • The training is provided via a step by step video instruction and is accompanied by training manuals to make training pretty simple and straight forward. The videos allow for learning at your own pace which is always a nice feature.
  • The training Video’s are relatively quick, which can have a positive impact on learning since information overload won’t be a factor in your progression through the courses.
  • Free website hosting is included
  • No questions asked 30-day money back guarantee (The is no searching or hunting down links if you want to cancel your membership they are very easy to locate)
  • Chris is an enjoyable instructor to learn from, he makes learning more fun with his personality and can be pretty entertaining.


  • In order to sign up you have to open your wallet (even if it’s only $1.00) there is no free membership to try it out.
  • The program itself can be somewhat time-consuming
  • There is a forum, but the true community aspect of the program is missing or not apparent
  • No interaction with Chris other than within the video’s he provides as training
  • Navigation within the site is complicated and a daunting task at first until you become accustomed on how to locate things
  • The system is geared for beginners and really lacks advanced marketing materials and tactics.
  • Some of the training material is outdated
  • Support is so-so unless you get the Mentor Me package for a grand


Who is Chris Farrell Membership for?

Well, Since you are going to be learning the basics of Internet Marketing then the Chris Farrell Membership program is for the beginners to maybe intermediate marketers.

The main focus of the program, I feel is geared more towards a beginner since Chris trains as though you are a complete beginner and that you know very little about internet marketing at all. Not that this is a bad way to train people, I actually prefer this method when I learn something new. Teach me like “I’m a five-year-old” is what I will often say when learning something new. But, not everyone enjoys this method and it may or may not be the training method for you.


Tools and Training Provided by Chris Farrell Membership

Once you sign up, the first task at hand will be to get over to the training area and start absorbing as much as possible. Head over to specific skills and comb through what you want to learn, some of the options are as follows.

  • How to create your own product
  • Creating your own eBook
  • How to find a Profitable Niche
  • Understanding Facebook
  • Killer Copywriting
  • Monetize Mondays
  • WordPress Wealth
  • 10 minutes to success
  • Money Making Lab
  • I love Traffic
Chris Farrell Membership Program
Chris Farrell Membership Program


Chris Ferrell Membership Support

The Chris Farrell Membership basically has 3 options when it comes to support for the program. They have the knowledge base, an option of submitting a support (help) ticket and probably the best option the forum.

The forum is the best option because other’s may have had the same issue that you are currently encountering and they may be able to help quicker than a support ticket or combing through the knowledge base.


The Price of Chris Farrell Membership

Well, the honest answer to this would be $1.00 to start (for 7 days) and then $37.00 a month or $297.00 a year.

Toss in some domain name fee’s and maybe hosting if you decide to host your website outside the Chris Farrell membership program and you could be looking at roughly upwards of an additional $20-$25 bucks a month extra.

Let’s not forget the one Up-sell that comes with the Chris Farrell Membership program, you know that whopping $997.00 mentor me option listed above. This is really the only up-sell Chris has though, and since it’s just one it’s not going to raise a red flag that this is a scam product.


My Final Opinion on Chris Farrell Membership

The program itself is laid out really well and has some real benefit for anyone starting out in the Internet Marketing field.

Chris does not claim that making money online is ever easy, or that hard work will not be required. To the contrary, he states regularly that putting in hard work on your websites daily and often is the surest route to haveing a succesful online business. This for me is something I can relate to and get behind because I know it to be true.

The Video training I found to be done pretty well, and it is broken down into small portions in order to retain the most information. The video’s are often done with a complete newbie in mind, which I also liked. With having experience in this field, I was also able to pick up on the fact that some video’s have a bit dated material in them. This is not a big deal for someone with experience because I can disregard that information, but for someone starting out it may be troublesome to be learning things that are no longer relevant. But overall not a bad experience with the training portion.

The Chris Farrell Membership program itself is a pretty darn good program, there are some things he could update, some additions he could implement (like better suppport.) But, for what you get and for a price comparable to some of the top programs online the Chris Farrell Membership program hit’s it’s mark as being a good program for the money.


Chris Farrell Membership at a Glance…..

Name:  Chris Farrell Mebership
Owner: Chris Farrell
Price: $1 for your first week. Then $37.00 per month or $297.00 a year (33% savings) and an additional option for a $997.00 Mentor me charge
Overall Ranking: 5/10

3d Man With Green Check

With the training that you receive, Chris Farrell’s background in Internet Marketing and the tools he provides you with, it would definatly be possible to start an online business for yourself and make money online with that business. Chris has done a good job and released a good product that anyone could benefit from although it is geared more towards a beginner.

To see just how the Chris Farrell Membership program stacks up against the top rated training program on this site check out the table below.



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This review report has been submitted by Damon, of HowtoEarnaLivingUsingTheInternet


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24 thoughts on “How To Start An Online Business For Yourself – Chris Farrell Membership Review”

  1. nice review of the Chris Farrell Membership Program. Chris seems like a great guy and starting a business with him has a mentor sound promising. Start up is very low, are there any upsells?

  2. I have come across Chris Farrell reviews a few times and what puts me off is his pricing method and the ready made website. When starting out and wanting to build your own online business, like me, it sounds very expensive when you just do not have that kind of money lying around.

    Also, I want to build my own site so that I can put my own views across like you have.

    I am going to take a look at how you have built your site and I hope it does not contain any high prices like the Chris Farrell Membership does!


  3. I really enjoyed this review. Until now, I never hear of the Chris Ferrell program. I must say, this really does sound like a good program. I am actually going to try it out for the 7 days and, if I like it, I will become a member. Thank you for writing this review.

  4. Very comprehensive review, fair and balanced with pros and cons spelled out. Keep up the good work.
    I like the lay out of your site.

  5. Tony the only up-sell with the Chris Farrell Membership is the Mentor Me portion of the program. I did not purchase this portion of the program since it costs almost a grand coming in at $997.00!

    From the training I did participate in, you could honestly get most of the training done in just a month or two and then quit the program. Sign up for just as long as you may need and then move onto some advanced marketing technique training would be my advice. The program itself is decent and Chris does seem like an all around good guy like you said.

  6. Heya Lis, thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment.

    The Chris Farrell Membership is pretty competitively priced, especially when comparing it to similar programs/products that do just about the same thing in this type of market. His Mentor Me package is really the only expensive portion of the program and since I did not purchase this portion I can’t really speak on it in much detail. But, I do know the $37 dollar monthly membership (regular membership) is a pretty fair price for what’s included.

    If you are looking to start your own online business and to get your views out there to be seen then maybe you should look into my #1 rated program Wealthy Affiliate. With Wealthy Affiliate, you will learn how to create any type of website you can imagine. Not only that, but you will also learn way’s to monetize the website no matter what the content is about with Wealthy Affiliate.

    And last but not least; My website is completely free. I only offer information on my website, information on what type of make money online products work (Legit), Don’t work (straight up scams) and some that fall in the middle of those two (Not Legit or scam.) I also offer alternative way’s to make money online like selling web hosting or even tips for making money on Craigslist . I also have a portion of the website dedicated to avoiding scams online, and how to report a scam to me in order for me to investigate it for my readers so that they don’t have to. I made this website primarily because I had been scammed more than just once when I began looking for way’s to make money online. I had to cypher through loads and loads of scams before finding that first decent program that actually worked and I didn’t want everyone else to need to go through what I had went through.

    There was a lot of garbage out there on the web when I started online, and there is even more of it nowaday’s so any help I can be to lead people through all that garbage for them and for myself is only a bonus for us all.

  7. The Chris Farrell Membership is a pretty good program. I would definitely suggest trying it out for 7 day’s at $1.00 there is sure to be something of value to you for $1.00.

  8. Hey, thanks Joe! I appreciate the kind words about the review and I’m glad you enjoyed the website. Come back soon and check for updates 🙂

  9. I wish Chris Farrell could give a free starter membership. That would be great as most people want to try something out before they pay for it. I am very familiar with the training provided by Wealthy Affiliate.

    What is the main difference between the training for both?

  10. I agree viljoen, a free starter membership like they offer at Wealthy Affiliate would be nice with the Chris Farrell Membership program. But, I must admit, $1.00 fee to give the Chris Farrell Membership a try is not going to break the bank for most of us. Not that I like giving out my credit card number for a $1.00 purchase or anything, but it’s still pretty darn cheap to try out.

    The major difference between the Chris Farrell Membership and Wealthy Affiliate is the community and the support you get, that is clearly better with Wealthy Affiliate. As for training, Chris Farrell is more geared towards promoting the Chris Farrell Product but with Wealthy Affiliate you can promote their product if you want or an interest of your very own, the choice is completely yours.

  11. Good post. I learn something new and challenging on websites I stumble upon on a daily basis.
    It will always be interesting to read content from other authors and use something from their websites.

  12. Thanks Manthiramurthy, I agree everyone has a different way they do things. Because of these differences you can learn something from almost everyone and visiting their websites.

  13. I have been looking at joining the Chris Farrell Membership program I have a product of my own (an ebook) that I want to promote and start my own business from. Would you suggest starting with Chris Farrell membership or another program? Is there one better than Chris’s? What would you advise, Im Curious?

  14. Hi Elva, an ebook can be a great product of your own to start out with for sure. The Chris Farrell Membership is a great program to teach you how to market the Ebook. However, if I am to suggest one program myself that would not only teach you how to market the Ebook but to also build a lasting business then I would definitely recommend Wealthy Affiliate! Wealthy Affiliate is currently the highest rated system ranked on this site and is my top recommendation as of this writing. Click the lin in the text to learn more about the Wealthy Affiliate System.

  15. I’m glad you enjoyed the Article Mack. Swing back by and let us know your experience and what you thought of the Chris Farrell Membership.

  16. After reading some of the other comments here, I am going to try the 7 day free trial of the Chris Farrell membership and try the free Wealthy Affiliate membership and select the better of the two.

  17. You can’t really go wrong with either program Tara! I would lean more towards Wealthy Affiliate myself, but that’s just because I feel that WA has a lot more to offer and is set up a bit better.

  18. Wow, wonderful web blog layout! The look
    of your website is great, let alone the content!

    I really enjoyed reading about the Chris Farrell Membership program. I may give it a try, thank you.

  19. Hi, Alysaonus.

    Thanks, It always makes me happy to hear the nice general comments about my website.

    The Chris Farrell Membership program is a pretty good program, let us know what you think of it if you do indeed try it out 🙂

  20. I’ve been reading your blog posts for a while and I feel
    they’re all wonderful. I wanted to chime in since I had tried Chris Farrell membership and let people know it is a pretty good program. I did find that it misses out on a few aspects of building a new business but hits the mark pretty well otherwise.

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