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16 thoughts on “Inbox Dollars – Is Inbox Dollars a Scam”

  1. hey Damon, inbox dollars doesn’t look to hot with just a 2 out 10. Thanks for the review, very thorough.

  2. There are ways of making money with Inbox dollars for sure, but it just lacks the pay out potential of some of the other alternatives out there.
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment Komodo…

  3. I was able to make some Money with InboxDollars, it is not a program to allow you to quit your job or anything but good for some extra change for completing surveys.

  4. Sir

    I was looking for an inboxdollars search and found this website. After reading this review, I don’t thinkt hat I will be looking for inboxdollars anymore. You explain here that Inbox dollars is not a scam, but also not worth my time. I appreciate this help and I thank you

  5. It is my pleasure Sally, there are some other programs in the legit category that offer additional way’s to make money online. Take a look at some of those and maybe you can find something that interests you 🙂

  6. much like everyone else, even though I am ashamed to admit it have tried to make money online completing surveys. To top it off, I have tried with Inbox Dollars the very same product reviewed on this page. I have not made very much money with this program, but that is mainly because sometimes I try to complete surveys and I get to the end only to receive an error message or I don’t get credit. This is the main draw back I have found with Inbox Dollars

  7. I am familiar with this issue Dolon, and you are not the only one experiencing it either. This is a common complaint about Inbox Dollars surveys.

  8. Inbox Dollars is not really worth the time and effort. I like the suggestion you gave about taking the $5.00 get to a cash out point and then leave and never go back, right on!

  9. I still believe this is a good goal when dealing with Inbox Dollars! InboxDollars is a legit company but not much profit will be made cooperating with them.

  10. I use Inbox Dollars, the only downside for me is that sometimes I can’t complete offers or I get to the end of a survey and I don’t get credit. It does not happen too often, but it’s a drawback for sure! I have also contacted InboxDollars and nothing is ever resolved, so I guess there are two downsides!

  11. I agree with Jermaine Surveys are just not worth the time! InboxDollars is a waste of time, everything they offer is a long drawn out chore!

  12. Not getting credit for Surveys is a common complaint Charles, so your not alone with that one. I have not heard of people not getting credit for offers before though so that one is new to me. InboxDollars tends not to respond very well to complaints about lack of credit, this too is a common issue, unfortunately.

  13. Agreed by most Sadie, but not all! InboxDollars still has an active following, and some folks love them surveys! lol

  14. I want to sign up with inboxdollars but I can’t find the registration page please open the registration page so I can get register

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