Is Crazy Cash Club A Scam: Or Are They Trying To Tongue Twist Your Mind

Crazy Cash Club

Is Crazy Cash Club A Scam: Or Are They Trying To Tongue Twist Your Mind

Crazy Cash Club
Crazy Cash Club

Name: Crazy Cash Club
Owner: Martin Morse and Roger McIntyre
Price: Free to Join, but expect multi-level
pricing packages (x4) that range from
$20.00 all the way up to $620.00 as you progress.
(Expect Other unrelated Up-sells)
Overall Ranking: 1/10

Crazy Cash Club Product Overview

Is Crazy Cash Club a scam? In today’s review, we are going to take a closer look at this newly released MLM style program and determine just that!

Crazy Cash Club seems to be just another flavor of the same old Multi-level marketing plan. Crazy Cash Club claims you never have to recruit anyone if you don’t want to, but there are no testimonials of the profits that those people make. The only examples they do give are of the people that participate in the system they refer to as the 6X3 Forced Matrix recruiting system (a.k.a. Multi-Level Marketing.)

6x3 Forced Matrix
6×3 Forced Matrix

The examples of earning for people that participate in this plan are so outlandish, it literally cracked me up. Let me share them with you, just in case you haven’t watched the video on the Crazy Cash Club home page yet.

Okay, drum roll please!

With Crazy Cash Club, you can expect to make the following amounts.

  • 16,000 in your very first day
  • But wait there is also a claim of 17,000 your first day (Kind of contradictory seeing as there are two different amounts for first day earning potential)

Well, I can tell you this! If I can make those amounts in my first day (16,000-17,000,) then why wouldn’t I just make as many new accounts on the website each day as I could and rake in the money? Well, we all know why because there is no system on Earth that is going to pay you that sort of income for doing nothing and on the first day!

But that’s just the first day, want to hear about the monthly and yearly possibilities with Crazy Cash Club?

  • In the video on the home page, it shows first year earning will be $120,000 and second year will top 1.2 million dollars. (Everyone stop what you’re doing and sign up now, right?) Well, it gets even better still!
  • In the Webinar the same program claims you will actually have the potential to earn a million dollars your very first year.

So we have the same website homepage with two separate video’s saying completely different things about first-day earnings, first-month earnings, and first-year earnings! I’m not a little lost, I’m a lot lost with all these contradictory figures floating around! Maybe, just maybe this is their intent, maybe they intend to confuse the customers or perspective marketers with varying dollar figures that way we never know what to expect in terms of earnings. Seems about right to me, well this far anyway!

Crazy Cash Club Income Claims
Crazy Cash Club Income Claims

So wait, if I decide to sign up, then what will we be peddling to make this kind of Income?

Well, this question is not so easily answered.

Let, me explain and give a little back story on what’s been going on with Crazy Cash Club.

Martin Morse
Martin Morse

Crazy Cash Club was supposed to go live in January 2015, then for some sort of technical reason, Martin said “server issues with back-end stuff being added” the date continued to be pushed back. Now I only heard a specific reason of technical issues in one video, as far as I could tell the additional push back dates had never been disclosed as to why they had been pushed back.

As of this writing the program is in launch phase 2 out of 7  so they seem to be allowing people to actually join, but I can only take their word for it and I don’t have any proof that it’s actually up and running.

Crazy Cash Club has opened the product page for us to view some of their products that you will be able to sell in order to earn those extravagant commissions.

  • Monster Cash Mini Webinar System
  • Crazy Splash Click Thru Pages
  • 20,000 Laser Targeted Visitors
  • 5,000 Laser Targeted Visitors
  • and the one that should be available at launch is the Business Blaster Marketing system (They are asking members to send in testimonials on this system, but it’s not even released to the members yet)
  • And a mystery system to be released in June 2015

So, let me break down how I see the Crazy Cash Club system working.

  1. You will buy the crazy splash click thru page (squeeze page)
  2. You will also need to buy Monster Cash Webinar system
  3. Your goal will be to recruit people to Crazy Cash Club by using the two above-named systems (The Squeeze page accompanied by the webinar)
  4. When you recruit people, they will then need to buy those same systems, and this equals commission for you
  5. If you’re not getting traffic to your squeeze page Crazy Cash Club, you’re in luck! Because Crazy Cash Club sells visitor packages, I’m not sure if this is automated or a list or what but there are two types currently a 5,000 and 10,000 Laser Targeted Visitors package.
  6. Crazy Cash Club will then continue to release new software  (Business Blaster) for example that you will need to then buy and hope your recruits buy for profit.
  7. Rinse and Repeat in an MLM style marketing pattern.

The PROS and CONS of Crazy Cash Club


  • Since this is a start-up and that has not gone completely live yet, your chance of making it to the top 1% which is generally the only percentage of people that make money with MLM programs is the greatest right now.
  • I really could not find any other positive things to say about Crazy Cash Club. Not for lack of effort though, I did try to find something, anything!


  • MLM marketing plans are unethical and lack general morals
  • You will not be selling a real product but instead a program in which you recruit others to participate in and then turn around and do the same thing
  • Recruiting is a must no matter what Crazy Cash Club may say, that is if you are expecting a chance to make any profits what so ever it’s a must!
  • The continual release date being postponed over and over give the impression that Martin and Roger lack general Management or Project skills and those are the main two qualities they would need to be successful with this type of program
  • The lack of reasons for the release delay is not good business practices
  • They promised a top 10% list of people who signed up early and at the last minute stated there are too many people signed up and dropped it to the top 5%list. They then proceeded to post a message that people need to not contact them over this matter and that the decision is final.
  • Outlandish and unrealistic claims of ten’s of thousands of dollars in the first day, month and even millions in the first year. How would they even know this? The majority of the products are not even built yet and they don’t even know the names of them.
  • The home page should be the very first clue to stay away it has all of the key features of a bogus get rich quick style system (Sex Symbols, lavish vacation style home, Yacht, Beach Front, expensive car and a treasure chest)
Crazy Cash Club
Crazy Cash Club

Who is Crazy Cash Club for?

Crazy Cash Club could be joined by anyone really, a young Adult to the elderly. In my opinion though, the system will proably find and lay its roots in the get rich quick section of online marketing. That will eventually lead to its primary member base being those looking to try to turn a quick buck or make money online with little to no effort.

It takes hard work and determination to make money online, here is a program that can teach you how to earn money if you possess these attributes!


Tools and Training for Crazy Cash Club

Like most Multi-level marketing systems, the majority of any training you get will come from your Upline mentor, and you will provide the same type of training for your downline recruit.

There is also a weekly Webinar and the Monster Cash Mini Webinar System that you will need to purchase.

You will get some Downline communication tools in the Crazy For Cash Dashboard area. These are mainly for advertisements and to communicate with your downline recruits.

Crazy Cash Club Dashboard
Crazy Cash Club Dashboard

Crazy Cash Club Support

On the Home Page there is an address for California and an admin email address for Crazy Cash Club. There is also a request a call back thru help desk ticket, but unfortunately this link was not functioning at this time.

The Price of Crazy Cash Club

To sign up and join Crazy Cash Club, it is completely free as they claim. I signed up and joined in a matter of just a few minutes and was inside browsing around.

In order to market the different software products, videos and webinars your more than likely going to need to buy those things, after all your going to be trying to push them to your downline and have them push to their downline for any earning potential.

There are also several different Tier’s to move into and each has its own specific cost.

  • Bronze – $20.00
  • Silver – $120.00
  • Gold – $320.00
  • Platinum – $620.00

Each level costs a little more to become a member and each level will lead to more earning potential. I did not see anywhere within Crazy Cash Club if these are monthly fee’s (which I think they are) or a one-time fee, yearly fee’s or what, there was just not much information on the tiered levels.

Earning potential per Tiered level

  • Bronze – $273.00
  • Silver – $2010.00
  • Gold – $6762.00
  • Platinum – $17,200.00


My Final Opinion Of Crazy Cash Club

Crazy Cash Club is a basic MLM style internet product. This kind of program is popping up everywhere on the internet these days and should always be approached with a certain amount of skepticism and discretion.

In my opinion Crazy Cash Club just down right seems to be a Multi-level marketing/pyramid scheme. Sure they have some upfront products, but the product is the program and nothing else is really offered. There is not much training, the products are lagging behind and not even named yet or the name is not released They are having server issues or some sort of technical problems preventing the website to fully launch and be functional month after month.

Crazy Cash Club just has to many mishaps going on, as far as we know and I mean really know the program may never go live for everyone else besides the top 10%.

Crazy Cash Club Will it Ever Launch?
Crazy Cash Club Will it Ever Launch?

Have your heart set on Crazy Cash Club and now you don’t know where to turn?

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Crazy Cash Club At A Glance…..

Name: Crazy Cash Club
Owner: Martin Morse and Roger McIntyre
Price: Free to Join, but expect multi-level
pricing packages (x4) that range from
$20.00 all the way up to $620.00 as you progress.
(Expect Other unrelated Up-sells)
Overall Ranking: 1/10


Straight Up Scam!


The fact that Crazy Cash Club is structured as an MLM is enough for me to not want to recommend the program alone. But, if you combine that with the lack of a true product being established, the lack of availability when the owners said the site would launch among numerous other negative attributes listed in this review. Taking all of this into consideration, there would be no way that I would recommend Crazy Cash Club to anyone at all.



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About Damon

8 thoughts on “Is Crazy Cash Club A Scam: Or Are They Trying To Tongue Twist Your Mind”

  1. Great review on Crazy Cash Club. I was interested in it but after your review I’m having second thoughts. Thanks for the vital information.

  2. Yes, I agree. Any program that promises get rich quick style system makes you doubt that it’s not a scam.

  3. Hi, Keye.

    Whenever I see those front page videos flashing cars, houses, women and money it’s almost a sure fire bet they are a scam. Thanks for the comment by the way.

  4. Hi, James. I would not recommend getting involved with this program, hang on to the money or just try the free version if you’re thinking of getting involved with them still.

  5. Damon,

    You should know better than to post “Scam” nonsense like this. You’re wrong on so many fronts, and your information isn’t even current as of May 7 when you wrote it ! I don’t have time or info to go into every item, but from my own experience dealing with these guy for 10 months I will point out some of your inaccuracies and false info.

    For one thing , Crazy Cash Clubs doesn’t even have an MLM structure.
    Their first opportunity Business Blasters does. CCC only lists a single level of referrals. Therefore it is clearly not mulit-level.

    MLM is not illegal or ethical by the way. Also the income claims are not guarantees by Martin and Roger. They are how much you CAN make not necessarily what you will make once Business Blasters launches. Since it won’t be starting until the last part of this month ( May ) we don’t know yet.

    We know there will be 100% matching bonuses on people you may personally refer. If you don’t refer…. no problem. There are already over 52,000+ members. How many will upgrade in Business Blasters after it launches we don’t know. But there will be spillover in the first opportunity as announced. Also with an average of hundreds of new free club members joining CCC whose Business Blasters accounts will be created for them, it will be interesting to see how many of them lock in their BB positions for $20 during the 10-day activation period.

    I’m not fan of those large numbers being thrown around on the CCC front page ( since most of us don’t expect to earn 5 figures in our first day) , but that’s basically how advertising works. The cookie-cutter design of those graphics in my opinion is clearly a budgetary measure. We know M & R aren’t rich yet. But if you really want to know why they picked that you could have asked them.

    Communication a problem ? They have a voice mail phone # , and if it’s important they’ll get back to you. But they prefer a Support ticket system, and they’ve answered the few I’ve had with general inquiries. I’ve also gotten questions answered on their live webinars that you must keep missing.

    Also with Business Blasters, the primary products are an automatic recruiting system which includes an autoresponder and way of contacting leads with whatever opportunity you want to promote. Each succeeding matrix offers larger quantities of these leads to use the system with. The $300 Platinum top matrix also has a sales funnel system with which to prmote. BB is an ADVERTISING BUSINESS and will offer all kinds of additional products that can be purchased separately. So not only can one earn commissions from the matrix sales, but direct customer sales as well.

    BB is the first of 4 opportunities that Crazy Cash Club will join in t he remainder of 2015. It’s also the only one of those four they own. The second has already been chosen to start approximately 30 days after the first BB commission run, and that opporunity has been in business for 2 years.

    Why didn’t Business Blasters launch on January 26 ? Because earlier that month the original owners decided not to launch after all , and they sold their advertising biz to Roger and Martin. Those two decided to hiring a programming team and make improvements to the pay plans to all 4 matrices and the website itself. They’ve opened 2 merchant accounts, are dealing with Payoneer, and there are two other companies they’re negotiating with who are waiting as we are to view the Business Blasters website first.

    They re-scheduled for an April launch, but as any new business there were a few other behind the scenes delays. Giving the Top 10% people several weeks to get on the list I blame Martin for giving them too much extra time past the March 31 deadline. But that was his decision.

    Also the status Phases chart you posted is weeks out of date! Phase 3 isn’t 45% done. As of May 9 it is 79% completed. Within the next week or so it is expected to be 100% complete. The remaining phases won’t take long, and the Phase 4 Commission Testing needs to be done over from the start, because the first time was experimental and done by the programmers. This second test will be done with real members’ names by Martin & Roger on their own server.

    Regarding Crazy Cash Club, my sponsor has earned almost $300 RE-selling the Crazy Splash page. Roger paid him $50 per sale. Therefore he’s made a slight profit from the 5 of 6 he sold to his downline. Since the price for those were cut in half, they stopped earning commissions months ago, however the more expensive mini-webinars continued to pay a commission for well past that time. Those products are directly sold. THERE IS NO PRODUCT PURCHASE REQUIRED IN CCC TO BE A MEMBER. I referred 28 people, and I didn’t spend any money in my 10 months in CCC. In fact I didn’t sell them any CCC product, but one of them decided to buy a splash page on his own. So he’s on the Top 5% List.

    And by the way, it’s the Top 5% list now because all the extra names were taking up too much room and slowing down the loading of that particular page. Also there aren’t many people out of 52,000 to make 10%, and that’s fine! The last time I saw the list there were about 1700 people on it, and that was a couple of months ago. I don’t how much more it is now.

    So in closing I’d like to say that you should remove this page, because I don’t want to see you get removed from the club. However by creating this “report” you are at risk. Obviously a $20 product purchase and LEVERAGING into the higher-cost matrices from early profit is too much for you to handle, Damon.


  6. Hi, Steve and thanks for the post.

    Unfortunately, we are going to have to agree to disagree! And I am going to tell you why.

    My rebuttal will be paragraph for paragraph responses.

    I Posted Crazy Cash Club as a scam because that is what I believe them to be! Someone else’s opinion that differs from yours Steve is not “nonsense!” That is why they are called “opinions!” The information I gathered was all in the first week of May, 2015, so if the data is wrong then maybe they should update the members area of Crazy Cash Club because all of the data I pulled was from their very own website as a member of the program at that time. But, then again like my review stated the management at Crazy Cash Club seems to lack, well…Management! So that could be the reason for the lack of upodates to the website and why it still shows this outdated information.

    Your Right, Crazy Cash Club states right off the bat that they are a Uni-Level Marketing program. But, wait just a minute! Explain something to me, real quick. If Crazy Cash Club is Uni-Level, and their first opportunity is Business Blasters and that’s Multi-Level wouldn’t that ultimately make Crazy Cash Club Multi-Level Marketing? After all, can you get into Business Blasters without getting into Crazy Cash Club? Or are they a package deal? Well let me answer for you, they are a package deal. To get into Business Blasters, you must be a member of Crazy Cash Club which ultimately makes Crazy Cash Club an MLM! But we will come back to that, for now we can just call Crazy Cash Club an MLM by association with Business Blasters, how’s that?

    I never once said MLM was illegal, I even searched my post for the words legal and illegal and they are not present! However, I did state that MLM is unethical! The reason I stated this is because I, as well as countless other people here on planet Earth, believe this to be true. MLM’s are generally unethical and morally wrong, this does not mean that all of them are but generally speaking they are. Do I believe that Crazy CASH Club falls into this classification? Well, let’s see they are a Uni-Level program that promotes an MLM program but, you can’t call them MLM because they demand that they are not MLM! Yeah, I think they will fit quite nicely into the unethical and morally wrong category. Moving onto the income claims, that Martin and Rodger state that you CAN make not necessarily what you will make! I get that, but if that is the case why post them all over the website? They are in the promotion videos on advertisements hell they are even on the home page. This is unethical and morally wrong in my opinion! When you apply for a job the CEO doesn’t walk down and crack open his paycheck envelope and tell you hey buddy “this is what you could make” if you where the CEO! Then laugh all the way back to his office! Do you know what kind of websites put up earnings figures before the first major opportunity product is ever released? Scam sites, that’s who!

    I’m really not sure what you are trying to say about the 100% matching bonus on referrals. Are they going to give you referrals? Are they real? Or are they rented like Neobux? IF you don’t refer are there any problems? How much money do you expect to make if you don’t refer anyone, Steve? How close to those million dollar figures will you be if you don’t refer anyone ever? Sure you will get your profits if your able to sell, but you know as well as I do that without referrals your income earning is very limited. So what will that force you to do? Yeah, you don’t have to recruit or refer anyone, but if you want to earn any real money then you’re going to need to do so. It’s a business Steve, you’re not going to make money sitting on your bum doing nothing. That is unless your sales skills are just extraordinary and you’re moving so much product yourself you don’t need any referrals. But for most people looking to get into this program, they are not going to be sales experts. They are going to be regular people, and I will lay it out straight for them; YOU WILL NEED REFERRALS!

    It’s good to hear that you don’t like those large dollar figures populating the home page of Crazy Cash Club. But the fact is those large dollar figures are there, and it’s a scam tactic as far as I’m concerned! Advertising does not work like that! There are tons of advertisements that don’t claim that I will become rich and make X amount of dollars in X amount of time! Do you want to look legit? Then walk the walk and talk the talk! Don’t give me false hope or some outlandish lottery style dream of the amount of cash I MIGHT make just to get me to sign up. I would also not call the graphics a budgetary measure either, that’s taking the easy road on discussing that image. You know what a budgetary measure would be? Going to Fiverr and getting a Graphic made for $5 bucks, there is no way they could have done any worse that what is presently displayed on Crazy Cash Clubs home page! Hell, make the front page graphic with “Paint” or “Photoshop!” It’s not really how crappy the image is, it’s what the image represents! It suggests, lavish home, money, cars and beach front resorts. Hey Steve, do you know what kind of websites promote things like that, scam websites. You see legitimate business’s that run legitimate websites don’t need all that fake glam to lure people, their products lure people.

    Okay, so you’re telling me that this major company with 52,000 members has a voicemail for messages in order to contact someone? That is not customer service to me, when I call a business I want to speak with someone, it’s a business for gods sake. When I call my buddy, he can kick me to voicemail if he wants. You also state if it’s important they will get back to you? Who determines the importance level of the voicemails? Let me guess they do? That is not support or customer service Steve, I hate to break it to you. I have watched the Webinars, although I have not caught a single one live I must admit. To be honest I found them pretty painful to watch, and I did hear some questions being answered at the end of those webinars too not that I ever said I didn’t as you insinuated I said. I’m not really sure where you are going with that portion of the comment though I’m a little confused there.

    I’m not really sure how to reply to the product mechanics paragraph for Business Blasters in this section. I guess that we can talk more about everything you suggest Business Blaster is going to do maybe once it’s actually here and you’re able to sell it, see it and use it.

    As these new products are introduced I would be happy to review each and every one of them. I will start with Business Blasters once it has been released, if I see Crazy Cash Club as a more of a legitimate program at that time then I will gladly adjust the rating accordingly I have given to them. As other products are released I will do the same for them and so on. I am not so sure that I would count on the second product being released 30 days after Business Blasters, after all hasn’t Business Blasters been pushed back almost 5 months from it’s original release date? And still has yet to be released?

    I guess for most people Steve, it’s hard to believe in a product or the legitimacy of a product that continues to not be released on time. Or a product that no one has yet to see in person. Have you seen Business Blaster? Have you used the product in person? Has anyone you know seen or used it? Besides the owners of Crazy Cash Club? As far as we all know everything that Martin and Roger are saying are bold face lies! Maybe not, but maybe so? I don’t know these guys IRL! So I cannot speak on their character, what I can speak on is the details of the program and what my research data tells me about it. And as of May 7th as well as Today, they are scams!

    I mentioned that it was Martins call or “management’s call” to delay the release on several occasions due to technical difficulties, nothing more to really say here.

    The phases chart was accurate as of May 7th! As those phases change you can feel free to contact me and I will gladly remove them or replace them with accurate images of the phases schedule. But that information was accurate to what was being displayed in plain site on Crazy Cash Club’s website.

    I never said that you must purchase anything to be a member of Crazy Cash Club, Steve. I would always suggest people buy a product before trying to sell it though, how else can you know your product that you are trying to sell if you don’t own it or have access to it? I would think the majority of the population would agree with that comment too. Sure you may not have to own/buy the product, but a good sales person in my opinion usually does.

    The top 10% changed to the top 5% due to listing limitations on the website? This is not how most stand up business’s work! You say 10%, then you somehow make 10% work because this is after all what was promised! There are many paths that could have been taken to retain the 10% and any experienced web team would have been able to resolve that issue.

    In closing, I would like to thank you for your comment, Steve. It was nice to have such an engaging comment even if we do not see eye to eye on Crazy Cash Club. I will look into the phases image and replace it if I am not accurate with my current image. I joined the club solely for research that pertained to this review for my readers, so being removed from Crazy Cash Club would not be of any major concern to me and if that happens so be it! If the owners of Crazy Cash Club will remove a member (ME) for an unfavorable review then I am okay with being removed from a program like that. Currently, I have my hands full doing my own thing, Steve! So joining in on Crazy Cash Club and trying to turn a profit from what already appears to be a somewhat broken business is not my idea of how I would try to make a living online or suggest that route to my readers


  7. First off great Blog, and an even better blog post on Crazy Cash Club. I stumbled onto their website while I was searching for wasy to earn money online and I have to say that there must really be some gullible people out there in the world. I see these people selling these programs throwing up photos of Sports cars, Lavish Mansions and half naked woman and think really? None of this stuff is probably even owned by you and if it is you have been a sleaze ball for a long ass time!

  8. Hi Aliza and I know just what you mean. It’s kind of funny at times with some of these companies almost like they all attend the same seminar, and the instructor says okay today we do lie about your income 101! Tomorrow how to photo shop a Lamborghini and Unrealistic Real estate to your splash page. Graduation day for these guys is learning how to take these scam products, re-branding them and then re-releasing them under another name to never get caught and to continue scamming people indefinitely.

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