Is Online Profit For Dummies A Scam – What About Online Profits for Newbies?

Online Porfits for Dummies Scam

Is Online Profit For Dummies A Scam – What About Online Profits for Newbies?

Online Porfits for Dummies Scam
Online Porfits for Dummies Scam

Name:  Online Profits For Dummies
Owner: Ryan Maynard
Price: Free to join, but expect to pay something based on CPA offers. There will be an additional $9.95 premium monthly membership charge.
Overall Ranking: 1/10


Online Profits For Dummies Product Overview

Okay, so today we are going to be reviewing Online Profits for Dummies to determine if Online Profits for Dummies is a scam or a legitimate business opportunity. So without further ado let’s jump right in and see what we are looking at exactly.

Let’s begin with how Online Profits for Dummies got it’s beginning. Before I get started I want to mention that normally I don’t really tell stories in my reviews, but I found this one to be pretty relevant to my review. I also believe that this quick story will help determine just what kind of program and people we are dealing with when we are talking about Online Profit for Dummies.

Have you ever heard of the Instant Payday Network? Well, the Instant Payday Network is a very similar product to the Online Profits for Dummies. That’s because Ryan Maynards father Keith Maynard Created the Instant Payday Network. After just a few short years, the Instant Payday Network became an outdated and an obsolete training program. Not just that, but everyone and their brother had been promoting it so there was little profit left to be had with the Instant Payday Network

Ryan slightly revamped his father’s outdated Instant Payday Network with a new name, new training and new sales pages thus Online Profit for Dummies was born.

Online Profits for Dummies was doing well out of the gate and referrals and referrer’s had signed up to help promote the new system, everything was running smoothly.

This is when things started to take a turn for the worst!

In the Middle of running Online Profits for Dummies, Ryan changes the name of the program to Online Profits for Newbies. Now this is not usually a big deal, we are all accustomed to business names changing in today’s business market. But Ryan did not inform any of the people in the Online Profits for Dummies program, so all their affiliate links that had been active for that system automatically defaulted to him once the name change went live. The old Switch-aro? He gained everyone’s referrals for his own profit and was conveniently unable to return or resolve the issue. How convenient for Ryan this must have been.

Like I said before, I normally don’t do a lot of storytelling in my reviews but I really felt this one pertained to the review. So I really wanted to share it out with everyone.

Ryans Referrals seem to look much better than everyone else's
Ryans Referrals seem to look much better than everyone else’s

Now for anyone still wanting to know more, let’s get back to the Nitty Gritty of the review shall we?

Online Profits for Dummies or Newbies as it is known currently, is really nothing more than a pyramid cost per action program. You promote other individuals in hopes that they promote other individuals and hope that the process continues down the line. You will earn commission on all of your referrals cost per action offers completed, as well as you cost per action offers completed. The ultimate goal is to recruit as many people as you can and to have as many referrals as possible.

These cost per action offers will be offered through “My Cash Freebies” and “Double My cash Freebies”. These are generated from companies that want people to try out their products or services, hope that you sign up and then forget to cancel before the free trial is over and then they get to charge your credit card before you have the time to cancel. These are known scam tactics that we are all familiar with, to learn more tactics that scammers use against us take a look at the top 5 ways to spot a scam report.

This is just a short list of some of the offers that you can be expected to complete.

  • Apply Credit Cards
  • Magazine Subscriptions
  • Purchase Credit reports
  • Change Car Insurance

Have you seen these type of offers before? Of course, you see these type of offer’s anytime that you sign up for something online claiming to be free, right?

Most of the things I have already mentioned would deter even the biggest non-skeptic by now, but if this is not enough then you will absolutely love the next piece of information I am going to share with you. When you become part of the Online Profit for Dummies or Newbies or whatever their name is this week, you will also be encouraged forcefully to join the Empower Network. for those of you not familiar with that program read my Empower Network Review.

The Empower Network is on an entirely different level when it comes to scamming people and should be avoided at all costs. It is one of the biggest Multi Level Marketing (MLM) scams on the internet today and has taken countless victims for thousands of dollars over the years. Less than 1% of all members make any real profits with this system if this gives you any indication of how bad of a system Empower Network is.


PROS and CONS of Online Profit For Dummies


  • Basic Training and tools are provided for free when signing up
  • The system has been slightly revamped since the Instant Payday Network days
  • If you don’t like the name or the way the program is run, just stick around and they will change the name and program every few years. I am kidding of course, but this is how they seem to operate.


  • In order to be part of this system, you are going to be required to complete CPA (Cost Per Action) offers in order to earn a commission. When completing these type of offers you will be giving away your sensitive information (Name, contact info and even worse Credit Card Information) to different companies.
  • You will be encouraging other’s to join Online Profit for Dummies in order to gain them as a referral. In doing so, you are leading people into offer programs that make money hoping people forget to cancel what they signed up for. This can be deemed unethical or morally wrong for most people, myself included.
  • You too, must track each and every offer you sign up with and make sure you cancel them before being charged. You will also need to hope none slip through the cracks, or you forget a few otherwise your bank account may be taking a hit
  • You will only learn to promote the Online Profit for dummies program with the tools and training provided, which is not a good business model when looking to earn money online.
  • You will be competing with a countless amount of other people for referrals. You will be using the exact same methods and training which will in time become stale and eventually fail since there is not any long-term growth potential. The same thing that happened with the parent program Instant Payday Network, that is the reason this new product even exists today.
  • Last and not least; You can count on them trying to persuade you to join the Empower Network!


Who is Online Profit for Dummies for?

Don't be  Dummy!
Don’t be Dummy!

Well if you have been following along with this review, then you have probably come to the conclusion yourself that Online Profit for Dummies is for Dummies!

They are hoping to lure you in and make money off of you, or to lure you in so that you too can lure other’s in and then rinse and repeat the same old process. Pyramid Scheme, anyone? No thanks, not for me and hopefully not for you either.



Tools and Training Provided by Online Profit for Dummies

Online Profit For Dummies
Online Profit For Dummies

There are two membership packages that you will have access to.

The free standard membership that will grant you access to the free tools and training portion of the system, but you will not be able to earn any money or commission with this package.

  • Training for youtube, craigslist marketing
  • Screencasting and buying a domain
  • Access to Capture Pages
  • A preconfigured Auto Responder
  • Webinar training

The Premium Membership package will grant you access to earn those commissions from other people you get to join the program. It will also open up additional features like the ones listed below.

  • Allow you to create your very own Capture pages
  • Edit the Autoresponder follow up messages
  • Ability to create your own Sales pages


Online Profit for Dummies Support

There is an email address that you will be provided with, as well as a contact form in which you can fill out for support issues.

They also have a Facebook group that could be utilized as a forum to get questions answered.

The Price of Online Profit for Dummies

The free membership package is exactly that “free!” If you want to earn commissions or get paid though, then you will need to upgrade beyond the free membership.

Premium membership is $9.95 a month and everything they have to offer with just this system is included. This does not count offer’s that you will be trying or getting charged for, nor does this factor in the expense in joining the Empower Network.


My Final Opinion of Online Profit for Dummies

Online Profits for Dummies is a scam!
Online Profits for Dummies is a scam!

My final opinion of this program/product is more than likely exactly what yours is right about now. But, for the sake of the review we will explain it in a little more detail.

Online Profit for Dummies, is a gimmick program with a short shelf life of no more than just a few years at best. The product really does not offer much of value to you or I, and definitely not enough value for us to try to recruit other people to push it.

The name has changed from Instant Payday Network to Online Profits for Dummies and finally to Online Profits for Newbies and there is no wonder why they change it so much. Think of it this way, does Sony Playstation change their name?

Think of it this way, does Sony Playstation change their name? Nope! Know why? Because they have a brand name that works, and changing that name would be bad for business! How about Sony? BMW? Dell? Think they would just up and change their company name? I could do this all day long, but you get my point.

They change the name because they are running from the last version of this failure in order to continue trying to make a profit. First it was Instant Payday Network, then Dummies and now newbies. What next? I won’t be a member, so I may never know. That is unless you or one of my other readers asks me to do a Scam Report on them under their new name.


Online Profit for Dummies at a Glance…..

Name:  Online Profits For Dummies
Owner: Ryan Maynard
Price: Free to join, but expect to pay something based on CPA offers. There will be an additional $9.95 premium monthly membership charge.
Overall Ranking: 1/10



Online Profit for Dummies is looking to make as much money off of anyone that will sign up for the program until it’s time to close up shop, change the name and do it all over again. Ultimately, there is no real money to be made with Online Profit for Dummies, especially not in the long run. Even if you did sign up for this program you will be expected to do some morally questionable things in order to earn your piece of the pie. And to top that off you will also be prompted to join the Empower Network which is a big no-no for anyone that has read up on any type of scam reporting.

Take a look and see just how Online Profit for Dummies stacks up against one of the top rated online business programs today “Wealthy Affiliate.” Wealthy Affiliate provides free training, free websites, free hosting and a means to start a business on any interest that you may have. See just how they compare and tell me if you still think Online Profit for Dummies is even worth a second look. I’m not telling you to run and sign up for Wealthy Affiliate at all, I’m just asking you to not waste your money on something that does not work.


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We love to hear from our readers….

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about this review please leave your comments below.

Have you been scammed by Online Profit for Dummies or Online Profit for Newbies? Please comment below we would love to hear your story.

Are you a success story from Online Profit for Dummies or Online Profit for Newbies? We would love to hear from you too. Please leave your story below in the comments section.



This review report has been submitted by Damon, of HowtoEarnaLivingUsingTheInternet










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6 thoughts on “Is Online Profit For Dummies A Scam – What About Online Profits for Newbies?”

  1. Hello Damon.
    Great informative site. Looks like you’VE been having success for a while. Great to see.

  2. Bravo! A very good review on Online profit for Dummies. You are so meticulous in your write up and is understandable.

  3. Hey Damon,

    Thanks for writing up this review on online profit for dummies. There are so many make money at home scams available on the net. Really, I have been working online making money since 2009 and can spot these scams a mile away. Have you heard of Empower Network? This is the ultimate ponzi scheme! Never used it but have read a lot about it over the years.

    There are much better options out there. I really do like Wealthy Affiliate because it’s an excellent learning resource with an excellent community.


  4. Hey Garen thanks for the comment…

    At first I was not able to spot scams like this, but over time as I seen more and more of them (And even signed up for more than a few of them myself) I learned my lesson.

    Now, I can spot a scam on the first page of their website, well most of the time anyway.Of course, this is not always the case, especially since the scammers have gotten better and better at hiding exactly what they do and how they do it. Scam detecting skills must adapt to the changes that scammers make, this is pretty much the reason I started this website in the first place. Not only to offer up the scam products and programs to others on a silver platter (Let them all be seen for what they are) but to also introduce people to things that actually do work.

    Oh, and yes I am very familiar with Empower Network, if you like reading up on Empower Network be sure to check out my Empower Network Review.

    I agree Wealthy Affiliate is the best online training program that I have been able to find on the web so far, and believe me I look all the time just look at how many programs have already been reviewed on

  5. Thank you Nnamdi, I am glad you liked the review. The review on Online Profits for Dummies was one of my longer reviews due to the Story element in the beginning of the article, normally I don’t do that in a review. I just felt that the story pertained to the review in such a way that I had to include it.

    But anyway, thank you for your comment and for dropping in 🙂

  6. Thanks Bruce, I’m glad you liked the website 🙂

    I have been working hard on, but there is still much to do…

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