Is Profit Bank By Millionaire Society A Program That Can Be Taken To The Bank? – Profit Bank by Millionaire Society Reviewed

Profit Bank by Millionaire Society Review

Is Profit Bank By Millionaire Society A Program That Can Be Taken To The Bank? – Profit Bank by Millionaire Society Reviewed

Profit Bank by Millionaire Society Review
Profit Bank by Millionaire Society Review


Name: Profit Bank by Millionaire Societies
Price:$24.95 with a down-sell to $17.00
Owner: Thomas Black and Mack Michaels
Overall Rank: 3/10



Profit Bank by Millionaire Society Product Overview

Before starting this Profit Bank by Millionaire Society review I actually listened and watched the complete sales video on the landing page. I know, I know, I am one of those people! The reason I do this though is because often times the sales video can tell you a lot about a program and whether or not you can build trust with the speaker, owner or salesman recording the video. Does the sales video just reiterate the same thing over and over trying to brand their message into our

Does the particular sales video just reiterate the same thing over and over trying to brand their message into our brains? Hell, sometimes these videos say the same thing over and over so many times that I fear that even I may be walking around the rest of the day saying things like “Make Money Fast,” “Sign up now” or even “Hurry, spots are limited!” Of course, I’m kidding but this is how we are made to feel sometimes with these sales videos. It’s like if the catch phrases are repeated enough times that they become subliminal messages or some sort of brainwashing. Or maybe that’s what these sales video’s hopes happens. Ever finished watching one of these and felt as though you have just dropped in your overall IQ rating? Lol, me too!

The Profit Bank sales video is not an exception to these type of sales tactics. I was told countless times that there are only  50 spots left, this unique software had been tested and fine tuned for years and that this offer would expire soon. Sound familiar? Of course it does! We hear them all day in and day out whenever someone is trying to push something on us and wants to make a sale.

Now, I don’t generally watch these sales videos to lose IQ points, or because I find them interesting. I like to watch and listen to them to uncover the truth. You see, most of these guys in these sales videos tend to talk so much and for so long they often times lie directly to you. Most people either don’t watch the entire video or they just get so caught up in the hype that they are being fed that they become blind to what is really being said.

Let me give you some examples.

The banner below stating “Would You Like to Make $1099.20 per day using my one-click software” is the very first thing you will see when you land on the Profit Bank website. This $1099.20 figure is given to you over and over throughout the video as well, the only difference is he changes it to this is what he makes daily to this is his average daily earnings.


Profit Bank Daily Earnings Average
Profit Bank Daily Earnings Average

The next photo is a daily snapshot of Thomas Black’s Click Bank earnings promoting Profit Bank. Now, you don’t have to be quick or a math genius in order to notice right off that the average daily balance does not equal 1099.20 for this snap-shot.The actual daily average for this 15-day period is $564.22, pretty easy to see that no day’s earned Thomas over $1,099.20!

Profit Bank Earnings
Profit Bank Earnings

This is not the only earnings income that Thomas uses though. Below you will find two more earnings snap-shots that Thomas provides for us in HIS own video, the same one he states you can earn an average of $1,099.20 just like he does!

Profit Bank Earnings Snap-Shot
Profit Bank Earnings Snap-Shot

As we can see no single day surpasses the $170.32 mark so we know for a fact that this 15-day period did not earn him $1,099.20 on average.

Profit Bank clickbank account claims


This graph actually is closest at $1,022.43, but it’s still not $1,099.20. Not that it matters much at this point. I was given an average daily earnings of s1,099.20 would be obtainable and with the 3 graphs provided by the owner of Profit Bank in his own sales video, he never even reaches that mark. Sure the last graph has some great figures, but I already feel somewhat lied to at this point so how do I know the figures are even legitimate figures and not fabricated?

Thomas also states that with 3 minutes of effort to set this system up you will be bringing in $7,693.20 a week. But as we already know, this definitely does not seem to be anywhere close to being accurate once the numbers have been crunched.

Let’s put the earnings portion on the back burner for a minute because I have a few other contradictions that I found in Thomas Blacks sales message for Profit Bank.

  • Thomas states in the video that his system brings him in $100’s of dollars a day. But that big red banner shows thousands ($1,099.20 exactly) and you say that you make both $100’s a day and over $1,000 a day.
  • Thomas talks about other Money Making Guru’s online and how they are so busy making money selling you their so-called “make money” systems that they have no idea what is really working right now. Okay, this one made me laugh. If those Guru’s are busy making money off of selling their programs, wouldn’t that mean that they do know what is working because after all they are busy making money selling those programs? Thomas, you said they are busy making money selling programs, so how in the world could they not know what is working today. If they did not know what was working, wouldn’t they be busy NOT selling their programs and NOT making money?
  • Thomas say’s he personally created this software but then said he had a programmer named Mathew create the software with him.
  • Thomas states that there will not be a need for a website but in the very next breathe says the software will create a website for you.
  • In the Video, we are told that the more people that get involved the better the software works due to its traffic distribution technology. Then we are told that only 50 people per day can get in on the system due to traffic limitations and how letting more than 50 people per day into the system would cause a bottle-neck in the traffic distribution system. But wait there’s more, we are then told that the reason only 50 people can join daily is because Thomas has to review each premade website that the software creates.
  • Thomas tells us that it has taken him years to test and develop this software. However, in the very beginning of the video Thomas states that he got laid off, had a $2,000.00 credit card which he spent on online money making scams, and then was given an ultimatum by his wife that he had 1 month to earn $500.00 online or find a job! So did it work after the ultimatum or did it take years to test and develop?
  • My favorite claim is that this software has made 50 million dollars in the 8 years that it has been on the market. So let’s do the math shall we? the product costs $24.95 and lets’s not forget is limited to 50 people a day. So 50 (people) x 24.95 (cost of Profit Bank) x 365 (day’s in a year) x 8 (years)=3,642,700. Well, that’s 3.5 million at best, but I kind of have my doubts about anything Thomas tells me at this point. Just a touch off from 50 million, huh?
  • Oh and about not having to market anything and it being auto-pilot software? The moment you sign up you will be urged to promote your link on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube by creating videos and writing articles to article market.

So what is Profit Bank?

profit Bank is a shell. I say that it’s a shell because it is not a real system that will earn you money on autopilot as it is advertised to do. Yes, you will get a website template and hosting but for the $17.00 monthly charge you could purchase that on your own and save a few bucks. The Review template (web site) is premade, and if you are familiar with how Google rankings work then you understand how this is a major problem and will not help you to generate any sort of income. Google will find any like pages and punish any pages with duplicate or similar content so that they do not rank, and a page that does not rank does not get traffic which will eventually lead to no sales.

Everything else inside of Profit Bank is an up-sell, besides a few eBooks that are free anyway. Once inside of Profit Bank you will notice that every addition has a price tag and is locked until you spend more and more money.

PROS and CONS of Profit Bank by Millionaire Society


  • I like the pre-made review template layout, Although I would not use it with prepopulated content.
  • offers a 60-day money back guarantee, but with it being promoted through Click Bank they have their own refund policy so a refund should be very simple to obtain


  • Up-sells
  • False Earning claims
  • The claims of Auto-Pilot is not factual
  • Multiple untrue statements in video
  • Marketing to friends and family expected and encouraged

Who is Profit Bank by Millionaire Society for?

People looking for get rich quick type of programs.

Tools and Training for Profit Bank by Millionaire Society

There is some video training and I guess you could call the template itself a tool.

Support for Profit Bank

You can fill out a support form if you have any questions or issues

The Price Of Profit Bank by Millionaire Society

24.95 a month.

Profit Bank 24.95 price
Profit Bank 24.95 price

then a down-sell if you try to leave the web page that offers the same product for $17.00.

Profit bank 30 percent discount
Profit bank 30 percent discount

My final opinion of Profit Bank by Millionaire Society

My final opinion? Well, let’s start off with I hate being lied to. If you are offering a product for purchase, at the very least have it perform as advertised. I was informed that this would be an Auto- pilot system, which it is not. I was told that I could make $1,099.20 a day, which I highly doubt after calculating Thomas Blacks own figures!  I was also told that I would not need to purchase anything else in addition to Profit Bank which I found to be false as well!

Profit Bank is not at all what it is advertised to be, it is full of additional up-sells and gimmicks. Could money be made with Profit Bank? Maybe so, but I would have a hard time believing it would ever be substantial and for any lengthy amount of time.

Tired of chasing your tail with these types of gimmicks and schemer’s? Then I invite you to take a look at my #1 recommendation Wealthy Affiliate! Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to take an idea of your very own (Hobby, Interest or passion) and turn that into a full time online business of your very own, in which you own and run yourself! Free members get 2 free websites, free hosting and free training, check it out for free today. (No Credit Cards are required to try out the free membership and gain access to your freebies)

Check out the comparison table below and see how Profit Bank stacks up against Wealthy Affiliate and then try Wealthy Affiliate for yourself and find out why!

Profit Bank by Millionaire Society At A Glance….

Name: Profit Bank by Millionaire Societies
Price:$24.95 with a down-sell to $17.00
Owner: Thomas Black and Mack Michaels
Overall Rank: 3/10


Straight Up Scam!


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