Jaaxy Free Keyword Search Tool

Jaaxy Free Keyword Search Tool

Have you been one of those keyword researchers drudging through your keyword research with the Google keyword planner? Have you been wasting countless hours compiling your keyword data

Jaaxy Free Keyword Search Tool
Jaaxy Free Keyword Search Tool

wishing there was a better tool or an easier way?

Well stop wasting valuable time, time you could be using to create more content for your website. Time you could be using to spend with your family or to help get your pages ranking better. Stop wasting time on tedious Keyword research!

A new tool has surfaced that makes Keyword research a breeze, and saves countless hours performing keyword research. Don’t continue using those out dated tools, that take hours upon hours of your free time.

Check out Jaaxy for free today! Go ahead give it a spin for 100% free.



What makes Jaaxy so powerful?

Jaaxy free keyword tool breaks down each category in easy to view and comprehend categories. This makes keyword research a breeze compared to the long drawn out process of some other tools available.

  • Keyword search – You can use short tail (Jaaxy) or long tail keywords (Whats the best keyword tool online.)
  • Avg – This is where you will find the search per month data. How many times the specific keyword entered was searched for each month.
  • Traffic – This is how many visits you can expect if you page ranks on the first page within search engines for this specific keyword.
  • QSR – Quoted Search Results – This is the number of all competing websites that have been ranked within Google for this exact keyword or keyword phrase.
  • Keyword Quality Indicator – This is a visual tool that will tell you if a keyword is worth going after. Green means it is a good keyword to go after, Red means to generally stay away, Yellow means it’s neither a good or bad keyword to shoot for and that it’s a an okay keyword to target.
  • SEO – A score based on rankings of pages and the competition of pages. The higher the score in this category the easier and more likely it will be to rank on the first page of Google for this keyword.

There is also a related category that gives other keyword combinations related to your original keyword search. (This is a massive time saver)


Other Features not included in the free version of Jaaxy

  • Domain category – this is not included in the free version but can be accessed if you have one of the pay versions. The domain version gives all the domain names on the web that have pages related to this keyword. (Spy on the competition)
  • BrainStorm Category – A list of keywords that will help you get that exact targeted keyword or keywords that you are looking for with the metrics you want.


As you can see Jaaxy is a quick view type of tool that is sure to not only enhance your keyword research, but help make it less of a chore.


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About Damon

4 thoughts on “Jaaxy Free Keyword Search Tool”

  1. I love the Free Jaaxy tool, but with limited searches the Pro version is well worth the cost. I would suggest people try out Jaaxy by using the free version, and then if you like upgrade to the paid pro version. I can’t really see a point going above pro unless you just have ton’s of money to throw away, just my opinion!

  2. So I read your review and tried the Jaaxy free keyword tool, and after trying it I wanted to come back here and thank you for showing me this product. Jaaxy is simply amazing! I had to buy the Pro version but for only 19 bucks it will save me more than a few hours a month of keyword research when it comes to my blog’s research. Great article about a great tool that I didn’t even know existed!

  3. Jaaxy is a great tool Dave! I have used nothing but Jaaxy since I discovered it myself. I have looked around at a few other keyword research tools, but none of them perform as quick and easy as Jaaxy does! Until I find something better, Jaaxy is my keyword tool of choice!

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