Legitimate Home Based Business Ideas

Legitimate Home Based Business Ideas

Looking for Legitimate Home Based Business Ideas?

There are a lot of home based business ideas floating around out on the internet today. Some are good, but the majority of them are scam’s or bogus get rich schemes promising to make you X amount of dollars for little or no work! Sadly when most people look for home business idea’s on the web, there are so many schemes out there that it seems like everyone is just out to get into your pocket. I am sure this sounds familiar to you, if you have been looking around online for idea’s for any length of time.


So how do I start my own home business, and not get screwed over?

They answer to this question is a simple one, but not an easy one unfortunately!

Find something that actually WORKS!

So, what works?

The majority of websites online today that ACTUALLY make money online are part of something called Affiliate Programs!


What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program is when you place a product or service on your own website for someone else, and you get paid every time someone purchases these products or services.

Let me give you and example.

Let’s start with a site that everyone in the world either knows about or has shopped at, and that’s Amazon. com.

Amazon offers nearly any product that you can imagine and is open 24/7 365!

Amazon also offers, you guessed it an affiliate program called amazon associates.

Amazon’s affiliate program allows you to take any product listed on their website and link it to your very own website in order to promote it. Not only will you get a percentage of the sale if someone clicks on the link from your site, but you will also get a percentage of any other purchase for any other product made by that person for the next 24 hours. So if they click on your link,  then check back into Amazon later this afternoon you will still get paid for the referral no matter what they choose to purchase.

The Amazon money can add up quick, too. especially if the things you promote are in the higher end of the cost spectrum.

I try to stay around at least the $100.00 mark when I add products to my website. Those can be things such as Kindle’s, cell phones, toy’s, you get the point.

How do I become an affiliate or learn what to do next?

I first learned about affiliate programs when I seen a YouTube video that was explaining what it was, and how it could be used to make money online.

After watching the video I took to the web searching for way’s to better understand how to get started in affiliate marketing.

And let me tell you there is defiantly NO shortage on people trying to sell you way’s on how to get started as an affiliate.

There are 1000’s of pages of training program’s on google, there are even people offering to set up websites on your behalf to make you money. Not really sure how setting up a website on someones behalf would work exactly, and why they would not just set it up for themselves, but anyway. But as you can probably tell, there are some shysters out there looking to get rich teaching you these methods.


What websites have good training and what programs are trust-able?

I tried a few different training products when I started learning, and I don’t want to say they didn’t work because I did learn some method’s from them. But it seemed like they always left me hanging at some point or another. Either there would be some sort of tiered membership, that would require me to upgrade (for a cost)over and over in order to get help learning from the program I had already purchased. Or, they would train you how to do things with some type of software, then go onto tell you how you can get this software (for a cost). There was always some other way to get my money, it never ended.

That’s when I found Wealthy Affiliates!

After all the crap I had been through previously with other training programs, to say I was skeptical at first would be a major understatement! But Wealthy Affiliates offers a free starter membership that allows you to try this program before you put any money up, that did peak my interest some.

I like these sort of programs because they allow me to test drive what they are doing FIRST! Which normally means either they have a product they stand behind, or they are just after your email address so that they can harass you and try to sell you some BS thing you don’t need!

Either way I signed up for the free starter membership.

Let me tell you about what is offered with a the free starter membership..

A starter membership is a free 7 day trial with an option to upgrade to a premium membership within the first 7 day’s for a 59% price reduction that will cost you $19.00.

Within the starter membership time you have access to two different training paths with about ten training video’s each. These video’s will teach you how to set up a website and create an affiliate type of online business.

You get two free websites that Wealthy Affiliate will guide you through how to set them up and configure them.

You get free hosting for the two free websites.

You also get access to the community and the ability to ask questions within the community while in the starter membership program.

Wealthy Affiliates claim that a program of this magnitude can not be found anywhere else on the web!

I would have to agree with them on this. I have been a member with numerous different programs on the web trying to learn how to make money online. Some of these other programs do offer some of the things that Wealthy Affiliates does, but no other program has all that Wealthy Affiliates has. No other program I have found offers a one price for all material program like Wealthy Affiliates. No other program offers a large community of like minded people like Wealthy Affiliates does. No other program has given me free websites and hosting to get started, much less teach me how to set them up correctly!

Two years later I am still a premium member at wealthy affiliates, why did I stay so long? Because it works! Because they are constantly adding training to the site, have live workshop’s and because even though I know a thing or two about what I am doing, I still have day’s I need a little help.


Home Business Idea? Sell other peoples stuff like all the other online stores do! Become an affiliate, and check out Wealthy Affiliate!

Click on the link shown below to get started today!





I would love to hear from you!

If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback then please leave them below and I promise I will get back to you.

Have a great day!











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  2. Thank you AOI. I appreciate the kind words and thanks for sharing Howtoearnalivingusingtheinternet.com out to your social Networks…

  3. I would love to know more about other ways to earn a living using the internet, and how to make money online. Do you have other options for this to be true? I have been out of work for some time and I am looking for a chance like this, to turn my life around.

  4. Heya Joluca It’s nice to see you found my website and that you are interested in finding your way to some sort of financial freedom. Check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review, this is currently the top rated program on my site. There are some other good programs under the Legit tab at the top of the home page.

    If you need anything else let me know and I will help all that I can 🙂

  5. Online stores do sell other people stuff so why couldn’t I do that too and make money? I never thought about it like that.

  6. Hi, Isabella. You can do just that! Every website that you find online is either offering information or offering up other people’s products.

    If your interested in learning how to get started check out my Wealthy Affiliate review, you can find all the training and help you will ever need to get started and get off the ground.

  7. I agree affiliate marketing is one of the best way’s to earn money online. There are some alternatives to affiliate marketing that do pretty well too though. In my opinion, a good mix of all opportunities is what really makes the difference.

  8. Hey, thanks for stopping by and sharing Franklin. I agree somewhat, for a new person getting into online money making affiliate marketing is by far the easiest to break into and understand. Get that down first, then move on and add additional income options.

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