Make Money From Home Lions Club Review

Make Money from home lions club

Make Money From Home Lions Club Review

Make Money From Home Lions Club Review
Make Money From Home Lions Club Review

Name:  Make Money From Home Lions Club
Price: Free (Kinda Sorta)
Owners: Mike Omar
Overall Rank: 3/10



The Product: Make Money From Home Lions Club

Make money from Home Lions Club is a training program that is geared towards the creation of starting your own home based business via the internet. The idea of this program is to have the student (you) create a website, in which he walks you through how to establish and configure the website.

The next step is to search for keywords and build a website off of these keywords. Then you are to create content (web pages and posts) on your website in order to drive traffic. The next step is to monetize the website with affiliate program such as Amazon affiliates and Google ad-sense as well as some other basic affiliate suggestions.


The PROS and CONS for Make Money From Home Lions Club


  • The training video product itself is completely free on multiple platforms
  • Guided training that is somewhat easy to follow if you have an idea of what you are doing
  • touches on a few affiliate options available


  • Even though I did like the video training (There was just to many spot’s within the video training that I felt lost and had to re-watch the videos over and over and try to decipher on my own, what to do next)
  • Not much support when you get stuck on something (There is a comments portion on Udemy and on the website itself, but it is hard to follow the responses and they are kind of indirect to the questions at times. That is if your question is answered at all)
  • Mike uses a boat load of tools during his video training (Almost every tool he uses has a fee that is associated with them.) He does offer links to all of these products via his own website (I am sure with an associated affiliated link). Most products he offers on his website are good quality products though, and he never pushes the product as a you must get this, he will tell you about how it can help with the task at hand.


Who is the Make Money from Home Lions Club product for?

This product is targeted at virtually everyone that has a computer to use and wants to learn how to start an online business. Although it is targeted at everyone I think most beginners will have some sort of difficulty following the training at times and may become confused.


Make Money from Home Lions Club Tools and Training

You can watch the training videos on multiple platforms; Udemy, you tube or at The makemoneyfromhomelionsclub website itself. There are some free to use tools that the training touches on, but majority of them have some sort of cost or yearly fee that is associated with them. The lack of a true communication tool other than a comments section I believe really hurts this program and it could really benefit from adding one.

Make Money From Home Lions Club Support

You can post a comment and Mike tries to get back to you in a timely manner. A small part of the community is helpful within the comments sections of each platform. Don’t hold your breathe waiting for a reply from Mike or the Community though, it could be next week before your question is answered.


The Price of Make Money From Home Lions Club

The training video’s are absolutely 100% free, there is no up-charge for the training at all. Almost every single other thing (tools mainly) has some sort of up charge. Oh the comments within the community are free too, for what that’s worth. You might be better off goggling your own answers and hoping for the best.


My Final Opinion On Make Money From Home Lions Club

Make Money From Home Lions Club is exciting at first if you have never made your own website before. It will guide you through that process pretty well, and Mike is somewhat detailed on what does what within WordPress. Once you get deeper into other training modules though, some of them have not been updated recently and you will become lost very quickly since your screens wont look anything like his. This makes a few of the videos difficult to follow and understand. Mike uses a lot of tools through some of the video’s and even though I did not add up the cost but I am sure if you had purchased each one of them, then you would be out roughly $500-$1,000.

In closing, I think that some people could make money from this system. You will need a medium sized investment to purchase tools and you will need to figure a lot of stuff out on your own, but it could possibly work. Will you be making $5,000 a day like the training claims? I am not so sure about that, at least not anytime in the near future anyway.


Make Money From Home Lions Club at a Glance….

Name: make money from Home Lions Club
Owner: Mike Omar
Price: Free (The training is free)
Over all Rank: 3/10

VERDICT: Not Legit  (There are too Just many EXTRA tools to buy that can cost hundreds of dollars, throughout the training modules. Although the training video’s are the best part about this program and they do offer some valuable content, there are just to many instances in which Mike is using a software tool that is an older version and looks nothing like what you will be able to download and use yourself and this can cause confusion. The lack of community interaction other than a comments section, is a major draw back to this program)


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If you are a current member of MakeMoneyFromHomeLionsClub and had a positive or negative experience, please leave your feed back below. Also if you have any questions about this review or have another program that you would like me to review, then please leave those suggestions below.

This Product was reviewed and submitted by Damon, of

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68 thoughts on “Make Money From Home Lions Club Review”

  1. I have taken the courses by Mike Omar in the make money from home Lions Club that you reviewed here. I found his courses pretty interesting and he taught me a lot for free. The only thing I did not like about his courses was when I needed help I was kind of lost with no one to help me.

    He did teach me how to create a website, and he was able to guide me step by step. I learned how to perform keyword research through this course too. I could not afford some tools he used in the training so that was the point in which I gave up on How to make money from home lions club.

  2. Buda, I know exactly what you mean! Over all, I liked the Make Money from home Lions club course too.

    I also found the tools to be out of my price range, there was just to many of them needed to compete with his training. The training minus the tools cost though, was pretty dag on good! I actually started with this training, and after not being able to afford the tools I moved over to Wealthy Affiliate. If you have a chance you should check them out if you have not moved onto another program already.

    There are some other legit training programs here on this site as well. feel free to look around and let me know what you think of some of the other one’s if you give them a try.

  3. Many people want to make money at home and they want to find a work at home job to do it with. Ultimately what happens is they become frustrated as they search from website to website looking for the right job. This brings up the question, why are work at home jobs so hard to find? In this article we will take an honest look at this problem.

    1. First of all you should know that most of the opportunities to work at home are not actually paid jobs. This is true because most employers do not know you and have no control over the work environment when you do it from the comfort of your own home.

    If you realistically think about this, why would someone pay you an hourly rate when they do not know if you are really working or not? Therefore many of the opportunities to work at home are actually in the form of business opportunities where you work for yourself.

    2. There really are some companies looking for people to work from home. This phenomenon is known as telecommuting and does provide an opportunity for people with legitimate skills to get paid working from home.

    This benefits both the company and the worker because the business does not need to provide a space for you to work from, and as an employee you do not have to get up and drive to work every day.

    Many companies now will offer work at home jobs that include an hourly rate and benefits. These benefits can include paid vacation, retirement plan, and health insurance.

    3. Another thing I want to talk about is websites that present themselves as work at home jobs doing data entry, taking paid surveys, and typing at home. Generally these websites are trying to sell you information on how to get involved in this type of work.

    There are companies who will pay you for your opinion, or to do data entry and typing. The websites that are selling you the information deserve to be paid because they have taken the time to develop a list of companies for you to contact.

    In the future work at home jobs will become more readily available. Until that point you need to be conscious and only deal with reputable companies before spending any of your hard earned money.

  4. Thank you skyiarserna, those are some great observations. Most people that want to work at home want to do so for themselves, not everyone bu most. These are generally the people that no longer want to make other people rich, by spending all their time and effort working for someone else.

    There is also no need to pay for survey lists or data entry lists since most people are more than capable of locating these lists on their own.

    Let’s look at Fiver for a moment, you can work with fiverr but you are ultimately working for yourself at the same time. It just goes to show that there are opportunities out there, you just gotta find them is all.

    That is what we do here at, We find out what works and what does not! Then we let everyone know so that we can all learn how to work at home, or what program or product is best for us.

    I appreciate your detailed comment though, and I think you make some fabulous points 🙂

  5. Make Money from home lions club is a great program that is 100% free. I have learned so much from this program and I am a complete noob. you should move this to the legit program review section.

  6. I have done the make money from home lion’s club Udemy program. It has taught me many thing’s, I am sort of new to making web pages. Your review is good for this program, I believe he pitches many tool’s I also can not afford. I tank you for the review here

  7. Yeah it is a good place to start LOpa, not a bad program but not a great one either. Pretty decent for completely free, lacking in help and free tool’s.

  8. Thanks Adam, I would love to move this to the legit reviews. The only reason I don’t is simply the fact that the MAKE MONEY FROM HOME LIONS CLUB program upsells to many additional products so to follow along it ends up not being free. Otherwise I like the program and the training

  9. Great review on Make money from home lions club, I started with this program too and have since moved over to site build it. You point out all the pros and cons that one can expect from this program.

  10. Howdy! I could have sworn I’ve been to this site before but after browsing
    through some of the post I realized it’s new to me.

    Anyhow, I’m definitely glad I found it and I’ll be book-marking and
    checking back often!

  11. Awe, why thank you Mac!

    I will be updating the content of the site over the next few weeks so there should be more to read next time you stop by.

  12. I want to to thank you for this wonderful read!!
    I absolutely loved every little bit of it. I have got you book marked to check out new
    things you post…

  13. Make Money from home lions club is a decent place to start your online marketing learning, mainly because majority of it is free.

  14. I would not disagree with you there Temple. Make money from home lions club is a good place to get your feet wet for free.

  15. Howdy, I do believe your blog might be having browser compatibility issues.
    Whenever I take a look at your website in Safari,
    it looks fine however, when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping issues.

    I just wanted to provide you with a quick heads up! Besides that, wonderful website!

  16. Mike Omar does a pretty good job with the Make Money from home Lions club series! The fact that all of the training he offer’s is free too is definitely a reason for people to check this out! I found Make Money from Home Lions Club when I first started learning about making money online a little over a year ago, most of his video’s are on youtube.

    I would agree with you about some of the tools that he uses does make the training hard to follow if you don’t have money to purchase the same tools. But, I would also like to say that the training is good otherwise!

    Great Article about Mike’s training though, you covered it pretty darn well!

  17. Hey Sterling, thanks for leaving me a comment.

    Unfortunately, I have checked the compatibility of in IE 8, IE 9, IE 10 and IE 11 and everything appears fine and as it should. The issue may be a setting within your own IE browser settings that may be causing you these visual issues.

  18. Thanks for the comment Habiba! It’s always a nice when people stop by and agree that the review is covered well. I like the Make Money From Home Lions Club program too, I just could not afford all of the tools at the time of my training with Mike’s program! I also agree that he does a pretty good job otherwise, some things are a bit dated like some of the tools but otherwise not a bad place to get started with some free learning material at all!

  19. This is a good review of Make Money From Home Lions Club. I think you covered the program very well.

  20. Make Money from home lions club is a good program that is completely free! You will learn some basic affiliate marketing and is a great deal for being as I said earlier FREE!

  21. I tried the make money from home program and left after the first tool was introduced and it was gonna cost me a couple hundred dollars a year! No thanks. Good honest review here buddy, way to spell it out for others.

  22. Thanks, Kevin.

    I agree that it’s not a bad program for being free and most people starting out with affiliate marketing will find some value with the Make money from home program by Mike Omar. What this program is not though is a one size fits all program, there are multiple tools Mike uses that you will need to buy or search high and low in order to find some kind of alternative and when someone is new, having a different tool than what is being used with the instructional video’s can be just a little hard!

  23. Thank you, Razor! I could not afford the tools either, I did try to find alternatives but after a while it was just too much when trying to decipher between what he was doing with one tool and trying to follow along using a free or cheaper tool of my own.

  24. I have used the Mike Omar course on Udemy and watched a few on Youtube, my only complaint was the length of the video’s.

    I wish that Mike would have broken them down into 10-minute fragments, I had to rewind the video over and over and constantly stop the video’s (pause) this was very annoying.

    Otherwise, Mike does a good job, I was able to purchase all the tools he used and the training was great for me other than the video length.

  25. I started Make Money From home Lions club and I am half way through the training, I got kind of lost and started looking up reviews to see if this program is legit or not and stumbled across this review. I noticed you mentioned at the bottom Not Legit because of the tools, the tools is what is making this hard to follow course for me. The problem is I don’t have these toolsI can’t afford market samurai, what other tools can I use?

  26. I agree with Nate, Make Money From Home Lions Club offer’s no help if you get stuck. There is nowhere to turn for help and if you ask a question, it never gets answered!

  27. With Make Money from Home Lions club I really hated it when I would get stuck on a problem, I had nowhere to turn, no one to ask for answers. Mike has a forum on Udemy, but who wants to wait a month for an answer. I finally gave up on learning with make money from home program, it was to hard to learn from.

  28. I love that Mike gives away this training for 100% free and I think that should be more of a factor in your review. Oh, and Make Money from Home Lions Club should get a legit score at the very least, some of these other programs don’t offer half of what Mike does for free!

  29. I completed this program and found it to be pretty good for being free. Even after finishing the training though, I still feel as though I need to learn more but have no more video’s or training to complete. what now?

  30. Hey, Nate. I know just where you’re coming from when you need help with a question and no one is there to answer you. There really is no worse feeling, that will make anyone want to give up trying to learn something new.

    Nate if your still looking for a way to make money online that offers new folks help in a timely manner check out #1 recommended Wealthy Affiliate program. I am sure you will find what you’re looking for here, it’s free to try out, so don’t worry about having to pay anything up front.

  31. I could imagine the course is much easier to follow with using the same tools as Mike had, Keya. I just could not afford that many, when I started I was like okay I can afford this, I can afford this and before I knew it Mike was introducing tool after tool after tool /sigh! I could not keep up with buying or substituting them all.

    I agree about the video length’s too, good point and thanks for sharing it. Some of the video’s in the Make Money From Home Lions Club series are 30-minutes plus, which makes it hard to follow along with training you may not fully understand as Keya stated.

  32. Okay?!?

    You consider it Great compared to what exactly? Having been involved with and tested almost 50 different programs at this point, I can honestly say that for free Mike’s program is at best “Decent!”

  33. I know exactly where you are coming from Annie.

    My best advice for you Annie, if you’re trying to follow along with the Make Money from Home Lions Club program, would be to contact Mike. Try either his Youtube Channel, Udemy or his website if those channels are open for discussion.

    If you are just looking for a Market Samurai alternative for your keyword research then check out my post How To Rank Any Website – The Secret Is In the Keywords you may find some helpful tip’s there. Another alternative for Market Samurai would be my top rated keyword research tool Jaaxy you can read the review and try it out for free to take it for a test drive so to speak.

    If the Make Money From Home Lions club is just getting out of hand with the tools that you’re expected to buy then check out Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is similar to Mike’s Program in a few ways just a lot more detailed and structured! Oh and let me not forget to mention; it’s also free to check out.

    If you need anything or if I can be of any help just let me know 🙂

  34. That does suck, it’s definitely difficult to learn on your own via video’s alone, much less with not getting your questions answered when you need help.

    If your looking for some guided training Farra, check out my #1 recommended training program Wealthy Affiliate. They have an amazing community, read the review and try it out for free. It may be the piece to the puzzle that you’re looking for! It’s free to try by the way.

  35. Thanks for the comment Michael. I can tell that you really like the Make Money from Home Lions club training.

    Unfortunately, because of the Up-sell of all the tools (and there are a lot), the lack of support (which has been confirmed from other user’s in the comment are here) and having to decipher some of the video content solo this program will remain at its current rating and remain a Straight Up Scam. If things change in the future I will gladly re-evaluate the program and raise or lower the score and change the rating!

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing you experience with Make Money from Home Lions Club with us though, it’s always good to hear from both sides.

  36. That is most certainly one of the drawbacks to Make Money from home lions club.

    Check out Wealthy Affiliate to get more training and to take your websites to the next level, you still have tons to learn after The Lions Club course!

  37. Hello! I could have sworn I’ve visited this website before but after going through a few of the articles I realized it’s new to me.

    Anyhow, I’m certainly happy I stumbled upon it and
    I’ll be book-marking it and checking back regularly!

  38. I have read a few of your reviews, and I think you give a fair and honest review in everything I have read so far. Thank you for showing us all of these possibilities.

  39. I agree with Michael Ware and his comment. Mike Omar gives away everything 100% free and the review should reflect this and get his rating up from a 3. Some of the programs in the Legit category that have lower ranks are pay for programs, what gives?

  40. You should take part in a contest for one of the finest sites
    on the net. I will highly recommend this blog!

  41. I think that Mike from Make Money From Home Lions Club does an amazing job at describing how to do keyword research. He even describes how to braek it down into Excel sheets and how to backlink the Keywords themselves. You can’t honestly say that those are not great tips.

  42. There is no engagement within the forums really, just a question and answer session if you’re lucky enough to get something answered. Support for Make Money At Home Lions Club stinks! Even if it’s free!

    You heard it here first!

  43. Heya, Summer. I remember replying to you on one of my other reviews so I know you have read some of them.

    I hope most people at least can see the sincerity in my reviews. I am only out to help folks find the right program for them.

  44. Thanks for the comment King Decosta! Make Money From Home Lions Club is not in the scam section because the program is free and some of the program is very helpful. I decided to not place it into the Legit program because of the number of tools Mike tries to upsell throughout the training.

    The programs that are in the legit category have been placed there because they are proven ways to make some sort of income online, the rankings are based off of the ranking system and should only be looked at as a guide and not an indefinite answer to what works and what does not. The verdicts portion that states if a program is Legit, Not Legit and Not a Scam or Straight up Scam should be the ultimate deciding factor.

  45. I was able to buy the majority of the tools that Mike suggested, even though I may have deviated from what he suggested from time to time. I was also able to follow the training and have since created 8 of my own websites 4 of which are making me a few hundred dollars a month. I meant a few hundred a month total, by no means am I ready to quit my day job, but with the Make Money From Home Program you can make money online, and the training is pretty good.

    However, I can see how some people give up if they can’t follow along or keep up with the tools that Mike uses. All and all I am out close to $500.00 in tools alone.

  46. Hi, Dwight. Thanks for the comment. No, I do agree that Mike’s Keyword research portion of training is extensive. It can be a little confusing as he goes through the training though, due to lack off all the tools and he does not use google keyword planner in the video’s but knows that what you will be using.

  47. lol! thanks, Tonya.

    Great Support is never expected from free training platforms, although some support should be visible. At least answering questions would be expected.

  48. Good Job, Earnestine! It’s always refreshing to hear success stories if a few sites are making money just keep at it and you will have more success’s to talk about in the near future.

    I can see how Mike’s program could make money, the tools he uses during training though! If he was just to find some alternates for the training portions I think more people would follow him.

  49. Thanks , I have recently been looking for info about this topic
    for a while and yours is the most honest I have discovered so far.

  50. I find it hard to believe Earnestine purchased all the tools that Mike Suggested for around $500.00! I was unable to continue with the Make Money From Home Lions Club classes due to all the extra expenses following along costed. aka “tools”

  51. This design is spectacular! You definitely know how to keep a reader entertained.
    Between your wit and your explanation of the Make Money From Home program, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well,
    almost…HaHa!) Fantastic job. I really loved reading what
    you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it.
    Too cool!

  52. Great Review of Make Money From Home Lions Club! I have tried the program and can vouch for every piece of information stated in this article pertaining to that program.

    Keep up the good work

  53. Hello there! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be okay.
    I’m undoubtedly enjoying your blog and look forward to
    new updates.

  54. Hi, Harlan.

    Earnestine said she deviated from wat Mike suggested, so maybe that’s how she did it. I would think with enough bargain shopping for alternate tools $500.00 may be doable. Then again, that kind of puts you in the same boat of not following along with the right equipment or tools.

  55. Hello, Violette and thank you. I do try my very best, well as long as the coffee doesn’t run out…..

    lol 🙂

  56. You have covered this program very well, and this is a great review of the Making Money From Home Program. Thanks for sharing with everyone.

  57. Great blog here! Also, your site loads up very fast! What host
    are you using? Can I get your affiliate link to your host?
    I wish my website loaded up as fast as yours lol.

  58. Hello, Eve. Try the links located at the top of the page, you can connect to me through any social media via those links.

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