Make Money Online Scams – Pizza Boy Millionaire Review

Pizza Boy Millionaire Review

Make Money Online Scams – Pizza Boy Millionaire Review

Pizza Boy Millionaire Review
Pizza Boy Millionaire Review

Name:  Pizza Boy Millionaire
Owner: Chris Campbell
Price: Free trial, $25.00 start up fee (Expect Up-sells)
Overall Ranking: 1/10


Pizza Boy Millionaire Product Overview

In this Pizza Boy Millionaire review, we are going to take a look at just what this program has to offer, and how it works exactly.

We will also come to a conclusion if the Pizza Boy Millionaire program is a legit way to earn a living online or if it’s just another one of those “make money online scams.”

So what is Pizza Boy millionaire and how does the program work?

Chris Campbell that run’s Pizza Boy Millionaire is nothing more than an affiliate. What he is doing, is marketing to you a product he is involved with called the Empower Network for a commission.

Marketing products like this are scattered all over the internet these day’s. Keep in mind though that not all of these products are bad ones and that there are some very good marketing products out there that allow you to earn a good living from the comfort of your own home.

So how do we know if this is one of the good or one of the bad programs?

Well, let’s take a peek inside shall we?

So with the $25 dollars you paid up front was to become a member of the Empower Network. You did not sign up to become a member of the Pizza Boy Millionaire because it does not really exist by itself.

So let’s say that you did sign up, Chris as your referrer now get’s a portion of anything you paid to sign up and will get a portion of anything else you buy from here on out. Chris will also get a portion from anyone you promote and it goes down the line so on and so on.

As you can probably see this is a pyramid scheme, the idea is to earn off of your referrals and then off of your referrals, referrals. Does it sound fun yet?

The upside they boast about with this system is the 100% commission you can receive from your referrals. What they don’t tell you is that you can expect to spend around $5,000.00 in order to obtain that type of commission. These are the up-sells, we spoke about earlier. They get you in and then try to sell you add-on after add-on, to help you earn money.


PROS and CONS of Pizza Boy Millionaire


  • They do an overall good job with promotions, the video is very enticing and Chris states he is Promoting the Empower Network right from the start.
  • Money could be made with them although it will be highly unethical in my opinion
  • You will get your own Blog


  • Not really a program itself, just an affiliate promoting the Empower Network
  • Pyramid scheme
  • Not clear description of what the business will entail
  • You will need to pay $20.00 just to take the money you have made from this system
  • The Blog’s given out by Empower Network do not rank well in Google, the Empower Network itself does not even Rank on the first page of Google for their very own name.
Pizza Boy Millionaire Chris Campbell
Pizza Boy Millionaire Chris Campbell

Tools And Training for Pizza Boy Millionaire

You are not really signing up for a program with Pizza Boy Millionaire other than to be referred to the Empower Network So, the majority of any or all tools and training will be run primarily by the Empower Network and not Pizza Boy.

Pizza Boy Millionaire Scam
Pizza Boy Millionaire Scam


Pizza Boy Millionaire Support

Chris will act as a mentor simply because he wants you to stick around and buy more of the up-sells that Empower Network offers.


The Price of Pizza Boy Millionaire

Getting started will only cost $25.00 which is very low for most training systems these day’s. However, you can expect to pay a lot more once you get going from hundreds to even thousands of dollars for Up-Sells.


My Final Opinion of Pizza Boy Millionaire

The Empower Network itself in my opinion is a scam. With that being said, I would never recommend any program associated with the Empower Network including Pizza Boy Millionaire.


Take a look at just how Pizza Boy Millionaire stacks up against one of my top rated rated Money Making Systems that offer’s free training, free website x2, free hosting and much much more.




Pizza Boy Millionaire at a Glance…..

Name:  Pizza Boy Millionaire
Owner: Chris Campbell
Price: Free trial, $25.00 start up fee (Expect Up-sells)
Overall Ranking: 1/10


The simple fact they never really tell you upfront what you are signing up for or what is entailed in the program from the beginning is just the start of things to come. Think about it, you’re signing up for a program you really know nothing about. They don’t really give any details for you to even have a choice of making an honest decision.

Some people may make money with this system, but I can guarantee you that it is far and few between. That is if anyone even makes anything other than the major players in this system. You know the one’s, they are the one’s located at the “TOP of the PYRAMID!”


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24 thoughts on “Make Money Online Scams – Pizza Boy Millionaire Review”

  1. This review is on point, do not get into the Pizza Boy Millionaire scheme. You can get into the system with little money, but the amount you need to put back in grows exponentially over time. If you are thinking of joining Pizza Boy, run in the other direction now.

    Good Review by the way.

  2. Really good post, straight to the point. It’s really good when someone tries to help like you, that people try to avoid a scam.

  3. I have never heard of this one, but I have heard of Empower Network that you mentioned. I am very skeptical of pyramid schemes. I avoid them like I would avoid the plague. Thank you for the review of Pizza boy millionaire, I will be sure to avoid it.

  4. I’d never heard of Pizza Boy Millionaire before coming here, but it definitely looks like one to be avoided. I have to agree though, Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the best place to learn how to build a solid online income. I’ve found the lessons and support to be phenomenal!

  5. No Problem Marc. I like exposing these scams for what they really are, and nothing makes me happier than being able to show someone a scam site before they have a chance to purchase anything from them 🙂

  6. Hey Marcus, thanks for stopping by. Pizza Boy Millionaire is just another scam to get your money, just another one to be avoided or run away from. There are so many of these out on the web nowadays it’s absolutely littered with them.

    By the way, it’s nice to meet a fellow Wealthy Affiliate member 🙂

  7. I have had a bad experience with Pizza Boy Millionaire and the Empower Network, these guy’s are scammers. They not only want you to buy more and more they are very pushy and are always barking at you to GO ALL IN! Going All In is buying the upgrade packages, if you don’t they won’t help you much and are sort of belittling. Just my 2 cent, great review

  8. Shahan, you know I have heard those same complaints before. I hate pushy people, much less people expecting me to buy thousands of dollars worth of their products. Check out Wealthy Affiliate if you are looking for a laid back learn at your own pace way to make money online, a lot of freebies too 🙂

  9. So, you are telling me I would have needed to pay Pizza Boy Millionaire $25.00 to start a system that is not even his?

    I pay Pizza Boy Millionaire $25.00 bucks, then he refers me to Empower Network to pay a membership fee with them aswell? Is this accurate? If so, I am in awe! How people can be this greedy trying to get over on others.

  10. Yes, you have it exactly right Charlie.

    You would pay Pizza Boy Millionaire, then he would be referring you to the Empower Network so you can pay them too. He is not the only one doing this there are ton’s of scams going on that are associated with the Empower network like this. You can read more on the Empower Network here. And if you are interested in some other scams similar promoting the Empower network I just did another review on another system called Prosperity Formula that can be found here.

  11. There are have so Many Online Job Platform as “Odesk” “Freelancer” “Fiverr” “Elance” Etc. Everyone Can Try it to get Online Job.

  12. I agree there are many options out there when looking for a way to work from home. I have done a Fiverr Review, but I have not reviewed some of the other options that you mentioned. Thanks for the heads-up Arif on some of those other sites, I will look into them for sure.

  13. This Review is great! Pizza Boy Millionaire is nothing but a cover recruiter for the Empower Network. People need to stay away from anything related to the Empower network they do nothing but rip people off!

  14. Thanks Trevor for your insight on Pizza Boy Millionaire, I think the majority of people that have either looked at this system or had been a part of it in the past would definitely agree with your comment.

  15. Pizza Boy Millionaire and The Empower Network sound like two scams I will be sure to stay away from. Thanks for the review

  16. I would stay far, far away from both of them Megan, nothing good can come out of getting involved with these scams.

  17. PizzaBoy Millionaire at least is honest about what he is doing. He does state that he is promoting Empower Network right from the beginning, I tried Pizza Boy Millionaire and it was not for me. With this review, you are bound to save some people some cash for sure.

  18. Hi, Victoria! That is ultimately my goal! To save people money and time!

    Hopefully, you were able to get out of Pizza Boy millionaire before you spent too much money.

  19. So if I join Pizza Boy Millionaire am I joining the Empower Network? Sorry, but I am a little confused!

  20. Yes, Emily. You will be part of the Pizza Boy Millionaire team that is ultimately selling the Empower Network plan!

    So think of it as double payment 🙁

    Empower Network runs via teams and some teams charge an entrance fee to become part of that team, even though they may or may not be profitable with Empower Network. It’s their way of skimming both sides

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