No One Is Happy At Work These Days – Only 29% of the Workforce Likes What They Do For A Living

Sour face over Job

No One Is Happy At Work These Days or Are They? – Unemployed, underemployed; Only 29% of All Workers Like Their Current Job

Sour face Employee
Sour face Employee

Okay, so if 29% of people like what they are doing for a living, this means that 71% of us currently employed hate what we do, hate our bosses, hate our company or hate the business that we are in.

Now when I first read this poll statistic I sat and thought for a minute. I thought about my friends and family, thought about the other people I have worked with over the years. I wondered how many of them seemed happy or unhappy to me, how many people expressed unhappiness with a company I had worked in. The honest truth is a lot.

I can only think of a handful of people truly happy with their employer or their employment situation. I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I have heard the phrase “I hate this job” over the last 20 years of my working adult life.

I can however tell you I have heard “I love this job or I like this Job” maybe 5 times. That’s it, in 20 years of working, meeting tens of thousands of employees, I have heard the phrase I like my job by maybe 5 people? Wow, that is nuts when you think about it…



So why is everyone unhappy with their employment? 

If your part of the 71% of us that hate our jobs, then obviously your not alone. Getting extras like Catered meals, company fitness center’s on location, and PTO are great incentives but these may not make you any happier in your work place today, tomorrow or anytime in the near future.

After all what is the price of happiness? Would enough money or unlimited perks from your employer make you hate a job less or just tolerate it more? I have been here myself, asked for more money at a job I disliked and got it, I was semi-happy for a few weeks then it quickly turned right back into hatred.

Because money can’t buy you happiness, even-though we all like to think it can! Don’t get me wrong money makes a big difference on what you will endure but it will not make you happier with something you dislike.


The top 5 reasons people are unhappy with their employment.

Bad Bosses or Management – We have all had those bosses in the past that didn’t know their butt from a hole in the ground. Most of us have also had that boss that didn’t know as much as some of the other employees in the department and yet they are making a substantial amount more money, and are being trained to do something a worker could have been promoted from within to do.

A bad boss can most likely even ruin the most “company focused” employee and make them resent a company. Major companies today sometimes make poor judgement on who the select to run their day to day operations. If you have a lack of morale in your workplace, the immediate boss or manager is the very first place you should look. If the bad morale is unable to be determined through speaking with the boss, turn to the employees.

Playing Favorites – There used to be a time in America when the most skilled or the hardest working person would get a promotion, after all they are the most skilled and get the most done, should be an easy choice right? Wrong!

In today’s work place the buddy system is very alive and well. In order to get a promotion, you must not spend time getting the most work done, but instead spend time communicating with all the managers as much as possible, even if it’s not work related. Buy your boss lunch, make sure you purchase them a birthday gift, make up interests in order to have more to communicate about. It’s all fake! This leads to fake people hiring more fake people, hiring more fake unqualified people until you end up with a group of friends, not a group of workers that are good at their jobs.

No room for advancement – The lack of opportunity of being promoted from within is the sole cause for most job hoppers today. Most companies these day’s despise the Job Hopper type of employee, the one that never sticks around for more than a year, we all know of those types. The sad fact is though, is most job hopper type of people are only products of their environments due to companies either not hiring from within or not hiring the most qualified people (Majority of the time they already employee the most qualified candidates)

Employee’s don’t feel valued or feel undervalued with their current employer – Let’s face it, no one can be happy all the time. You may be with a company now that bends over backwards to make your employment with them a happy experience but no matter what they just can’t succeed with accomplishing that for you. Sometimes an employees view of service may differ from a companies and this can cause you to have an undervalued opinion of the place in which you work.

Positive reinforcement can go a long way with most people, a basic “job well done” or a “good job” can make employees feel like they are part of the company and will help them become more engaged as well. Purchase your employees breakfast; doughnuts are cheap, pizza parties are cheap things like this could boost morale and help an employee feel more valued.

Show us the money – With record profits from most big businesses and larger than life CEO payouts and bonuses, give some back to the little guy that deals with the day in and day out.

Job Dismay
Job Dismay

Organizations in the earlier years understood the key factor to good employee retention was a good wage. This does not mean pay them the average of what other companies are paying, this means pay them for what they are worth. If you have a good employee that does twice the work of another employees on your payroll, then pay them for it. Give them something at least, otherwise you will end up with a bunch of employees that have no desire to do the extra things and go above and beyond, is this the message the should be getting sent to your workforce.


Don’t shrug off unhappy employees they can often be the eye’s of what problem exist inside your organization. If they have been valuable in the past and are declining, then why not speak to them, try to figure out what has caused the decrease in productivity. Most employers could care less, they will just replace you with a new employee, rinse and repeat.



So how do I find something that I like to do for a living and become part of the 29%’ers that love their jobs!

The #1 way to get out of this rut is to stop working for other people and start working for yourself. With the internet, becoming your own boss is easier than it ever has been and starting your own website or getting your foot in the door can be obtained in just moments without bank loans or putting up the house for the sake of a brick and mortar style business. In most cases if you are the type of person that works hard for someone else, imagine what you could put into a business of your very own, and how much income you could make for yourself and your own family.

Think about this, there are more and more people online everyday, more and more consumers, more and more opportunity, now is the time. Don’t let the worry of failure dictate what could have been in your life, don’t work for someone else only to make them rich, take your life into your own hands.

  • Creating your very own online business is easier than ever (Take a look at how to get a website in less than 30 seconds completely for free)
  • An online business is open 24/7 and 365 days a year. You make money while you sleep, eat, play with the kid’s go to a movie, you are always making money.
  • Consumers shopping online is increasing exponentially each and every year
  • No longer a need to have Computer experience at all to create your own online business. If you have a PC,  can type (Not even fast) and have a mouse you can start your own online business.



Do you want a way out? A way to become part of the group that loves their job and doesn’t loathe it?

Starting your own online business is not nearly as hard as you you may think. honestly it’s actually fairly simple. All you need these day’s is either something your good at (skill, hobby, or an interest) and some effort and you can be making money online in no time at all.

The only requirements are a PC, internet access and a desire to be successful! That’s really about it, seriously! If you have some interests (we all have something), a PC and an internet connection then moving forward and getting away from working for others should be your main goal. Getting started with your own interest, a profit ready website up and running online for everyone to see and get started with the very BEST training program online today Wealthy Affiliate ($0.00 completely free starter membership that includes a website, how to set the website up and hosting all for free, including free training)

Not only that, but I (Damon) will be available to give you a helping hand with anything along the way. When you Join Wealthy Affiliate, you will also be able to communicate with me personal through my Profile.


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4 thoughts on “No One Is Happy At Work These Days – Only 29% of the Workforce Likes What They Do For A Living”

  1. Another reason why so many people are unhappy with their current job situation is simply the fact that they are not following their passion!
    From what I have heard internet marketing can be a good opportunity to connect your own passion to making a living! This is at least what I will try to do with my passion which is surfing 🙂

  2. Thanks for the comment Sebastian.
    I agree that most of us don’t follow our passion these day’s. Some folks just don’t know where or how to start to make money off of something they enjoy in life (I myself was in this same boat just a few years ago). Owning your own websites in order to internet market or even affiliate market opens so many doors that really allow anyone to make a living doing what they love in life. It really is amazing…..

  3. I find it hard to believe that as much as 29% of people love their job, maybe tolerate is a better word?

  4. Lol, Lavi! I feel ya! I got the data from an Online survey, but you may have a point. Before I started working online and for myself, I tolerated every job I ever had.

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