Online Learning; A Short Story

If you, like most people today, need to learn about something you do not already know, most likely will rely on the internet. After all, there is really nothing else like it on the planet in order to find the information your searching for.

Having someone with experience is always the best teacher, and with places like YouTube they are at the touch of your fingers 24/7.

Let me give you an example of something that just happened to me and triggered me writing this post.

Let me Tell you a Story

Last night, after my wife and Kid’s went off to bed, I decided to break out the laptop and get some work in. Now I normally work in my leather rocker recliner, and use a laptop table to put on my lap to hold my laptop.

So I grab my laptop, sit in my chair and then proceed to extend the leg rest only to hear “clank” and my leg rest wont come out. I hop up and take a quick look and nothing seems to be broken at first glance, so I am thinking “WTF” now.

I try a few more times and nothing, it still wont extend the foot rest. Being late I figure it’s best to leave it till morning and then take a better look.

Now let me add that I have had this chair for about 6 years now, it is not new by any means. It’s one of those good ole’ broken in recliners though and fits me just right. i would be heart broken without it, or having to replace it.

So I wake up the next morning, before getting my youngest daughter off to school and take a closer look. I turn the chair over and see 2 of the springs bent and popped off on both ends. With no time before dropping her at the school bus stop it will have to wait before I get any deeper.

I drop my daughter at the bus stop.  As soon as I walk back through the door I don’t even attempt to take another look at the chair. Instead I go straight to YouTube and Google!

I start searching for things like recliner spring repair, how to repair a recliner. And as you may have guessed I found some information on this topic, not only basic information but there are even guides on how to rebuild the dag on thing. Video’s galore, guides with photos they just had anything and everything I would ever want to know.

Now I am a pretty handy guy “My wife tells me I can fix anything” little does she know almost everything I know about fixing and repairing things was learned by following directions I found on the internet.

Okay so back to my beloved chair.

So I watch a guide on how to replace and repair the springs on YouTube (They had not broken just popped off), due to a support board that had popped out of it’s groove.

So at this point I have a support board that is out of it’s groove and popped off springs. So I get to it, I drill a couple new holes and use some wood screws to fix the board that has popped off, then I reattach the springs. This took me more time to watch the video on how to repair the dag on chair then it did fixing it.

As of this writing I am kicked back in my recliner with “my feet up” and my chair is as good as new.

This reminds me of…

the many things I have learned online over the years.

Training is key and even though there is a lot of junk out there on the web. there are even more good posts or videos that can actually train you how to do basically anything you can imagine.

Think about it, how did you learn to ride a bike, drive your first car or work at your first job or any job for that matter. You had to be trained by someone at some point in time.

Now my father died when I was a young man, and he really wasn’t around much even when he was alive. So a lot of the things I needed to know as a man, husband and father I had to teach myself. In a strange way the internet taught me a lot of what makes me, me!

I learned how to change oil in my first car from the internet. I built my daughter a custom Olaf  costume (Snow man from the frozen movie for those that don’t know) that I learned how to build from the internet. This costume was amazing too, it got her reactions at almost every house on Halloween. I even learned how to build my own website by following the guide at Wealthy Affiliate. No matter what I want to do, I know the internet is there to teach me if I need it.

So whenever you need to learn something new and you don’t have someone to teach you like I didn’t, always remember the internet is here to learn from. You don’t need an appointment, to join a class during a scheduled time, get trained by someone when they have time. The internet is here to teach you anything and everything all day and all night.

Thanks to the internet I wear many hats these day’s and there is nothing I can’t accomplish because it exists. Why not try to learn something new today.




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  1. I love this story and I agree that you can find anything you would ever want to learn on the internet these days. Thanks for sharing this little story

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