Online Profit Stream Scam

Online Profit Stream Scam

Online Profit Stream Scam

Online Profit Stream Scam
Online Profit Stream Scam

Name: Online Profit $tream
Website: (This is the address of the website at the time of this writing, but expect it to change at any time once too many complaints are issued and they are forced to close it down) Website address changed/moved current address for these scammers
Price: Lifetime Access for $99.00 with an immediate discount of $50.00 making it $49.00 to get started.
Owners: Under protection will not disclose
Overall Rank: 0/10


Well, hopefully, you have found this site before signing up with Online Profit stream. If not, then at least hopefully before you have given Online Profit Stream any credit card information. If you have given Credit card information to Online Profit Stream then stop reading this review and contact your bank IMMEDIATELY… Ask your financial institution to stop payment and/or cancel the card and order a new debit/credit card, otherwise they will continue to charge your account past the initial payment.


What is Online Profit Scam? err… I meant Online Profit Stream

Online Profit Stream is an internet marketing program, they state in their ad that you will be selling Private products from some secret affiliate network that is not available to the general public.

The fact is, Online Profit Stream is a Scam! Period! No, if’s, and’s or but’s. Let me repeat that for you Online Profit Stream is a SCAM!

The spokesperson boasts of being a millionaire – 6 times over. He also states he sleeps like a baby because he has helped people earn millions, must not have a conscience is all I can. Then he goes on to saying this program is untapped, but he has been marketing it for over 2+ years, so how is it untapped? These are just a few of the discrepancies I found watching the advertisement video only a few minutes.


Some other discrepancies in claims made on the front page that throw up a RED FLAG!

  • The Website itself has only one page (No comments, No additional pages explaining what the program is/does)
  • there are 6 links on the first page and one Video. Two of the links are fill in the blank with your email, name etc. and these links do not work. All 6 Links redirect to the same exact advertisement video, that will be a guy congratulating you on how you have been selected for this amazing opportunity (blah blah.) The video on the homepage has been removed from YouTube and is no longer viewable, but I am sure it was the same exact video more than likely. (Think there is a lack of Content here on this Website?)
  • Once you have sent them their fee for signing up you will then be sent an email with more broken links that do not work.

So you pay to join, then are sent an email with non-working links. How are you supposed to get started earning these millions?

You aren’t!

You paid money so they can line their own pockets.


How Online Profit Stream makes their money (The real way disclosed)

Like most Scams on the internet today, the way these fake make money companies make money is off of unknowing victims.

They want you to sign up for their system then they hope one of the following happens.

  • You are unaware how to stop payments on your credit card so they continue to get paid month after month.
  • You get so wrapped up in red tape (Trying to decipher their email links they sent you that are broken, You try contacting customer support which will not answer or give you the run around) trying to figure out what to do you end up sending more than just the initial payment. This happens when people are legitimately trying to figure out the program and before the realize they have been scammed they have already been charged a second time or even worse multiple charges have occurred.
  • They hope to get away with at least the first payment installation. At$49 bucks a person if 10 people get Scammed a day your looking at pretty lucrative income. $490 dollars a day I know would change my life, how about yours? Now try multiplying that by 100, or god forbid 1,000’s


Other Things to consider about Online Profit Stream

Internet Scams such as Online Profit Stream more than likely have been around much longer than just a few years.

What happens is once a website/company get’s to many complaints and the owner feels as though they may get caught and brought to justice (At least in some form.) The owner will either

  • Shut the website down and just reopen it under a new web address.
  • Revamp the system and just rename it, but scam people in the same fashion they always have. (So as you can see more than likely Online Profit Stream has probably operated under other names in the past and will in the future as well.) Example. Cindy Carter online Profit stream…
  • Have an alternate method of Scamming people sometimes multiple methods. They will just release method 1 until too many complaints have been registered shut down that method.They then release method 2 until too many complaints are filled. They then release method 3. I am sure you get the pattern here, they rinse and repeat, eventually starting method 1 backup and so on.

See how Online Profit Stream stacks up against My top recommendation for starting an online business. Why waste time with scams when you could start building your very own business and start branding yourself today?


My final Thoughts of Online Profit Stream…

Name: Online Profit $tream
Website: (This is the address of the website at the time of this writing, but expect it to change at any time once too many complaints are issued and they are forced to close it down) New address for this site is
Price: Lifetime Access for $99.00 with an immediate discount of $50.00 making it $49.00 to get started. (Expect other charges to follow – examples $9.95 professional liaison fee, $249 Product fee)
Owners: Under protection will not disclose
Overall Rank: 0/10



In my opinion, Online Profit Stream is a make money at home product for sure. They make money off of scamming people like you and I that sign up for their nonexistent product. There is no product/program for you and I to make money from, it’s geared towards lining their own pockets.

I could go on and on about Online Profit Stream, but as you can tell they are 100% a Scam and receive a 0/10 score within this review.



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This review report has been submitted by Damon, of HowtoEarnaLivingUsingTheInternet



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