Online Riches University Scam

online riches university

Online Riches University Scam

online riches university
online riches university

Name:  Online Riches University
Owner: Mary Johnson or Jordan Daniels (Depends on which page you land on)
Price: $197.00 With a current discount of $100.00 Total price $97.00 (expect additional fees)
Overall Ranking: 0/10 


If you have already purchased this product then run, don’t walk and call your bank have them stop payment on the charge if possible. If the payment has already been made ask your bank to not allow any more charges from this website on your credit or debit card. Otherwise, cancel the card and order a new one.



What is Online Riches Scamiversity? That was supposed to read Online Riches University…

Online Riches University “PROMISES” an array of monthly income that you will earn. From $500.00 a month to thousands all the way to a million in 6 weeks. It is the same ole story pay us x amount of dollars and we will make you rich. The fact is they never really tell you how you will be making this fortune that they promise, all they really say is pay us and we will give you a millionaire website.

The keyword is them getting paid. There is absolutely no insight at all in what this program is offering other than riches. They go on to tell you that 98% of people don’t get in and that they are only taking 50 people. No matter how many times you watch the video they still claim the same thing, come back tomorrow and 98% still don’t get in and it’s still a max of 50 people.

Now if 50 people was really the max wouldn’t this website have closed within just a few days? after all 98% of the people are not getting in so you met your quota of 50, right?

I can guarantee you this they take anyone that has the cash to give them if you pay you will get in. But before you do that, stop and think for a minute. Does this sound too good to be true? Ya it does, because it is too good to be true. It’s a Scam, straight up!

If you sign up for this program you will be the affiliate selling “private” unreleased to the public items from top companies. This is at least the idea, but it’s all fake and a load of BS!



The PROS and Cons of Online Riches University

I was not originally going to post this section since there are no PROS to consider, but eventually figured I would keep my reviews uniform.


  • There are none!


  • Wallet will weigh less
  • May be difficult to stop automatic payments from being deducted from bank account
  • May have to cancel Credit or Debit card
  • Will be able to say you have been scammed on the internet



Red Flag indicators that make this a Scam product


  • There is only one web page on the main site web page and that’s the home page. There are no other additional pages explaining what the product is, a forum, no comments have been placed etc.
  • There are 6 links on this same home page that all take you directly to their promotional video. Still no additional content of any sort other than the promotional video that only promises to make you rich, but gives zero details of how.
  • If you watch the video it will show a multitude of newscasts talking about making a living at home. None of these News programs ever say the name of Online Riches University. Each and every news real cuts to the next as soon as they are going to elaborate on the product, why? Because they are not talking about Online Riches University. Online Riches University just wants you to think that the News reporters are talking about them.
  • If you do sign up you will be sent an email with broken links that never allows you to ever get anything started. Because there is not really a product here.



The Down-low on Online Riches University

This may even be a million dollar company, but they make their money of unsuspecting victims like you and I. There are no get rich quick programs, no training that will teach you how to be a millionaire. Either you are or you’re not, you can work for it and be smarter than the person next to you but even the smartest person fails sometimes.

So how does this company stay afloat if they are not offering a service?

  • They hope you sign up and have difficulties getting out of the subscription before they can charge you multiple times
  • They hope you tell people about it before you realize it’s a scam and those people join too.
  • Their main goal is to sucker you for the initial $97.00, and then continue to sucker you for other fee’s while you are trying to cancel.

Other things to keep in mind about these type of Scams

  • They are usually under more than one identity. For instance, this site is also closely similar to another product I reviewed named Online Profit stream. It is also very similar to home job institute, a lot of the sign on pages are identical. They do this to not put all their eggs in one basket when the feds come a knocking and shut one of the sites down.
  • At times, they will just shut a site down for a while when there is too much heat on them for being scammers. But as you can see they make up for this by having multiple scam sites running simultaneously.
  • They will also rename a product or move to another website domain name quickly in order to keep from getting caught.

They are constantly trying to stay a step ahead of the law and sadly a lot of these sites go unreported by their victims because they don’t know where to turn.

See how a true online opportunity stacks up against these scammers!


My final Thoughts of Online Riches University


Name:  Online Riches University
Owner: Mary Johnson or Jordan Daniels (Depends on which page you land on)
Price: $197.00 With a current discount of $100.00 Total price $97.00 (expect additional fees)
Overall Ranking: 0/10 



In my opinion Online Riches University can make money online, just not for you or I. They are in the business of scamming people in order to stuff their own pockets. Do not for any reason other than maybe researching scams sign up for their non-existent product. I could go on about Online Riches University, but there is no reason to beat the dead horse anymore. This is a Scam and my advice would be to stay clear of Online Riches University.




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This review report has been submitted by Damon, of HowtoEarnaLivingUsingTheInternet


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15 thoughts on “Online Riches University Scam”

  1. This article was a real eye opener. Just beats me why many internet “entrepreneurs” treat their clients as milk cows. Without offering any good in return.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I know right? These programs remind me of the old infomercials that used to be on late at night on TV, promising you riches with this or that program. Now you just have the diet ones left on TV, I guess these kind of scams have moved to the internet. The fact that they never explain how they will help you make money is just kinda comical to me at the very least. It’s like they try to motivate you to “act now” to just give them your money. Sad really, when you think about it.

  3. ya, You know sometimes these products fall into that grey area and they fit nicely too, it makes it hard to judge them sometimes and give an honest review. That is deffinatly not the case when it comes to Online Riches University though, it is a straight up scam

  4. This is a great review. There are so many false get rich quick scams on the market. Thank you for the details of what is up with this “program”.

  5. Thanks for this great review. It’s like you need a megaphone to warn people about these shysters!
    I wanted to like it on FB…buttons not working properly.
    Nice work Damon.

  6. Shysters! That is a pefect description! Ya, that’s why I do these reviews. So people will know to stay clear….
    Thanks Janelle, for the comment

  7. No problem Curt, these are the ones we all need to stay away from. Keep that cash in our pockets instead of just tossing it out the window.

  8. Yeah, there are just so many scams out there and they just prey on people that need to make money not lose it. Thanks for the comment Sheerin…

  9. Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wished to say that I have
    really enjoyed surfing around your blog posts.
    After all I’ll be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope
    you write again soon!

  10. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, I appreciate it. This site is updated frequently, so keep a look out for the latest Product review or Product scam report.

  11. i received an email from the name Jordan Daniels and want others to know that it is a scam. the web page i provided is what he sent me to. if you could publish that website as well it would be much appreciated. thank you.

  12. Hey, Starla I wanted to thank you for bringing this to my attention.

    Since you comment on the website I have done some research and written a complete review of Online Success Plan by Jordan Daniels. You can read it here Online Success Plan by Jordan Daniels.

    Oh, btw you are absolutely right! This is the same exact Jordan Daniels as Online Riches University and he is a known scammer.

    This is exactly what this website is intended to do! Help other’s by bringing scams to everyone’s attention, so none of us get burned by these shysters!

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