Online Success Plan Scam – Jordan Daniels Millionaire Websites

Online Success Plan Scam

Online Success Plan Scam – Jordan Daniels Millionaire Websites

Online Success Plan Scam
Online Success Plan Scam

Name:  Online Success Plan a.k.a. My Success Plan Online a.k.a. Mo’s Success Plan
Owner: Jordan Daniels
Price: $297.00 With a current discount of $200.00 Total price $97.00 (expect additional fees), try to leave the page and it drop’s to $77.00
Overall Ranking: 0/10


Online Success Plan Product Overview

In this Review, we will be taking a closer look at the Online Success Plan program.

I wanted to point out that while doing some initial research, I learned that Online Success Plan is also known by a few other names online and is the exact same product it just appears in a different package. The Online Success Plan program is also the same product as Mo’s Success Plan and is also known as My success Plan Online.

So as you can see already, we are off to a horrible start with Online Success Plan. Did I mention this product is being marketed by Jordan Daniels? This is the same Jordan Daniels that promotes Online Riches University, which is also a scam!

Okay, so we have a product being promoted by a known scammer (Jordan Daniels) and is marketed under multiple names (a known scam tactic.) It would almost be safe to bet that Online Success Plan is a scam already and we are only in the product overview portion of the review.


What am I buying if I sign up for Online Success Plan?

Mr. Daniels is ultimately pushing the Jordan Daniels Millionaire website, which is part of the Jordan Daniels millionaire operating system.

If you have watched the video provided by Mr. Daniels it’s almost comical the length of BS he tries to feed us. In the video, Mr. Daniels states that he goes to bed and wakes up to “get this” a million dollar profit ever day. He actually shows a  dollar figure of over a million dollars. Wow! Okay, Mr.Daniels if you made a million dollars every day than you would be known for more than just being a scammer, which you aren’t. But, anyway……

Go ahead and Google Millionaire Jordan Daniels and see how many search results you get that are linked to the man promoting this product. You won’t find any, if he was such a millionaire would there not be some paper trail or internet information? Something? After all, he is not hiding he is promoting this millionaire system on the internet for Christ Sake!

The program has all the other red flag signs of being a scam, fast, quick and effortless money being generated daily for doing absolutely nothing. A push to join or you will miss out on the few spots that remain in the program, free gifts if you sign up now (a chance to win a brand new Mercedes) really? I highly doubt anyone ever see’s a Mercedes unless it’s Jordan from getting over on people by scamming them!

To build honest success online, you need great engaging content, value for your customers and most of all put in hard work at the very least. Not one of these things is mentioned in Jordan’s spill, not a single one!

PROS and CONS of Online Success Plan


  • The sales Video is funny and entertaining to watch, as long as you don’t believe any of the BS you are being fed.


  • The product is marketed across multiple names Mo’s Success Plan, Online Success Plan, and My Success Plan Online. This is a common scam tactic
  • Promises of quick money, fast cash and unrealistic income potential. Another scam tactic
  • Prompted to sign up now because space is limited (scam tactic)
  • Pushed to hurry and sign up because the price will increase if you don’t act now.  (scam tactic)
  • Promoted by known scammer Jordan Daniels
  • Elaborate gifts like a free Mercedes (scam tactic)
  • Up-Sells of additional products if you decide you want to start a business of your own
  • States their program has been featured on News broadcasts such as NBC, FOX, CNN, MSNBC, ABC but when you watch the news portion of the video the name of this system is not mentioned one time. The news programs speak only of making money online products and not this particular product!
  • Lies, Lies and more Lies!

Who is Online Success Plan for?

Online Success Plan Scam claims
Online Success Plan Scam claims

Well, I can tell you they are trying to target anyone and everyone. Their main focus is to target people in need, people that may react quickly because the need for money is so great. People that have recently become unemployed, people living pay check to pay check (which is most of us), elderly people on a fixed income, college students with not a lot of money. Anyone hard up that could possibly need cash now, or quick and could be lured into an impulsive decision.

Anyone that could be hard up for money at any given time that could possibly need cash now, or quick and could be lured into an impulsive decision.

This is who they are after, this is not a real opportunity and you will be better off saving that $97.00 bucks.

As the image shows they state they help out family and friends who ALSO struggle with money, if you had a system that made you a million dollars a day, then wouldn’t you give this system to your family and friends? I know I would!


Tools and Training Provided by Online Success Plan


Jordan Daniel's Millionaire website
Jordan Daniel’s Millionaire website

We know you get a free Millionaire style website, do they mean that they are giving you or Lol, rediculous!

What you will get; The Complete Personal Development System which includes Successful life strategies by Lee Milteer. You will also get another product called The Wealth Factor the mindset for millions.


Online Success Plan Support 

There is a customer service number listed for the program’s corporate office, there is not a number for Jordan Daniels or his portion of this company.

It appears that Jordan Daniels may be a middle man that is mass marketing the same product under different names, and this product is not even one that he himself created.

Digital Education Systems out of Arizona seems to be who you would be contacting for support, but Jordan Daniels resides in Canada.

Check out the Online Success Plan Guarantee and then the disclaimer that totally contradicts the guarantee below.


$500.00 Guarantee from Online Success plan
$500.00 Guarantee from Online Success plan


Online Success Plan Disclaimer that Contradicts $500.00 guarnatee
Online Success Plan Disclaimer that Contradicts $500.00 guarnatee

The Price for Online Success Plan

The normal Price $15,500?
The normal Price $15,500?

Well, this is controversial! How so?

Well, when you first arrive the system is $297.00 with a $200.00 mark down so it only costs $97.00. But if you try to leave the site it then says it slashing the cost by another $120.00 and the final price is $77.00 which does not add up at all. The discount is already $97.00 minus another $120.00 would mean they should be paying us $23.00

The discount is already at $200 for a price of $97.00 minus another $120.00 would mean they should be paying us $23.00 to sign up. Why are they still asking us for a Credit Card? They should be asking for an address to mail our $23.00 check. These folks are not very smart.

My Final Opinion of Online Success Plan

This program gives all the top warning signs of a scam! The creator and promoter of this system are linked to multiple other scam products. There are paid testimonials linked to each program named in this review. The $500.00 cash back promise is contradicted in the terms and conditions portion of their very own website.

My Final Opinion? I would not try this program even if they paid me the $23.00 over the price  like I explained in the Price portion of this review. If they lie

I would not try this program even if they paid me the $23.00 over the price  like I explained in the Price portion of this review. If they lie up front, imagine how bad it will be once you get the program.

Online Success Plan at a Glance……

Name:  Online Success Plan a.k.a. My Success Plan Online a.k.a. Mo’s Success Plan
Owner: Jordan Daniels
Price: $297.00 With a current discount of $200.00 Total price $97.00 (expect additional fees), try to leave the page and it drop’s to $77.00
Overall Ranking: 0/10


The program suggests through the video advertisement and related web pages that you will be able to obtain unrealistic results. They make passive suggestions by showing millionaire homes, Luxurious automobiles, and yachts. They also suggest people are making over a million dollars a day, specifically the person promoting the video Jordan Daniels. None of these suggested expectations are backed by any factual evidence, as a matter of fact they do not guarantee any monetary gains whatsoever. So do yourself a favor and stay away from Online Success Plan, My Success Plan Online, and Mo’s Success Plan. As a matter of fact, if you hear the name Jordan Daniel’s connected with any program stay clear of them as well.

If you want to see how this review of Online Success Plan stacks up against a real online Money Making program? Then check out the comparison table below! You can check out Wealthy Affiliate completely free, no upfront charges unless you decide to stay. You also get free websites, free hosting and you will be taught how to build an online business of your very own. There will be nothing about getting rich quick, no magic systems, no way to earn a million dollars while you sleep like the Online Success Plan. What you will get is a structured environment, with a welcoming community of helpful folks all shooting for similar goals to make some money online. Nothing More nothing less.


Special Thanks

I wanted to give a special thanks to one of my reader’s “Starla” for pointing this scam out to me and for allowing me to be the one she chose to review it.

Starla had gotten a spam email from Jordan Daniels specifically, promoting the Online Success Plan and forwarded me this information. Inside of Starla’s message to me, she asked me specifically to warn my other reader’s and make them aware that Jordan Daniels was promoting yet another Scam program. Thanks from all of us Starla, these type of warnings are what save us all money in the long run, and I am sure I speak on behalf of everyone when I say thank you. If you have a program that you think may be a scam, or just one you are not sure

Thanks from all of us Starla, these type of warnings are what save us all money in the long run, and I am sure I speak on behalf of everyone when I say thank you. If you have a program that you think may be a scam, or just one you are not sure

If you have a program that you think may be a scam, or just one you are not sure about then email me at the email address provided below or you can comment on the how to report a scam page on this very web site and I will research them for you.

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We love to hear from our readers….

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about this review please leave your comments below.

Have you been scammed by Online Success Plan or one of the other multiple names they go by? Please comment below we would love to hear your story.

I will ask for comments for success stories from Online Success Plan or one of the many other names they go by (Even though we all know there will not be any) Just as a courtesy and to be fair.


This review report has been submitted by Damon, of HowtoEarnaLivingUsingTheInternet


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34 thoughts on “Online Success Plan Scam – Jordan Daniels Millionaire Websites”

  1. Well done for exposing these scams – I’ve fallen for a few myself, so it’s great to let people know what to run a mile from 🙂

  2. Awesome information, Damon! Love that you’re doing all of this work and research to protect people form these low-life scammers. If you can change just one persons mind about giving their money to this dude it’s all worth it! Great job.

  3. Outstanding review of online success plan by Jordan Daniels, why do they have so many AKAa? $297 then price drops to $77, scam alert written all over this one. Based on your review I will pass on this one and recommend Wealthy Affiliate based on your comparison. Thanks for preventing customers from being scammed by online success plan and all their aliases. thanks!

  4. OMG!
    I cannot believe there is no law to punish these persons!
    Really, how can anyone believe that an honest company would make a discount of 200 from 297??? Just like that! From the goodness of their heart?
    I would close the page in 3 sec.
    One million per day? Is he listed in Forbes? He must be the owner of the Earth!
    dear God…..

  5. Yeah, I think most of us have fallen for one every now and again. The key is we all stick together and inform one another, that way maybe we can save some folks a little money.

  6. lol, I know right Laura. The claims some of these places make are just too funny once you step back and really think about it. No honest company would make that sort of discount either, that is unless they are going out of business or they are scammers! Doubt he is in Forbes, does not own Earth and the million a day was complete BS!

  7. Thanks, Gina. That is actually the exact way I look at it too if I can save at least one person from joining this scam it was worth the effort of writing this Article 🙂

  8. Tony, I assume they have so many alternate sites for fail-over. This way when they get call scamming people they have some sort of redundancy. This is kind of a smart tactic on their part, and I am seeing it more and more often these day’s.

    And yeah, that price drop scream scam doesn’t it? Jordan Daniels is known for these type of price ranges with the same similar drop in price when trying to leave the site. hopefully, he stop’s growing these scam sites sometime in the near future.

  9. Come on, if they are listed under several names (Online Success Plan, Mo’s success plan and my success plan online they are definitely scammers. Why else would they have so many names for the same company?

  10. Great job Damon. I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I am having so much trouble to even begin! Its a great program its just me! How do you put your plan into action?

  11. Another thing that he mentioned that brought up a red flag to me! Is once you make your $10,000 let them know and also tell your family and friends about the site so that they may start their online business too, how is that possible when you claim to only have 50 spots available and when you put your I formation in it tells you that only 2 or 3 spots are left to sign up!

  12. How do you get a refund and how do you cancel the monthly fee? Do not forget that they also want you to get the VIP membership for an additional $37.00.Then they charge you a charge to “click funnel”,for a 14 day free trial,thn another $97.00 per month.Thank out of bringing all this scam business and Jordon Daniels to light.

  13. Thanks for saving me my $97, or $77 bucks, Damon. I almost fell for it because of my desperate situation. I need so badly to make money. I’m glad, I at least, had the foresight to research them before I made a grave mistake. Thanks again! I owe you one!


  14. Thank you Damon for the exposure. My finger was on the go button & I’d thought I’d do another check & you popped up. I’m a dedicated person with a lot of education but was a stay at home mom until the graduation of my children. Now I have a lot of free time & no longer can volunteer at the school that I did for 18 years. I am now a dependent housewife – I’m so tired of that. I’m smart but am out of job experience (being a stay at home mom.) The only jobs that I can qualify for are $10/hr. I’m worth a hell of a lot more than that! Please help if there are any pointers for me.

  15. I like how he says hurry up because the spots are being filled fast. And then right after says share the good news with your family and friends. The only good news in this situation that is worth sharing is the Good News of Jesus Christ.

  16. i think what he was telling us and trying to sell us was exactly what he was doing..scamming. so what he wants is for us to create our own scammer websites and thats where our “million dollar website” comes from. but obviously he isnt going to flat out tell anyone to make a scam website.

  17. As an honest and hard working person with a low paying job I was looking for something to help myself and so i wanted to believe this when in fact after I paid the money that I didn’t have to spare I’m homeless and yet I don’t look for pity this was nothing more than a scam that left me in worse shape than I was already in shame on everyone who is connected to this deceitful lie

  18. Regarding ALL online work at home Internet Businesses out here on Internet. A Word to the Wise

    I spent at least two 12 hour days of sifting thru online Internet businesses.

    99.9 % of them were scams or frauds of some kind, designed to quickly empty your bank account with up-sells and useless products..
    IMHO … Your Overall Best Bet is to Research ALL online business names (usually found in the tagline of your browser) before giving them all your contact info and phone numbers…

    Safer to Presume They are ALL SCAMS, unless they can prove to you otherwise.

    NONE of them that offer to pay you anywhere from $50 to $500 just for watching their intro videos will follow thru with what they claim.
    All False Info!! BEWARE !!!

  19. I almost fell for it. But I said to myself if it is true I’ll give a sob story and see what happens so I said I have no acc. And would like to pay by money order well needless to say when I went back to link could not get in, go figure. Thank u for this eye opener there are a lot of us hurting for food clothes and a pair of shoes for our children. How dare he make a mockery out of the less fortunate!!!!!! I would love to make a living online putting people like him in a place where he belongs. In my shoes ty so much Damon.

  20. Hi Leanna,

    Usually, when anyone guarantees anything its more often then not an empty promise. If any website guarantees money back, or guarantees that you will earn millions a day with zero effort, it is nothing but an empty promise to loop you into a scam

  21. Wow, thanks for sharing your story Diane. I would assume the money order would be traceable and that’s not good for the fly by night type of programs, they don’t to hang around in one spot long enough to get caught if ya know what I mean……There are some good programs out there Diane Check out how to get started with Wealthy Affiliate it won’t cost you anything to get started and they even offer you 2 free websites and free hosting without any money being put up! Can’t argue with Free! Right? At the very least it’s a good foot in the door to see if that style program is for you.

  22. Do you want to know what the real Secret to making money online is? I can explain it in one word “try” yup that’s it! All you really have to do is try! Most people will not put in the work to become successful, hell half the ones reading this comment right now are already turning away because people don’t want to try. Want to know my secret? I tried and did not quit, even when I made no money I kept going, pushing through day in and day out. Now I do pretty well, I could stop updating this site for years and it would continue making me money.

    So the best answer to the question you asked Elaine is to just start with the training. Take training course 1 then implement what you learned, then training course 2 and implement, so on and so forth and before you know it you have a tree (website) with many strong roots (content) that will live a very long time and continue to make money even in years to come.

  23. Well said Shann, I would have to agree for the most part. Anyone offering to pay you without you putting in any work of your own should throw up Scam Red Flags all over the place! Always better to proceed on the side of caution when talking about sending strangers money from your bank account.

  24. Great point Roshonda! That’s just another pressure tactic to make people think there are limited spaces or if they don’t buy now then they won’t get a chance to join the program “get scammed”

    Then they want u to recommend our Family to get scammed by them too? But you’re right, how can i invite my family when there are no spaces left? Sometimes I think it would be easier to pick out the truthful things said in the video, because there seems to be so much less of that going on!

    Wonder what the next name or game will be for this guy, he seems to be a mover that’s for sure!

  25. Bre’ sorry to hear about the run of bad luck. I want to thank you for stopping by and sharing your experience with this program with us. This guy is a known scammer and does not have an qualms with who he takes advantage of!

  26. Yup! I agree Demetri. If they started out the gate with “I’m a sleaze ball” would you like me to teach you how to become a sleaze ball too? they wouldn’t get many sales I wouldn’t think. safer to avoid these guys, imo.

  27. Yeah Joshua, it seems that’s the one lie everyone catches right off the bat. To be honest that really excites me and here’s why. If we are all picking up on key factors and similar ones then we are learning, we are learning what to look for, listen for and to be skeptical of when making online purchases or believing in someones character or not online. Those are amazing steps in the right direction imo. Maybe one day through awareness we can eliminate these scammers at least by hitting them where it hurts the most in the pocket!!!!!

  28. Jo-Anne thanks for reaching out. Sadly, throughout life getting compensated accurately for the work you provide can be a real challenge. That’s one of the best things about working for yourself or running a business online is you make money off the amount of effort and work you put in. If you are not motivate and hard working then you will eventually excel at almost anything that you try including this. If you are not motivated and hardworking then handouts are not given here and it may be best for you to move onto the next easy street program that is being promoted by whatever guru!!!!!
    With that being said if you are interested in learning for free how to get started making money online then read this review of my top rated program Wealthy Affiliate and try the free starter membership!

  29. I was able to locate this information Rick. They show that once charged recurring fee it is nonrefundable but you can stop the next payment before it is withdrawn. All sales are final after 30-days so it may be a catch 22 of getting out of the recurring payment if it’s over 30 days old?
    Hope this Helps ~Damon

    Online Success Plan Address and Phone Number
    Our Corporate Office:
    3152 Little Rd Suite 114
    New Port Richey, FL 34655
    (623) 505-5862

  30. You are most welcome Andrea! It’s always a joy to hear about someone missing the boat when it comes to getting involved with these programs. Way to do your research, Kudos!

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