Online Web Cash – An Up And Comer In Online Scams

Online Web Cash Review

Online Web Cash – An Up And Comer In Online Scams

Online Web Cash Review
Online Web Cash Review


Name: Online Web Cash
Price: Free to Join
Owner: Unknown
Overall Rank: 1/10


Online Web Cash product Overview

If you have read any of my other reviews, then you know in this portion of the review I would normally give a brief description for legitimate programs or I will straight Tee off on the scammers while explaining what makes them a scam. With this Online Web Cash Review though, I ran into a bit of a problem. You see, the problem with the Online Web Cash System is there really is no system, no product or program and other than the name “Online Web Cash” nothing else really exists for Online Web Cash other than the name itself and the website? Confused yet? Yeah, I was too.

So, that brings us back to the same question. What is Online Web Cash and what does it do if anything?

Let’s start with the website.

When I first arrived at the Online Web Cash web page I notice some strange familiarities to some other scam sites that I had recently reviewed. The banner and registration box looked eerily familiar from the start.

Let’s first take a look at the banner from Online Web Cash.

Online Web Cash
Online Web Cash

Now let’s take a look at another banner located on the Online Cash Source Website.

Online Cash Source
Online Cash Source

The signup form for Online Web Cash

Online Web Cash Sign up
Online Web Cash Signup



And now the Online Cash Source Sign Up Form?

Online Cash Source Sign Up
Online Cash Source Sign Up


Notice any similarities between the two? They are identical besides the “Get Started Now” portion on the Online Cash Source Banner. If both banners and sign up forms had been advertising the same website address or program then I would overlook them entirely and it would be a non-issue. But, Since they are named “Online Web Cash” and “Online Cash Source” and this is fairly similar, it sends out a Red Flag in terms of the legitimacy of both sites.

Scam sites often follow many of the same tactics these days, most which are copied from site to site and repeated over and over again. There are some new tactics that are used, but it’s pretty rare that these scammers come up with anything new and they normally stick with the tried and true methods for scamming people.

Some of the common methods are making multiple sites, naming them different things (like the two listed above) but promoting the same exact product, service or program that commonly are non-existent or do not work at all. Another great example of sites that do this can be found by reading my Work At Home University Review, these scammers use countless versions and names of the same exact website selling the same exact same product under different site and product names but everything is identical.

SO, if the banner, sign up forms, naming similarities and the crazy claim that states you can get a share of some mythical 2.8 billion dollars has not been enough to turn you into a skeptic yet. Then your in luck, because I have a few more details to share with you about Online Web Cash.

When I tried signing up for the Online Web Cash program I continued to get this error message “Sorry, this offer has expired. Code C-05” I even tried different locations and different emails with phone numbers and it always came back as offer expired.

Online Web Cash Program ended
Online Web Cash Program Offer Expired


But, as soon as you hit the “ok” button on this offer has an expired box, then you are then immediately redirected to “The Free Bucket” website.

The Free Bucket
The Free Bucket

This is the common redirect that everyone receives once they have signed up and registered for the Online Web Cash program or the failed sign up that is. You will get some additional spam email with some additional offerings from Online Web Cash but, for the most part, The Free Bucket is what is really being offered here.

The Free Bucket is basically an affiliate website that has been set up to resemble a savings or discount website directory. It is completely free to sign up for The Free Bucket and to have various money-saving coupons and offers sent to your email address that you provided to them. But the majority of the offers are going to miss their mark and not be things that you are interested in and generally land in your spam folder anyway. On top of that there is always the potential to have your email address sold when providing it to these type of websites.

The Free Bucket Offers
The Free Bucket Offers

The PROS and CONS to Online Web Cash


  • You can get emailed coupons and offers from various programs straight to your email address.


  • Online Web Cash is a front for The Free Bucket which is a bridge page for multiple other offer sites
  • Online Web Cash has multiple similarities to other proven scam websites
  • The Online Web Cash registration fails but yet you will still get spam emails from them
  • No Legitimate System, Program or Product is introduced under the Online Web Cash name.
  • By the time you signed up for Online Web Cash, The Free Bucket, and just the front page offers you will have given your email address out to 20 separate offer sites. By doing this you open yourself up to Spam mail, phishing attempts, email sales and other unwanted types of emails.

Who is Online Web Cash for?

Coupon hunters and bargain shoppers, but similar offers can be found with single signup programs like SwagBucks.

Tools and Training for Online Web Cash

No real training or tools are required, sign up for offers and coupons and get them via email. I would make sure that I had a good anti-virus and Malware/Spyware software installed when dealing with large quantities of spam mail.

Support for Online Web Cash

Support would be provided by each individual service that you sign up with.

The Price of Online Web Cash

Free to sign up, although an error will present itself stating the offer is expired and then redirect  you to the free bucket sign up page which is also free to sign up for.

My final Opinion of Online Web Cash

The Online Web Cash website is not transparent at all in terms of what they offer, simply because they don’t really offer anything other than a way to sign up with The Free Bucket. The Free Bucket itself really is not a program but just another gateway site to other offers from other sites.

Online Web Cash is not only a scam site in my opinion, but they link to the free bucket another scam site that more than likely links to a multitude of other various scam sites. I would not advise anyone to sign up for such a large amount of free email offers unless they want to have a pretty useless email address that get’s nothing but spam email. If you have a secondary email address that is used for spam type offers and you are confident you can combat any virus, spyware, and malware threats I say go for it. But for the majority of us, I would advise to not even sign up with the Online Web Cash portion and to stay away from the added offers altogether.

Don’t waste your time with a program like Online Web Cash because if you’re looking to make money online, coupons and discount offers will only get you so far in terms of savings but will never amount to any serious income. Take a look at how Online Web Cash stacks up against a true training system “Wealthy Affiliate” that gets my top recommendation! Not only does Wealthy Affiliate provide lesson style training but has been responsible for turning over 300,000 members interests and passions into full-fledged businesses that they, themselves own. Did I mention that a starter membership for Wealthy Affiliate is 100% free to sign up for and try out, and comes included with 2 free websites, free hosting and free training? Stop wasting time looking at bogus scams like this one and give Wealthy Affiliate a try, after all its free.



Online Web Cash At A Glance….

Name: Online Web Cash
Price: Free to Join
Owner: Unknown
Overall Rank: 1/10


Straight Up Scam!


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