People Say To Be The Mentor You Wished You Had – To Bad No One Told My Millionaire Mentor

My Millionaire Mentor TestimonialMy Millionaire Mentor Testimonial

People Say To Be The Mentor You Wished You Had – To Bad No One Told My Millionaire Mentor

Name: My Millionaire MentorMy Millionaire Mentor TestimonialMy Millionaire Mentor Testimonial
Price:$47.00 then a multitude of fee’s maxing out to over $50,000
Owner:  Matt Lloyd and Ryan Mathews
Overall Rank: 0/10



I want to let you guys know from the start that My Millionaire Mentor is not ran by Ryan Mathews or owned by Ryan Mathews, it’s actually owned by Matt Lloyd. If you’re not familiar with Matt Lloyd let me give you a little background. Matt Lloyd is Known best as the founder of the MTTB (My Top Tier Business) and MOBE (My Online Business Empire) systems. Both of these Programs, the MOBE and the MTTB are already classified as Scams, so already we aren’t off to a good start with this reviews main role players.

Let me tell you what I think is going on here.  People know who and what Matt Lloyd stands for and represents and then they start to catch on to him, so like a magician he uses smoke and mirrors and *Poof* here’s Ryan Mathews a new name and face.Ryan Mathews and His Girlfriend The ol switch-a-roo?  Matt Lloyd isn’t a dummy, I’m sure he’s made millions of dollars scamming people just like you and I over the years with whatever programs he’s involved with at the time. whether or not he would be a millionaire mentor for someone other than himself, or for any other reason other than to line his own pockets is yet to be seen and yet to be proven at least as far as I can tell.

But, like always here on How To Earn A Living Using the Internet we’re going to give him a fair shake, I will do my research, sign up for his program and then try to return it and see what I get. Then I will explain it all here and call Bullshit if and when I find it. With this guy i am getting my Bullshit meter ready, because this may be a record breaking article!


My Millionaire Mentor Product Overview

Okay so the product overview! The sad thing about the product overview Your Own Mercedesthough, is there’s no product to really go over or view. There is no my millionaire Mentor product, nope sorry folks shows over time to go home. Okay, okay don’t really go home yet. There are some other linked products and things we need to discuss first.

The real product Is a re-branded My Top Tier Business system, which we are all
ready familiar with and ultimately that will lead you into the multi-level marketing system MOBE which Is My Millionaire mentor a Scamwe are also familiar with.  But, whoa Nelly! Hold up right there! I know I just watched the video and was told that this is NOT AN MLM PROGRAM, not only that but it was reiterated over and over and over.  The lies these guys tell sometimes are so outlandish and so right in your face that it is s surprise that anyone ever falls for them. For example in one part of the video they tell you if you make just 5 commissions in 6 months you will get your own Mercedes. However, the commission scales they mention are $1,250, $3,300 and $5,500 specifically. So if I make 5 commissions even the $5,500 that only would equal $27,500 and I get a free Mercedes worth what? $50k plus? Okay that makes a lot of sense….  The Mercedes Below is one of the cars offered by the way, I snagged the screen shot from their video directly.


Mercedes Car


It reminds me of listening to a compulsive liar, if you have ever had the chance to know or be around a compulsive liar you know exactly what I mean. 


PROS and CONS of My Millionaire Mentor


  • Let me be honest with you guys – I was in fact able to find two pros and I’m going to share them with you below
  • Pro number one – if for some reason you got involved with this system and then you needed to run for your life because someone was chasing you trying to hurt you. You would be able to run a touch faster, having $49.00 less dollars in your pocket weighing you down.
  • Pro number two –  if you got involved with My Millionaire Mentor you would be able come back here to How To Earn A Living Using The internet and report it back to me and everyone else. Maybe helping the next person not get scammed.
  • Now we all know both of these Pros are complete b******* and jokes because there’s no real pros to the My Millionaire Mentor program



  • The first con that I ran into is that I believe Matt Lloyd and Ryan Mathews are Con-victs (oh yeah, notice that word play?) they take from people that are more than likely desperate because those are the only type of people to fall for scams like these, normally. 
  • Misdirection of the entire My Millionaire Mentor system not being an MLM then turning around and promoting MOBE and also MTTB Bold full fledged multi-level marketing systems
  • I could screenshot the sales video all day long with the lies that it displays and repeats and make this a 5,000 word count con’s list within this post
  • the unlimited money back guarantee that’s offered, only to turn around and find out they give you 5 days to return it. Glad I returned mine quick and didn’t sit on it before requesting a refund.
  • Being told you don’t have to work to earn money. He has a Sales-force that is going to earn money for you. Think about it for a minute, if they know the system that well, wouldn’t they make money for themselves and not for you? I’m sure they’re all just that rich already and that helpful too. right? right?
  • using a fake spokesman Ryan Mathews, which is probably Matthew something or another Lloyd
  • No real training to get started and create an honest online business
  • $49 starting fee up to $50,000 could be spent just to buy all the products they pitch (I don’t know about you, but if I had $50k laying around I would not be signing up for this program in the first place)
  • They call themselves My Millionaire Mentor.  The top grossing person in the video only made $269,000 which is not a million dollars. Last time I checked My Regular Calculator a million dollars consisted of a 1 followed by 6 zeros and looked similar to this Mathew and Ryan $1,000,000. I’m sure the girl that made $269,000 and gave her testimonial for My Millionaire Mentor was full of s*** too (just saying)
  • if he has mentored people to make millions of dollars you would think that at least one of them would stand up for him and be a part of the video. I know if someone taught me how to make a million dollars, I would be forever in their debt and at there every beck and call. But, I’m sure everyone he has helped make that millionaire status is just a complete A-hole or out doing rich people stuff…

My Millionaire Mentor TestimonialMy Millionaire Mentor Testimonial



even though I’m having a good time poking fun at all the cons that are offered in the My Millionaire Mentor, it’s time to move on and save some of my Con comedy for another post. Badum, dum, tish! I will be here all week.. Please, don’t forget to tip the wait staff before you leave…

Who is My Millionaire Mentor for?

It’s hard to say really,  who My Millionaire Mentor is for. I guess Matthew Lloyd and Ryan Mathews hope They find a bunch of people that don’t know any better, that they can take advantage of. So, to them it’s for every body, I guess. The only people that I can think of that my millionaire Mentor words for is actually Matthew Lloyd or Ryan Mathews! The reason I say that is that more than likely they’re going to be the only ones making money off the my millionaire mentor. Hold up, maybe that’s it. Maybe they Mentor one another and that’s how they got the name My millionaire Mentor?  For example My Millionaire Mentor Helped Ryan Mathews go from Living in this run down Apartment

Ryan Mathews My Millionaire Mentor Apartment

and driving this run down Honda.

Then Insinuating My Millionaire Mentor will provide you with items like this Luxury Mansion and Luxury sports car.

My Millionaire Mentor Luxury House and Car

Tools and Training Provided by My Millionaire Mentor

My Millionaire Mentor New YouMy millionaire Mentor doesn’t really have any tools or training because it’s a complete redirect to MTTB and MOBE  and that’s where the tools and training will be found including the MLM program that they say that they do not offer and that this program is not a part of. Oh, and where the $49 fee turns into thousands upon thousands upon thousands of dollars just to get started with the My Millionaire Mentor scam. If you buy though they do promise a new you, like there was something wrong with the old you. What they don’t understand is people don’t want or need to change who they are, they only need to change the amount of money they make. 


My Millionaire Mentor MLM Support

What I find funny about the the My Millionaire Mentor support is if you click on the support button it takes you to the support page 4 MOBE. Enough said?


The Price of My Millionaire Mentor

I won’t break each one of them down and waste your time mainly because I think once you see the bullet points you’ll get the gist of what you’re looking at getting into with MY Millionaire Mentor


  • $97 monthly inner circle membership
  • $97 monthly elite earners membership
  • $97 monthly done for you emails
  • $194 OPT formula
  • $291 affiliate bonus domination
  • $194 funded proposal
  • $997 – Online Income Revolution by Matt Lloyd
  • $997 – The 90 Day Challenge
  • $997 – Six Figure Coaching Secrets
  • $997 – Add the Nitrous
  • $1997 – For 10,000 Leads in 100 Days
  • $4997 – Diamond Coaching Program
  • $8997 – Titanium Mastermind


My Final Opinion of My Millionaire Mentor

My final opinion of the my millionaire Mentor program is it’s complete garbage. I’m sure there’s some people out there that have schemed and scanned enough people but they didn’t make money with this program. that’s not the kind of program that I want to be involved with and it I’m sure it’s not the kind of program that most of you don’t want to be involved with it either. I want to build something that’s mine the concrete that’s worth something not a fly-by-night sort of thing. you think about it like this if it’s easy to get involved in there’s little to no work Promises of Millions it goes with the old saying if it’s too good to be true it probably is. No I’m not a Gambling Man, I like to keep my money I like to earn it and keep it. however, if I was to gamble I would put money on it but this is one of those programs that is more than likely too good to be true.

My Online Business Empire has been around for a long time now, if it was making everyone millions of dollars hand over fist we would have all been doing it for years already. It just boils down to it being the same all program with a new face re-branded so they can keep running the same scam. It’s how a lot of these companies work promises of this house, this car, these women blah blah blah and then boom they get shut down or re-brand and rinse and repeat .

If you want a no bull shit way to make money online, want to learn how this stuff is really done with no money out of your pocket up front then I can help you. Stop by my Wealthy Affiliate Sign up page and let me be your personal coach. You heard right, no money and a personal coach, what do you have to lose. If you don’t like it, you can walk away without any hassle from me. I can say that because I know what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer, I know we are a community of regular people trying to help one another learn and grow in our online businesses. I know what the value of finding something like this is, in the sea of scammers currently available online. Programs like My Millionaire Mentor are so pathetic in comparison to a true training program like Wealthy Affiliate. So stop by and say Hi, see what the community is like we would all love to meet you and help you achieve your online financial goals. first step is yours, but we hope to see you.

My Millionaire Mentor At A Glance…

Name: My Millionaire Mentor
Price:$47.00 then a multitude of fee’s maxing out to over $50,000
Owner:  Matt Lloyd and Ryan Mathews
Overall Rank: 0/10


My Millionaire Mentor Scam



My Millionaire Mentor in my opinion is a complete scam. Not simply because the program ultimately does not exist, but because it is just a cover leading to the larger lies they are really selling which is My Online Business Empire and My Top Tier Business. These are all money pit programs and proven scams so the only people really getting rich here looks like Matt Lloyd and Ryan Mathews Not you and I.


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