Perk TV APP Review

Perk TV

 Perk TV App Review

Perk TV APP Review
Perk TV APP Review

Name:  Perk TV App
Price: Free to join
Owners: TrialPay
Overall Rank: 2/10


The Product: Perk TV App(Mobile Phone Application)

Perk TV is an automated way to earn cash via GIFT CARDS with your smart phone. You download the application, let it run on your phone (continuously for any real profits) and you gain Points within Perk TV that can be exchanged for a wide variety of gift cards. The application will run videos (Application trailers, Movie trailers or other popular videos) and this is what earns you points, as of this writing you can gain anywhere between 1 to 4 points per video and they take about 30 seconds to run.

Every 1,000 perk points equals roughly $1.00 on a gift card of your choice from the Perk TV store. Now this is not going to be enough money for most of us to quit our day job of course. But, it is a nice little incentive to have this app and allow it to run on a phone or two you have just laying around (I think in today’s day in age we all have a few of these). Maybe save the profits of Perk TV to do the little extra things in life that not all of us have the ability to do like an extra Date night with the spouse, or go splurge with an extra $100.00 gift card at Target or just use it to buy some Domino’s for the whole family on Friday.


The PROS and CONS of Perk TV App


  • Earn points and make money to exchange for gift cards for just letting it run, easy enough.
  • A way to re-purpose old phones just laying around the house
  • Easy to exchange the points for the gift card with just a  click
  • Option to take surveys to earn additional Perk Points (although I have not had much success with any survey online personally, but the option is present)


  • There is a limit of 5 phones that can be used per account
  • If you don’t have the extra phones laying around, this will be an additional expense to get it going (I wouldn’t use on my daily phone due to it killing the battery having it plugged in and running all day every day.)
  • Perk TV is constantly adjusting how many points each video will give at any given time. At one time, it was 4 points per video and has done nothing but dropped per video with each update. Right now, you can earn one of the following 1 Point, 2 Points, 3 Points or 4 points per video watched, but the 4-point videos are pretty rare. I would expect more of the 1 point or 2-point varieties to be paid out per video.
  • The application used to be a set it and forget it type application with no monitoring it to earn points, but has since placed a pop up asking if you are still watching and will auto stop if you don’t click the yes button.


Who is the PERK TV App product for?

It really is for anyone that has a compatible mobile phone and an internet connection. With the recent updates, it is still worthwhile for some individuals most find it not worth the time or effort to continue to use. I personally run this on three old phones simultaneously and earn anywhere between 2-3 dollars a day. Normally closer to the three dollar mark though.


Perk TV App Tools and Training

There is no real need for training, most people should be able to figure this out just by playing around with it. There is not a guide anywhere on the website that I was able to locate either, just in case someone was to look. You could use an emulator, but PERK TV has stated that they will ban you and remove all active points if you get caught.


Perk TV App Support

Is nonexistent! I had an issue with a survey that I actually completed and opened a ticket with PERK TV support, they did send me a responding email showing that “YOU HAVE OPENED A TICKET” but other than that email no more correspondence occurred through the support team.


The Price OF Perk TV App

The application is 100% free and can be found on the Google play store or the Apple app store.


My Final Opinion on Perk TV App

Although, this is free to download and install application that could earn you upwards of $5.00 a day (best case scenario with 5 phones running.) I have yet to determine if it is even worth the hassle to set this up for most people. You must take into account you are destroying the phone keeping it running nonstop all day every day, the battery will be shot at the very least. Not only that, but $5.00 dollars a day for running 5 phones non-stop what is the electricity cost that these may be pulling, bandwidth usage during peak times in your home etc.

If you don’t have the extra phones laying around the house in order to use, then you are also going to be out the phones cost which can be upwards of $40.00 dollars. I was able to find  the CoolPad  Arise at my local Kroger store for $10.00 (reg price $59.99) and bought a few, these phones run the application well enough and are cheap if you can get them on sale.

In closing if you have the extra phones laying around and you know for a fact you will eventually TRASH them, then I say go for it and give PERK TV a try. Otherwise, it is not worth the investment to get into this at this time. If they put the point system back to 4 points per video and take off the timer that kicks you out of the application, then it would definitely be worth giving it a try. But as for now stay away if you don’t have the spare phones on hand already.

If you’re interested in moving past GiftCards and discounts and you want to learn the next step in the online financial world like starting your own business. Then check out how PERK TV which is a great program stacks up against the #1 recommended program on this website. You can try out this program for absolutely nothing, no credit cards, you will also get 2 free websites at no cost just to test out the waters. If you like it stick around otherwise PERK TV will always be here waiting for you.


Perk TV App at a Glance…

Name: PERK TV App
Owner: TrialPay
Price: Free Mobile Phone Application
Overall Rank: 2/10


VERDICT: LEGIT (There is not a substantial profit opportunity with this application, although some profits can be earned)

3d Man With Green Check

There are just too many variables that have changed within the PERK TV program over the last year. This makes most of their customers feel as they never know what they are going to get with PERK TV, or that they are getting the shaft (So to speak) because the payout is constantly changing (decreasing).


Click here to check out the Top Rated Making Money at Home Product Review


If you are a current Perk TV member and have additional information on this program please leave those comments or tips below. Any and all feedback and comments are appreciated and can be left below.


This review report has been submitted by Damon, of HowtoEarnaLivingUsingTheInternet









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30 thoughts on “Perk TV APP Review”

  1. Hi Damon,

    Gift cards are great but I could see someone becoming obsessed with this application on their smartphone just to earn that $100. I don’t think that the money equation is as effective as it sounds and I fear that it could really suck the productivity out from our life. Creating a stable income from the internet is a far better alternative than watching videos.

  2. I agree Cathy, it used to be somewhat profitable. only just a few months ago but Perk TV continues to lower the pay out unfortunately.
    Also, you don’t need to watch the video’s just let them run on an old phone. Not that it matters at this point because it is not a very profitable venture.

  3. As someone who has been using perk with 5 phones. I say its worth it especially if you have spare phones laying around. Turn it on, walk away and check on it periodically. Im earning about 3 dollars a day after all of the recent updates. And all I literally do is check on them every few hours to make sure they are still running. The electricity cost is about 2 dollars a month but being vigilant with it on my spare time is earning me date night money or birthday present money through amazon. Totally worth it.

  4. Great information there Ziv. it can make you some money for sure, and it is still more hands free than say Swagbucks for sure. I still use Perk TV to this day myself. It’s nice side money, saving up my rewards for a new Elliptical for my home. Thank you for the extra idea’s and your comment

  5. I see that you do have options for social media on your website. I am going to share out this post specifically, it is a very good write up about how Perk TV can make you money or at least money via Gift-Cards.

  6. Thanks Kandice, Perk TV and the like alternatives “Swagbucks” have a decent earning potential that I like to refer to as Side money. These programs are not going to allow you to quit your Day job, but they are nice for at the very least 1-2 big ticket items a year for free. And to me, that makes them winning programs…

  7. Thank you so much for this information on PERK TV. I will be sure to take a look into this program, I love gift-cards and if I can earn for just searching and playing video’s then I am in!

    Do you know of any other programs similar to this?

  8. Hey Shiva thanks for the comment.

    PerkTV is a great way to make that little bit of extra in terms of income, although it is on gift-cards you can still use those at Target or So they can be used for almost anything really.

    There are many Perk TV alternatives out there on the web, have you tried SwagBucks? It is very similar….

  9. After looking at a few of the blog articles on your website, I really
    like your way of blogging. I bookmarked it to my bookmark
    website list and will be checking back in the near future.

  10. All the time I email this blog post/page to my friends. For the simple reason that if like to read it, then my contacts will too.

  11. Each and every Perk TV updates ruins the application more and more. I feel as though Perk TV started off with a great app, and then they have slowly destroyed it with every update. The application is virtually useless at this point. My point totals are down drastically per day, week and month. I once could make $150.00 a month profit with PERKTV, now I make about $30.00!

    You may need to review PERKTV again and adjust their review score. Or at least change the rating from Legit to something else less favorable.

  12. Hi, Hattie. I hate to agree with you just because I like PERKTV so much, but what you are saying is true. They updates have hurt the application a lot more than it has helped it for sure. The point system is almost not worth the time spent to get involved with at this point, if you’re not already involved with PERKTV then I would not suggest starting to get involved with them at this time.

    I am holding off on changing the review score until the next update since I heard rumors that they are working on the point system to improve upon it. However if that does not happen or they push it back I will be forced to move perk from the Legit category!

    Thanks for your comment, you made some very valid points and obviously speak from experience!

  13. Perk TV is just a shell of what it once was, this review is pretty good though. My advice to your readers would be if you’re not involved already with Perk TV then don’t bother getting involved. It’s going downhill fast!

  14. Howdy I am so excited I found your site, I really found you by error, while I was researching
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    do keep up the superb job.

  15. Useful info. Lucky me, I found your website by chance and I bookmarked it.

    I used to make almost $150.00 a month extra doing nothing but running my PerkTv phones non=stop. Now though, with recent updates I am only making about $40-$50 a month. Sad that they continue to update and make the application worse. I have dropped 2/3 of my profit in less than 3 months.

  16. Yeah, we are all feeling the squeeze from these recent updates Martha. If they continue to decrease earnings, then the app won’t be of any use to anyone in the near future. The folks at PerkTV have to realise this….

  17. I wanted to let you know that currently PerkTV 2.3.0.apk allows the application to not time out!

  18. Thank You, Kristen. I appreciate you letting know!

    Another reader “Ziv” just sent me the 2.3.0.apk 2 days ago and told me the same thing, although I have not had a chance to try it out yet and confirm it for myself. I’m assuming though since two readers in the last 2-3 days have said the same thing that it does in fact work. I plan on installing it tomorrow and trying it on my phones though. Thanks again though Kristen, very cool of you to let everyone know 🙂

    On a side note, if you live near a Kroger Grocery store they have the $10.00 Android devices on sale again that you can use for PerkTV.

  19. Hello, Clarita. I can see why you might say that, but to those with money invested in phones Perk TV is still somewhat viable to us. The 2.3.0.apk makes Perk TV a little more worthwhile.

    I do agree that Swagbucks is a decent alternative for many looking for online GiftCards.

  20. Try Perk TV Live, it awards a decent amount of points even though you have to be interacting with the application.

  21. Only my second day doing Perk. Lots to learn! What is “The 2.3.0.apk”? Will it work on my LG Fuel and if so, where/how do I get it?

  22. Monica. Welcome to Perk TV, It’s a good way to make some side money in the form of Gift cards. the 2.3.0 was the version at the time of this writing, I believe the current version to be 4.1.2.

    Have a look around though, there are several ways to make money online mentioned in this website. Some even better then Perk TV 🙂

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