Prosperity Formula Review – Is It Just Another Funnel Scam

Don't get off the road here!

Prosperity Formula Review – Is It Just Another Funnel Scam


Prosperity Formula Scam
Prosperity Formula Scam

Name:  Prosperity Formula
Website: (but wait, let’s not stop there) they also are linked to (A.KA),,,,
Owner: Ultimately Prosperity Formula and the above mentioned a.k.a. websites are just an affiliate of the Empower network that charges a “team fee” to gain access into the Empower Network. Confused yet? You should be, it’s a lot of smoke and mirror’s
Price: $25.00 for access to Prosperity Formula but expect to pay more, much more for access to the Empower Network
Overall Ranking: 0/10

Prosperity Formula Product Overview

In this Prosperity Formula Review or should I say in this Prosperity Formula Scam report? That is since they are linked to the Empower Network! But anyway, we are going to give them as fair of a shake as we can and just take a deeper look at the service and what they offer.

What is Prosperity Formula?

These type of systems (Prosperity Formula) are even worse than the parent system (Empower Network) and I am going to tell you why right now.

Empower Network Scam
Empower Network Scam

Okay, so you have a system on the internet that is called the Empower Network which in my opinion as well as many others opinions, is one of the largest scams online today, hands down period! Just take a look at the review I have already written on these scammers Empower Network here.

The Empower Network charges damn near an arm and a leg just to have a chance at promoting their system.

Yes, you read that correctly you will be paying them in order to promote their system.

So in other words, they are selling you material to teach you how to sell their material. You will then turn around and sell this material to other people, and expect them to do the same and so on. Exhausting even just trying to explain that system, gesh!

Anyway, let me get back on track here.

So these other guys “Prosperity Formula and the likes” will sell you to join their so called group of guru’s so that not only can you pay them an entrance fee to be a part of their team, but then you still get to shell out that arm and leg to join the  Empower Network I spoke about earlier.

Prosperity Formula Review
Prosperity Formula Review

Have you picked up on the fact that this might just be multi-layered BS that they are selling yet? I’m sure you have since most people are able to spot this scam a mile away.

Anyway, what this system is known as is an MLM or Multi-level marketing system. or the old fashioned Pyramid scheme/scam to give it a more common name. Or wait this one is even better yet and one everyone has heard I am sure; A sheep in wolf’s clothing? Yeah, you know that one I am sure.

For those of you not familiar with that saying, you may be asking what does that mean exactly? It means that they are not exactly as they appear and that they are hiding what they are really about, and how they operate. They promise fortune and quick cash, when these goals are not so easily acquired. They are known as scammers, liars, shysters etc. and so on.

These type of systems always promise fortune and quick cash, when realistically, less than 1% of their recruits make any money and even fewer people ever break even. This does not sound like the type of system that I would want to be involved with, and not the type of system I would want any of you involved with either.

I see these kind of scams popping up more and more day after day, that all lead back to the Empower Network. I just did another review on a very similar Empower Network linked affiliate called the PIizza Boy Millionaire that is almost identical to the Prosperity Formula, check out the Pizza Boy Millionaire Review here and see for yourself. I’m sure you will be able to see the similarities for yourself.

Well back to the Nitty Gritty of the Prosperity Formula review….


PROS and CONS of  Prosperity Formula


  • The system is not s system in itself, it’s just a cover for the Empower Network so there really are no PROS to speak of


  • In cooperation with Empower Network, which in itself is a scam
  • Charging you for something that does not really exist
  • Multiple layers of website addresses to cover up their con
  • I could go on and on, but I’m sure you are getting the picture


Who is Prosperity Formula For?

Their sales pitch is geared towards anyone and everyone. But hopefully, people get a chance to read some reviews on the internet before signing up and save themselves some money and frustration.


Tools and Training For Prosperity Formula

You will not get anything directly from Prosperity Formula, instead you will have to wait until you sign up with Empower Network to access these things.


Prosperity Formula Support

This is the one thing that this system could offer (Not that you wouldn’t get it anyway without the $25.00 charge from Empower Network though) they can offer you a direct mentor-ship through Prosperity Formula. This is because ultimately, you will be signing up to the Empower Network under them so they will be your mentor so to speak. They will also get a commission from you signing up, as well as a commission for anyone you sign up etc, etc.


The Price of Prosperity Formula

For starters $25.00 to sign up with Prosperity Formula, But then you have all of the Empower Network charges and Up-sells that will be coming your way too.

You can read more about all the charges that you will be expected to purchase once you sign on with Empower Network located here.


My Final Opinion Of Prosperity Formula

As you may have already guessed from reading this review my final opinion of Prosperity Formula and the Empower Network they are promoting is not going to be a good one!

Here goes anyway.

Don't get off the road here!
Don’t get off the road here!

The Prosperity Formula program is not a program at all, it is an upper-level group promoting a chance to be part of their team in order to not only generate commissions for themselves but to

promote Empower Network. This is a scam, promoting a scam, expecting you to promote a scam. This type of system is not only unethical in my book, but it is also morally wrong and deceiving to boot!

Not all programs online are like this one, and not all programs to earn money online are bad ones or scams either. There are some legit way’s to earn money online if you just dig through all the crap, and that is what this website is all about. We dig through the crap so you don’t have to.

If you want to take a look at some legitimate programs that can help you either earn some extra pocket change, some decent monthly income or something substantial like making a living online then take a look at the legit menu at the top of the screen.

As always, I like to give a visual of the product being reviewed against whatever my current top rated program is at the time. So below, you will see a side by side comparison of Prosperity Formula against the current #1 recommendation Wealthy Affiliate, enjoy 🙂


Prosperity Formula At A Glance….

Name:  Prosperity Formula
Website: (but wait, let’s not stop there) they also are linked to (A.KA),,,,
Owner: Ultimately Prosperity Formula and the above mentioned a.k.a. websites are just an affiliate of the Empower network that charges a “team fee” to gain access into the Empower Network. Confused yet? You should be, it’s a lot of smoke and mirror’s
Price: $25.00 for access to Prosperity Formula but expect to pay more, much more for access to the Empower Network
Overall Ranking: 0/10



Prosperity Formula or Lottery Ticket?
Prosperity Formula or Lottery Ticket?

This system is a sub-system of the Empower Network Scam. I would never recommend the Empower Network or any of it’s affiliate programs to anyone just for the simple fact that these systems are more likely to cost you money than help you gain any money. Now for the naysayers, I am aware that a fraction of people that sign up for these types of programs do make some sort of income (less than 1%) but with that being said, it is possible to make money with this system and the Empower Network it’s just not very likely. If you want to let luck be your guide why not just go buy a Power ball ticket, or whatever lottery system you have in your area. Otherwise, stay clear of scams like these and do the right thing and try to work hard and actually build something that can earn you money now, later and in the far off future too.

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14 thoughts on “Prosperity Formula Review – Is It Just Another Funnel Scam”

  1. Great review on prosperity formula. This gives me insight on whether or not it’s a legit opportunity. Will check back for future updates. Great job!

  2. Thanks for exposing these crooks. You mention the naysayers and the 1% who do make money – the fact is that if you do happen to be one of this 1% then you have shafted someone else. Preying on others is not a nice way to make money.
    I’d love if Anonymous or someone took these parasites down.

  3. Thanks, Jeff I’m glad you enjoyed the article. Oh, and yes I would definitely stay away from Prosperity Formula! The majority of us would not prosper from them, 99% to be exact. 🙂

  4. Np Eoinmc, I agree to be part of the 1% you pretty much screwed a lot of people over. The Empower Network altogether is nothing but shysters really. I guess I have too much of a conscience to treat people in that fashion, at least I sleep well being little less well off 🙂

  5. Thank you, James.

    Prosperity Formula is not a legit opportunity, and I would not expect that to change anytime in the near future.

    Please do check back in James, we are continually updating the articles and adding new content.

  6. Hi Damon!
    I’ve never heard of prosperity formula.
    But I’m glad that I can avoid the scam by reading your review.
    Hope that more people can stay away from these scams.
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. I am glad you found a reason to not join these scammers Steven. Check out the Legit section of this site if you’re interested in programs/products that work when it comes to making money online….

  8. Yeah Sylvia, Prosperity Formula is just another Empower Network scheme. The Empower Network in general, is not a good program to be associated with in any way at all.

    I too hope more folks can stay clear of both of these scams. I’m all about helping the good folks keep their money and keeping the scammers from obtaining it.

  9. Empower Network is under every rock! I say that because everyone associated with Empower Network is a slimy snake in the grass. I wish Empower Network would go out of business already.

  10. If you are reading this, do yourself a favor and stay away from any program that even mentions the Empower Network!
    Great Review of Prosperity Formula!
    I can’t wait to read more from you. This is really a tremendous website.

  11. Heya, Kaitlyn and thank you for leaving a comment. I agree 100% with your comment and I almost always advise to steer clear of the Empower Network and its affiliated programs.

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