Push Button Cash Site Review – Can Cash Really Be Made At The Push Of a Button

Push Button Cash Site Review

Push Button Cash Site Review – Can Cash Really Be Made At The Push Of a Button

Push Button Cash Site Review
Push Button Cash Site Review

Name: Push Button Cash Site
$47.00 with a price drop to
$27.00. Expect Upsells
Daniel Young
Overall Rank:


Push Button Cash Site Product Overview

Today we are going to be looking at a product called “Push Button Cash Site,” this is not a new product and has actually been around on the internet since late 2010 to early 2011. The site

Daniel Young
Daniel Young

www.PushButtonCashSite.com is run by a guy named “Daniel Young” that is a self-proclaimed millionaire. Daniel also states that you can make over $159,720.68 a month using the Push Button Cash Site system. I know, I know, it already sounds bogus to us skeptics! Right? But, Before we throw Daniel to the wolves let’s take a look at how the system works and what exactly it has to offer.

So what is the Push Button Cash Site system?

Push Button Cash Site is a word press plug-in that is supposed to send targeted “buyers traffic” to your website. Daniel explains during his video that there are two types of traffic in the online world “traffic you work for” and traffic you pay for.” Daniel then goes on to say that you need “buyers traffic” wouldn’t that be three types of traffic?

Okay, before I go on any further with the review we have to talk about the video that Daniel has on his website and the countless contradictions in this video. If you have read any of my other reviews then you already know that I absolutely love catching these type of people in their lies! If your product is good and works as its described then there is no need for any of your lies, misdirections or bogus claims and sales pitches.

The video can be found here for those that like a good laugh and want to follow along. I really hate linking out to sites like this, but I wanted others to see just what kind of people we are dealing with online.

Contradictory claims made by Daniel Young in the Push Button Cash Site video.

  1. Push Button Cash Site Open since 2010
    Push Button Cash Site Open since 2010

    Daniel Claims that the price is only $47.00 for the first 50 buyers! So you’re telling me that this amazing software has been out since 2010 and you still have not sold 50 copies? The price is still shown as $47.00 Daniel and it’s been 5 years now since the video was released!

  2. Daniel claims that the software has made him 2 million dollars for him alone, and about the same dollar figures for his inner associates. Then a few sentences later he states he has never shared the software with anyone! Really Daniel? You just said your Inner Associates have made close to the same amount as your 2 million dollar mark with the software!
  3. Daniel claims that this software was secretly copied from one of the top internet enterprises “he is not allowed to reveal the name of said company.”But then Daniel goes on to say that he has spent the last 24 months developing, optimizing and simplifying the same software. Which one is it Daniel? Did the software get secretly copied or did you develop it? If the software was copied from a top internet enterprise that was using it for profit, then why would you even think about changing it by trying to optimize it? It already works!
  4. Daniel states he spent 24 months developing the software and there is only going to be 200 copies released then he has to shut the website down. Okay, so once again, it has been 5 years, you have not sold 200 copies yet? Besides that you spent 2 years developing a software platform that your only going to generate $9400.00 dollars from ($47 for software x 200 copies= $9,400.00) something does not add up! 2 years of my time is worth more than $9,400.00.
  5. Daniel also states numerous times that his Software is White hat legal Traffic generation software but then goes on to describe the same software as underground software! Why would it need to be underground software if it’s White hat?  wouldn’t underground mean it’s not legal or at least not on the up and up?
  6. Daniel states this auto traffic software can help you generate $159,720.68 in 30 days on autopilot! Come on now Daniel! That is a large sum of money buddy! And why such an odd figure? He then goes on to say that your friends and family will think you won the lottery and or you’re doing something illegal because of all of your profits. Well not with this Whitehat software though, right Daniel?
Push Button Cash Site outlandish claims
Push Button Cash Site outlandish claims

I must admit, that for the entire time that I have been running this site and reviewing different products that I have never heard so many lies as stated in this Push Button Cash Site video! Daniel has some nerve, it sounded as though I was listening to a compulsive liar! Wow, just wow!

Okay, now that we are leaving the “how many lies can be told in single a video” portion of the review next up is…

PROS and CONS of Push Button Cash Site


  • Even though there aren’t many positive things to say about Push Button cash Site I was able to find one. If you are interested in making a sales video, you can watch the video for Push Button Cash Site by Daniel Young and learn everything that should not be done in a sales video! That education is priceless!


  • Unrealistic earning potential, no one in any system will ever make 150k in 30 days. Earning money online requires hard work and dedication!
  • Earning money on autopilot is next to impossible in today’s market, unless you have a web site that already has years and years worth of content
  • Once you sign up for the $47.00 price tag, the license has often soon expired for many people asking for an additional $200.00 licensing fee
  • Research shows that the software may also have the capability of copying website article content and possible spinning the content so that it appears different. Taking content that does not belong to you is not only against the law, but is unethical and morally wrong. Especially for a software that is boasted by its owner as being totally legal, ethical and White hat!
  • Numerous other CONS but after the contradictory portion above, do we really need to go back over each on of them?

Who is Push Button Cash Site for?

Push Button Cash Site is targeted at pretty much any and everyone! Daniel states that if you make over $15,000 a month this software is not for you, not sure why he would say that maybe because those people have enough money to sue him for false representation!

Push Button Cash Site Tools and Training

There are not really any tools included besides the WordPress Plugin.

Training primarily consists of 4 videos that will teach you how to configure the plugin.

Push Button Cash Site Support

There is a Knowledge-base and Troubleshooter in order to get self-help and find your own answers. Push Button Cash Site also offers a Help-desk ticketing system that allows you to submit your own support tickets.

The Price of Push Button Cash Site

Push Button Cash Site’s regular price is $197.00 but is currently set at a discounted price of $47.00. If you leave try to leave the page the price drops by $10.00 to $37.00, if you don’t take them up on this offer and try to leave the site again you can get the software for $27.00. This is a common marketing gimmick to drop the price a few times trying to get people to buy.

Push Button Cash Site $10.00 Price Drop
Push Button Cash Site $10.00 Price Drop

Price Drops from $47.00 to $37.00 and finally to $27.00

Push Button Cash Site $20.00 Price Drop
Push Button Cash Site $20.00 Price Drop

My Final Opinion of Push Button Cash Site

Everything about Push Button Cash Site scream that it’s a scam. From the multiple lies uncovered in the video of the owner “Daniel Young” himself , to the unethical style software that he is marketing that plagiarizes others articles. Let’s not forget that after purchasing the software for what ever price you get it for ($47, $37, $27) that the licensing runs out within two weeks and then prompts you to spend an additional $200.00 to continue using the same software you thought you had already purchased!

There is no way, that I would ever feel comfortable recommending this software to my readers or to my worst enemy for that matter! I feel that this piece of software is complete garbage.

Not only will Push Button Cash Site software not help you gain traffic, it will also not be a good move for any legitimate website or business. If you get caught duplicating content that belongs to others Google, then You will get Google slapped faster than you can say Push Button Cash Site Scam! Once your site/business gets Google slapped, you can expect not to rank well within Google for a long time (sometimes years.)

Earning Money  Online requires more than a 1-2-3 step plan
Earning Money Online requires more than a 1-2-3 step plan

If you’re interested in a way to earn free traffic the old-fashioned way, by working for it and learning how to gain a following that is engaging with your site than I can help. First off, stop searching for get rich quick schemes like Push Button Cash Site and try out a proven method that allows you test the waters out for free. I’m talking about my #1 recommended training program on howtoearnalivingusingtheinternet.com called Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate has helped 1,000’s of people including me, to learn not only how to start a website but to create a full blown business of our own. Check out the table below to see how Wealthy Affiliate truly stacks up when compared to a product like Push Button Cash Site!

Push Button Cash Site At A Glance…..

Name: Push Button Cash Site
$47.00 with a price drop to
$27.00. Expect Upsells
Daniel Young
Overall Rank:


Straight Up Scam!

Push Button Cash Site is nothing more than a straight up scam. The lies that the owner states during the video and the outlandish earning potential that he claims anyone can make should be a tell tale sign to run in the other direction.


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  1. Hi there!
    I always say the minute you see someone offer a figure of how much you can make in a set amount of time it is your sign to run!
    Excellent review and I love your site, keep up the good work!


  2. I could not agree more, Shawn! How would anyone know ahead of time what you could make online with any product, not any two people perform the same or have the same amount of free time, or available time to put into something.

    Thanks for the comment 🙂

  3. I love the “Contradictory Claims” section of this review and how you have pointed out that Daniel himself is not telling the entire truth. You did an amazing job uncovering this product, keep up the good work

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