Quick Ways to Make Money Online – Bring the Fresh Review

Bring the Fresh Review

Quick Ways to Make Money Online – Bring the Fresh Review

Bring the Fresh Review
Bring the Fresh Review

Name:  Bring The Fresh
Website: http://www.bringthefresh.com/
Owner: Kelly Felix and Mike Long  started the company only Kelly Felix remains
Price: $47.00
Overall Ranking: 4/10


What is Bring the Fresh? 

In this Bring the Fresh review we will be taking a look at just that, what is Bring the fresh! Is Bring the Fresh part of the group that allows quick ways to make money online? or is it just a scam?

Well this review is sure to get to the bottom of exactly what this product offers, how it performs and will it allow us to actually make money online. I’m talking about some real cash not pennies, just real cash as we could earn a living with it.

So let’s get to it.

A peek inside Bring the Fresh….

Bring the Fresh or (BTF) is an Internet marketing product. This internet marketing training is not bad really, and I don’t really just say that about any program it really takes something pretty decent to turn my head and for me to give a compliment right off the bat.

This training is geared specifically with the  beginner in mind, someone looking to get their foot in the door with internet marketing.

More about Bring the Fresh…

You will be building your very own website to get started and Bring the Fresh will  provide you with a tool for doing so that will make the process a cinch. Now I’m not saying that the process of making a website is a hard one, but for someone new it can be a little overwhelming and this tool simplifies it for you.

Your goal will be to drive traffic to this website and to make money from that traffic.

The Bring the Fresh Program also stays up to date so it’s not like the owners created the system and then they just let it sit and marinade to make them money, like many other similar systems online today. They do actually keep Bring the Fresh up to date and anytime Google makes an update, they too will make a corresponding update to their system in order to stay current.

This service has been offered since 2012 so they may claim to have been helping people for 5 years, it was not directly through this website since it has only been operational for about 3 years at the time of this writing.

Bring the Fresh Home Page
Bring the Fresh Home Page



What are the PROS and CONS about Bring the Fresh


  • The Fast start Guide – this is pretty much the “meat” of what you are purchasing for your membership fee, and what you will want to pretty much spend your time on mastering. This is where you will be learning how to create your first website and getting those websites Search Engine Optimized (SEO) and ultimately this guide is pretty spot on. They teach good methods for getting a website ranked and for this I commend them, you can learn something of value here for sure.
  • The community – well it has one, so that’s a bonus or plus I guess. The only negative part about the community is that a lot of people ask questions, but getting answers to those questions can take a while and I do mean a while day’s or even weeks sometimes. So in other words if you have a problem try figuring it out for yourself first via Google and only ask here if you must.
  • This service has a money back guarantee, but if you are new and are just purchasing the fast start guide then more than likely you will find value and may not opt to get your money back since this portion of the program is actually pretty good.
  • Website tool is something anyone could use to create their very first website
  • Program keeps up with Google they update when Google updates so training remains fresh


  • You are going to be getting bombarded with opportunities to buy this or that product to make things easier or better for you. The original product you purchased will never seem like enough and they will up-sell you something else at every turn. This was a major downfall for me, let me tell you why. If I purchase your product, at least let that product work well enough to get me through 90% of what I will be doing since I have already purchased something from you, you know? Bring the Fresh does not operate this way and you “WILL BE UP-SOLD TO” a lot! They also do not tell you this from the start, they act like the original product is all you need, but it quickly become obsolete.
  • No free trial or even a brief description of what the product entails before starting or signing up.
  • They appear to be a get rich quick sort of program on their website which can make you feel like their intentions are a bit shady and they may just be with the up-sells once your inside.
  • Webinar training – this can be a very boring way to study and learn for many people. So your options are to read, or to watch webinars and that’s basically it.
  • Stay away from every other portion this service offer’s (Up-sells)besides the original opt in starting program. These additional purchases are not only up-sells but they are very high priced up sells that you would just be better off saving money on, these additions have no real value.


Who is Bring the Fresh for?

Anyone could use this product but it is mainly geared towards the new Internet marketer, and they will get the most value out of becoming a member.

Quick ways to make money online
Quick ways to make money online



Bring the Fresh Tools and Training?

You will need to be able to read and watch webinars for long periods of time in order to learn the training material. As long as you can do those things, you will be able to learn something new from the material offered and find some value in what you have purchased.



Bring the Fresh support

The forum is growing pretty nicely and has a member base of nearly 16,000 members. There is a contact page in order to contact the owners and a FAQ’s section. This is about the extent of the support you will be receiving though, unfortunately.



The price of Bring the Fresh?

Currently the price is a flat rate of $47.00, now I have read that there is a $7.00 one week trial, but I was never able to locate this one week trial. There are also some claims that if you hit the back button on your browser that the price drops by 60% but these exact same sites state the starting price is much more than the $47.00 dollars shown as of today.

So I am not sure if Bring the Fresh has multiple pricing pages, or if maybe these other sites have dated information or not. either way the $47.00 price was the only price I was able to locate and was what I ended up paying to join the membership portion of the site, if you run across a way to drop the price please leave the method below in the comments of this page.



My final Opinion on Bring the Fresh

Okay so let me give it to you straight. If you are thinking of joining this program and you are completely new to internet marketing as a whole, then if you buy anything stick with the basic membership only……

The up-sells are not only not worth the money at Bring the Fresh, but most of them should be included with your original purchase. Some of the up-sells are shady practices and will hurt your site more than they will ever help it, and for long periods of time.

You don’t want to be getting Google slapped with a new website, it will kill any financial gains you currently are receiving and even hurt your future earning potential from that particular website.

If the community was more involved, and you never had to look elsewhere for answers than I think this product would get a much better ranking. But, since the community does not interact very well and it takes so long to get an answer for almost any question the community is not a valuable tool at this time.


Bring the Fresh at a Glance…..

Name:  Bring The Fresh
Website: http://www.bringthefresh.com/
Owner: Kelly Felix and Mike Long  started the company only Kelly Felix remains
Price: $47.00
Overall Ranking:  4/10

VERDICT: LEGIT (This product will assist you in getting started with Internet Marketing)

3d Man With Green Check

Now I am not sure if this is a quick way to make money online, since I have not made any money with it yet. But overall, this product will teach you the basic’s in getting started with Internet Marketing at the very least. After starting here some additional training from another product may be needed in order to make any sort of profit.

The product does contain the basics needed to make money online for some people though, and should at least be considered when looking for those types of opportunities.




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2 thoughts on “Quick Ways to Make Money Online – Bring the Fresh Review”

  1. This is a really great review. I have never heard of Bring the Fresh but I have heard of Wealthy Affiliate. Based on what I know personally of Wealthy Affiliate and based on your review of Bring the Fresh, I would have to choose Wealthy Affiliate hands down.

    Thx for this info.

  2. Thanks Jason I appreciate the remarks in your comment.Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing program and the best one I have come across online so far, there are a few others that are pretty good too though but as of this writing WA get’s my vote for the best of the best. Oh, and let me tell you I have been a part of more than just a few of the really bad one’s out there unfortunately. Bring the Fresh is not the best but as long as you stay with the starter package it does have value in the program, they get ya with the add-on’s or up-sells.

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