Simple Fast Cash Formula by Chris Jones Review – Does Simple Fast Cash Really Exist

Simple Fast Cash Formula Review

Simple Fast Cash Formula by Chris Jones Review – Does Simple Fast Cash Really Exist

Simple Fast Cash Formula Review
Simple Fast Cash Formula Review


Name: Simple Fast Cash Formula
$47.00 a month
Chris Jones 
Overall Rank:


Simple Fast Cash Formula Product Overview

The Simple Fast Cash Formula program by Chris Jones is not as straight forward as I originally anticipated. When I first looked into the Simple Fast Cash Formula it appeared to be a training program to help make money online, but after digging around a little bit I was able to discover just how far this rabbit hole goes.

SImple Fast Cash Formula Claims
Simple Fast Cash Formula Claims

You see, the Simple Fast Cash Formula is part of the iPAS2 system, the iPas 2 system is owned and created by Chris Jones and Chris Campbell. You may recognize the Chris Campbell name from my Pizza Boy Millionaire review, well it’s the one in the same Chris Campbell. Chris seems to be putting his name onto a lot of products these day’s, but they all seem to point back to the Empower Network.

Pizza Boy Millionaire Chris Campbell
Pizza Boy Millionaire Chris Campbell

Chris’s Pizza Boy Millionaire is a Mentor style team that leads you into promoting the Empower Network. Well, Chris Jones and Chris Campbell’s Simple Fast Cash Formula system is a training program with mentoring that will lead you into iPAS and iPAS will lead you into promoting you may have already guessed it “The Empower Network!” Read my Empower Network review to find out exactly why the Empower Network is not at the top of very many people’s legit program lists, including mine!

My first issue with Simple Fast Cash Formula is with the video that lies directly on their home page and is displayed upon entering the website. The video first appears with a 4-minute timer below it counting down which is not anything new when promoting services online or trying to push people into buying, we have all seen these before, right?

But, this timer is just a little different in that it prevents any action from being taken on the page, there is no buy now feature and you can even pause the sales video and not watch it but the timer remains on screen and continues counting down.  This is not a sales tactic but a ranking tactic in disguise, and it’s pretty clever. You see, the only reason they have a 4-minute timer before offering you a sale is to keep you on the page for 4 minutes, nothing more and nothing less. If you stay on their website for 4 minutes, that looks great in Googles eyes and will skyrocket their page ranking into the top positions in Google and that eventually will equal a higher sales volume. Think about it this way, let’s say you have a website, how engaging would your website look to Google if each and every person had to stick around at the minimum of 4 minutes? I can speak from experience that Google would see you as an authority website very quickly and your ranking would benefit immensely.

simple fast cash formula 4 minute timer
simple fast cash formula 4-minute timer

Now, I hung around on the Simple Fast Cash Formula website longer than the 4-minute minimum and watched the entire Chris Jones video and let me tell you its rather lengthy to put it mildly. I did not notice anything that we don’t normally expect from these video’s, there are the same outlandish claims like earning $3,000.00 a day backed by testimonials from some paid off individuals. There are the discounts, Chris states he should be charging $2,000.00 for the system but for you, he is giving it away for $47.00 a month. He then states that he is giving you a free website that would cost 100’s of thousands of dollars if you had it created yourself. Well, websites don’t have to cost much at all if anything and if you are interested in building a free website and learning how to utilize it then check out my how to build a website section.

Simple Fast Cash Formula Earning Cliams
Simple Fast Cash Formula Earning Claims

Chris Jones does mention the iPAS system in the video but never really mentions what it entails, nor does he mention anything about the Empower Network in which you will eventually be promoting. There is no transparency in the video, the system or on the website what so ever! You are never told exactly what you will be doing other than driving traffic to a particular website that is created for you when you join the Simple Fast Cash Formula.

Simple Fast Csh Formula Does Not need a hand in
Simple Fast Csh Formula Does Not need a hand in


PROS and CONS of Simple Fast Cash Formula


  • Chris Jones does mention some key factors that I agree are invaluable when creating an online business like community, mentorship, and Support.
  • No questions asked 30-day money back guarantee


  • Not transparent enough with their connection to the iPas system and not transparent at all that they are in conjunction with the Empower Network
  • High dollar earnings claims in terms of the dollar amount and day’s it would take to earn($3,000 a day)
  • Chris states that if you sell one high ticket item you could earn $3k worth of revenue, how much are these high ticket items?
  • Associated with the Empower Network and in order to get all the programs that the Empower Network has to offer could end up costing you over $5,000.00 not to mention the monthly fee’s to be part of this system.
  • a system (Simple Fast Cash Formula), inside a system (iPAS), Inside another system (Empower Network) I’m exhausted just thinking about all of those layers. If you have a good product only one layer is necessary!
  • Upsells Galore between the three systems should be expected

Who is Simple Fast Cash Formula for?

The Simple fast Cash Formula targets people looking to get into making a living online or trying to work from home, they could be beginners to intermediate most experts are knowledgeable enough to steer clear of any program associated with the Empower Network.

The Simple Fast Cash Formula is also looking for the newcomers that have a big portion of the money to invest. The amount of money you  have to invest, usually determines what type of training and mentoring you will receive. I know this will be the case once you get involved with the Empower Network portion of the program read my Empower Network review to learn how buying higher levels inside the program ultimately equals better training and responsive mentorship.

I guess it’s for anyone since, you really wont have a hand in anything Chris Jones will be taking care of all of that for you. But, remember with no control do you really have anything tangable that you, yourself own?

Simple Fast Cash Formula Business your's or theirs?
Simple Fast Cash Formula Business your’s or theirs?

Simple Fast Cash Formula Tools and Training

There is a mentorship program, and training on how to generate traffic to your premade website as well as some additional training that will be provided for Simple Fast Cash Formula, iPAS and the Empower Network.

simple fast cash formula Training
simple fast cash formula Training

Simple Fast Cash Formula Support

Expect most support to be from your upline Mentor

Simple Fast Cash Formula Price

It costs $47.00 a month to get into the Simple Fast Cash Formula system. I would expect additional fee’s and upsells to be presented to you moving forward into iPas. I would also expect a large investment if you plan on following through into Empower Network through iPAS upwards of $5,000.00 of an investment.

My Final Opinion of the Simple Fast Cash Formula

My final opinion of the Simple Fast Cash Formula is not a good one, not only because they are 3 layers away from the Empower Network but because of how they fool you into thinking that they are an entirely diffrent identity then have the nerve to charge you a monthly fee on top of that.

Sure they are offering some additional benefits in terms of training and a mentor to get you going , which is great and all. But, at the end of the day you will still be promoting iPAS and the Empower Network and not only is that not fully disclosed in the video or anywhere on the website, but the Empower Network has some serious moral and ethical issues linked to it.

If you are looking to get started making money online or learn how to work from home, then getting into a system with layer upon layer ithat will eventually end up costing you thousands is probobly not a place you want to start out at. If a program that offers some free training, free websites, free hosting and a free trial is more your speed then I urge you to check check out my top recommended program Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate has turned more common folks like you and I into succesful business owners than any other program on the internet today simply because it works! Check out the table below to see how Wealthy Affiliate stacks up against the likes of Simple Fast Cash Formula, and if you want to give it a try completely free just click the “try WA for free today button.”


Simple Fast Cash Formula At A Glance……

Name: Simple Fast Cash Formula
$47.00 a month
Chris Jones 
Overall Rank:


Straight Up Scam!

The Simple Fast Cash Formula program may be able to train you and mentor you into making money online, but that does not make it a good system to get involved with. If the Empower System was a good system it would not need to be covered up with so many other layers and names of other systems (iPAS & Simple Fast Cash Formula) to encourage people to promote it. If it was a good dependable system then it would be an open book and visually apparent at what you are getting involved with and getting into! But instead it relies on layers to conceal the hidden truth.


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