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Site Build It Review

Site Build It review
Site Build It review

Name:  Site Build It (SBI) Site Sell
Price: $249.00 (There is a 90-day money back guarantee)
Owners: Ken Evoy
Overall Rank: 6/10

Site Build It (SBI) Site Sell

Let me start off by saying that I was a member of Site build it about a year ago. I am also currently no longer a member at Site Build It at the time of this writing. Not that I left on bad terms it was just time for me to move onto other things.

What to expect in this review

I will give my honest opinion on what is offered at Site Build it and what to expect with a membership there, and some of the good and bad points of this product. No embellishment of any sort will be provided within this review.

Okay, now that the gibberish is out of the way let’s get moving onto the review.


The Product: Site Build it (SBI) Site Sell?

The quick and Easy Answer

Site Build It is an affiliate training program that offers to teach you how to build your own business via a website on the internet. Once you have a website for your NICHE (Interest, passion or what your website is about) created they will train you how to monetize it through affiliate marketing.

Site Build It is not much different than some of the other affiliate marketing products offered online today. Most of these products are about the same with a few added features thrown in here or there to make them more appealing to you and I.


Included when you sign up – The good and bad of the claims not found in the fine print

On the Sign-up screen of Site Build It, they offer the following key features. (Each Feature that is offered by SBI will be in BOLD text shown below.) Each feature will be discussed in order to prove it’s importance or disapprove it’s claimed in order to help make a judgment if a purchase would be a good choice or not.


Research your Niche

What they offer – Brainstormer – which is supposed to help you find a Niche that not only will be profitable, but is ideal for the amount of time you have to put into your website. For example if you would like to make a website to affiliate market flowers they will give you ideas on what keywords or niche idea to shot for if you only have x amount of hours per day or week.

Review – Sounds pretty decent and works pretty well.


Plan your work

What they Offer – Value Demand, real supply, site info and search it – They boast that you will be using keyword tools the pros use and even some the pros don’t know about.(Now I had a problem with this one and I will tell you why)

Review – Let’s for a minute take an example that anyone should be familiar with like Professional basketball for instance. Do you for one minute think that Dan Gilbert the owner of the Cleveland cavaliers could teach LeBron James anything about basketball or the mechanics of the game that LeBron didn’t already know? More than likely not, do you want to know why? Because LeBron is a pro!!!!!

You could substitute the example for any profession out there, the fact is they are not going to teach you things the pro’s don’t know about that is just silly! Sorry, I can rant sometimes, silly of them to even say that, gesh! But whatever, moving on….


Domain Name and Hosting 

What they Offer –They offer a high-speed website (Which is undeniably fast) that is set up right inside of the Site Build It website. They offer unlimited Bandwidth and great uptime rates (Which all is true) and here is the kicker they offer unlimited pages.

Review – Okay, so if you are not familiar with what a page is let me explain. A page is usually what is found at the top most of the website for example if you scroll to the top of page you are on right now and click on build a website that is a page. If you are familiar then you know there should really never be a limit on the amount of pages in which you can create anyway, much less inside of “your own website.” So they are offering things that are normally free for everyone else when creating a website.  Is this a tactic or just a marketing scheme geared towards people that don’t know any better? Who know’s, I guess it’s good they offer it at all, even though the rest of us are already getting this same offer for free! At least there is not an up-charge for the 1,000 pages I guess, lol.


Engage Your Visitors 

What they offer – This allows visitors to create content that is more than just a comment but a complete page with photos included within the comment/page. This is a pretty nifty idea and I am sure would help with getting some additional SEO benefit. Has some other built-in features like polls, contact forms etc.

The Review – These are things provided standard within all WordPress plug-ins that they had to build separate in order to support their web platform. But, at least SBI IS building these features in, in order to provide these features for their members. All in all they do a good job with the comments section and I was impressed.


Turn Traffic Into Customers

What they Offer – There are three things under this category (Ezine Articles, Email/webmail and E-commerce) let’s touch base on each one real quick below.

What they offer – Ezine Articles– Let me explain what Article Directories are and what they are used for. Normally article directories are used in order to add an SEO benefit to your ranking in Google, and to produce redirected traffic at your site to show Google you are legitimate. these are also produced to add back-links to your website.

Review – Now, With that being said Ezine articles is free for anyone to sign up for and to promote their website! IT IS NOT something that only SBI includes or has access to because it is FREE for any and everyone! Kinda gimmicky there, but I get it. Moving on….

What they offer – Email/Webmail – SBI offers unlimited email addresses from your domain.

Review – Another feature that is standard within most hosting accounts that are a lot less then the SBI membership, but we will get into price later.

What they offer – E-commerce ready- Again, something that can be gained by adding a secure website to your domain for an additional charge from every hosting company. (This may be included with the membership fee at SBI, I was unable to locate if there was an up-charge for this)

Review – Keep in mind though that an Https for eCommerce can be purchased for as little as 10 dollars a year from most hosting companies. This could be viewed as a perk if you are already a member of SBI and they already have your money.


Search Engines love your traffic 

What they offer – They create your XML site map page in order to turn into Google, so that you can get your page in the rankings or seen by Google.

Review – What they don’t tell you is that because of the platform they use that Google spiders most of the time will not find your site on their own. So in other words it’s an additional hoop you must jump through, because if you want your website seen by the world and that means “Google”  then you must create an XML map of the site and tell Google “Hey here I am, Google Look at me, Yo Google.” Which is not the norm when it comes to most websites. The majority of websites never need to tell Google they are there because Google can see them and find them on it’s own, WordPress is a great example of this.


Know your Metrics

What they offer – You will be able to see where your page ranks or keywords rank within Google.

Review – This is another free feature that can be found anywhere on the net and is not a key feature to anyone that can search Google for them selves. Open Google>Type Find my page rank In Google and a plethora of options are available.


Market Your Business 

What they offer – Teach you how to build links in order to gain traffic, market to social media to gain traffic and offer tools in order to accomplish.

Review – This is the single hardest thing tot accomplish at times for almost everyone that is trying to market their website. You will be advertising your website on Article directories (For Back-links) and posting on social media (For Back-links.) This is common practice for every website owner that is driving traffic. I could not get my hands on what tool they are using but if it’s automated for anything other than social media, then plan on having your website Google Slapped eventually! But all in all, this is something of value and a tactic you must learn, always keep in mind as long as your content on these site’s are good then your site will be golden.


Grow your Brand

What they offer + Comment – This is the portion where you grow your business, you will be offered a “MASTER KEYWORD LIST,” this is kind of funny to me because why am I getting this ultimate master keyword list now? Why have you been holding out on me? So, you had this Ultimate Super Duper Master Keyword list all along, but I couldn’t have it until I already had a successful website? Lol, that is what comes to my mind when I first read that.

Review – They also offer a private Guru in your ear to help you become a brand. How do they do this? By allowing you to read articles. That does not sound like a Guru in my ear, that sounds like a good luck now go find some help on your own. But at least there are options and literature for you to read to advance your business.


Master Online Marketing

What they offer – You will get updates to the latest techniques provided in affiliate marketing and online marketing. Tools are available in this section along with video training and written training both available on the web as well as mobile browser options.

Review- Claim is 100% accurate


Support Included

What they offer – There are private forums for members to discuss techniques or to offer/receive support from other members. There is also 24/7 365 support services employees that are employed by the company as well that will offer support.

Review + Comment – Let me touch on something here, and let me just say that this is not just geared directly towards SBI and could be used in many other scenarios.

If you have a Guru, right? That knows a money making system that has been PROVEN to make a large sums of money. Then why in the world are they working for your service center and not out making the large sum’s of money on their own through the system that they already are GURU’S for?

Now I know some people could be volunteer’s or just love what they do and like to help people, and I get that. But I refuse to believe that these companies employee these people that know such a great system that could make them rich and yet those same employees haven’t left to make their own fortune yet.

My conclusion is either the system is not that good as stated, or the employees are not that smart! Like I said this is not just directed towards Site build It, but to all the systems out there that make this claim. Do they know how dumb they look, when they do that? Do they think we are that dumb not to put this together?

Wow…..Okay….Moving On!


Your Site Is Secure

What is offered – You will get a 99.99% up-time with SBI hosting across all of your pages/posts.

Review – This is a pretty common claim nowadays and for most hosting services this is the norm that will be quoted to you. 99.99% Should be expected “by you the customer.”



Site Build It (SBI) at a Glance….

Name:  Site Build It (SBI) Site Sell
Price: $249.00 (There is a 90 day money back guarantee)
Owners: Ken Evoy
Overall Rank: 6/10



3d Man With Green Check

Even though SBI includes some additional tools, services, plug-ins with the product that are found elsewhere for free on the internet, I found the training here to be pretty good. They do guide you through how to create a website, add quality content and monetize the website itself. You will also learn about affiliate marketing and how to search engine optimize the website (although the SEO could have been simpler if they would have just used WordPress), it is their system and it pretty much does what it says when it comes to crating a business type website.


If you will ever see profit’s from this product seems to be a 50/50 shot in the dark from other reviews I have read, and my own personal Opinion when I had an account (I didn’t make a single buck.) Of coarse this does not mean you will not succeed there, because it is possible if you put enough effort into the system itself.

The service itself has some major issues that they live with and don’t seem to want to repair and are similar to Apple’s proprietary stance on things. If you plan on ever leaving SBI with “Your” website in hand, expect an array of issues when adding plug-ins once moved and don’t expect any tools to follow you either which will cause some grief to say the least. All you are really left with is the actual content that you would be better off copy/paste onto another website with a WordPress theme that you should have been using in the first place. Getting traffic to any website is hard work no matter what anyone will ever tell you!

No free trial is the deal breaker for most, especially with a $249 price tag before you even get a chance to see what you are getting……



Side note: No one wants to be bother by floating pop up’s every single time they go to your web page (SBI.) Please make a rule to only show them upon first visit, for the love of god!SBI Pop up, pop up, pop up, pop up


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Please leave any comments regarding this article in the comments section below, any and all comments are welcome and appreciated here.

Are you  a Site Build It (SBI) member, former member or thinking of joining please leave your comments or concerns below so that we may all learn from them.


This review report has been submitted by Damon, of HowtoEarnaLivingUsingTheInternet



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19 thoughts on “Site Build It review”

  1. Wow, great job on your Site build it review, definitely full of information here, I really like how you mentioned in your verdict Legit “ish” Great job this will definitely help someone to better decide if it’s for them or not. Keep up the great work!

  2. Thank you for your feedback Jennifer I really appreciate it. The goal was to debunk some of the things offered by Site Build It. Most of these bundled services that they boast is part of their package come free from every other platform out there. And if you don’t know any better, then you are going to get taken by some of those claims.

  3. Thank you for the comment Terry. There are much better services out there on the Internet that provide a better service than Site Build It. Not that Site Build it is the bottom of the barrel by any means though, there are just better choices available. Your comment is appreciated….

  4. Great review of SBI…
    I used Site Build it for a year and the program is actually not too bad. Like you though, I did end up switching to Wealthy Affiliate and find the training a lot easier to understand, also the help you get from Wealthy Affiliate is just unmatched.

  5. I agree Bart the assistance that Wealthy Affiliates offers is indeed the best around, and the community there was the driving point that made my decision to switch. Thanks for your comment

  6. Thank you Samuel, I am glad you enjoyed the Site Build It review. Thank you for stopping by and commenting it is appreciated.

  7. I have been a member with both Site build it and Wealthy Affiliate too. I think Site build it has a lot to offer, and is a good starting place for anyone that would like to become familiar with internet marketing or affiliate marketing.

    I do wish I had found Wealthy Affiliate first though, it is a much better program and just offer’s a lot more than Site build it.

  8. LOL, I think I agree with you there Eddie. Half of the internet would surly disappear of the scams went away.

    I’m glad you found some useful tip’s on avoiding scams. If you ever find one your unsure about you can report them to me and I will research them for you. Check out my how to report a scam section.

  9. Thanks Eddie I agree. Wealthy Affiliate is just a better overall program to be apart of. The community alone sells it really!

  10. I am a former member of Site build it and I wanted to comment that the Site Build it system is not a bad system at all. I was able to make a website with this system and even made some profits, but it seems that Site Build it was just lacking somewhat, not sure where since Site Build it is all I know.

  11. Helpful information. Fortunate me I discovered your web site by accident, I wished I had discovered it sooner I would have went the Wealthy Affiliate route instead of Site Build It. I will look into Wealthy Affiliate and maybe try it though. thanks you

  12. Yeah check it out Flosra, once you see all they have to offer I am sure you will want to take advantage of the free stuff at the very least.

  13. This site Build it Review is right on man. You really have done your homework and know this system well!

    I was looking at this system and was thinking some of the same things you stated, like under the support section. Why would people stay employed at your company selling your million dollar product that they know everything about? Would they not leave to make their very own millions with that same system? that is too funny, great minds think alike

  14. LOL, I know Harry! I always found that one funny too. It’s just crazy how people don’t catch that one, right? Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment though, glad to see that someone else thinks that one is as funny as I do 🙂

  15. I was able to create my own business with the site build it system, I also checked out Wealthy Affiliate but stayed with Site build it since I already had signed up for a years membership. There does not seem to be a huge difference between the two programs, but Wealthy Affiliate does have a better community I admit!

  16. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, Samuel.

    The community at Wealthy Affiliate is indeed a great resource, I would think it would be hard to match the level of help they offer by almost any other program available.

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