Take Surveys For Cash Review- What They Really Do Is Take You For A Ride!

Take Surveys For Cash

Take Surveys For Cash Review- What They Really Do Is Take You For A Ride!

Take Surveys For Cash
Take Surveys For Cash

Name: Take Surveys For Cash
Website: www.takesurveysforcash.com
Jason White
$39.00 or if you try to leave $27.00 or if you try to leave again $12.00
Overall Ranking: 




Take Surveys For Cash Product Overview

So, here we are yet again!

Another Survey site called “Take Surveys For Cash” has popped its head up online! This one is claiming outlandish dollar figures per day just like all the other take surveys for money sites out there on the web. But, is this one for real?

Is Take Surveys For Cash a legitimate online paid survey site that will actually pay those high dollar figures? Or is it just another online surveys for cash type of scam that we have all seen time and time before?

Well, I for one, plan to find out! And, since your reading this review, I’m guessing you want to find out too.

In this Take Survey For Cash Review, we are going to look into this product and see if it works, or if it’s just another way to get into our pockets and get us on for our money! That is instead of paying us like they claim. So many times services or products like this come out and claim to help people make money but only end up costing us in the long run

On with the review, I say!

Okay, so what is the Take Surveys For Cash system all about? And what can I expect?

The Take Surveys For Cash system is basically like all the other Survey sites online. What they ultimately do is point you in the direction of real survey sites that you could find just as easily yourself by doing Google search for online Surveys. A short list includes sites like

  • SwagBucks (which I reviewed and is a decent company)
  • Opinion World
  • Opinion Outpost
  • Panda Research
  • Harris Poll Online
  • Survey Spot
  • My Survey

This tactic seems to be growing in popularity over the last few years, and is definitely not the first time I have seen it or even the first site I have reviewed that operates with this kind of gimmicky list of surveys. Want more proof? Check out another review that I did not that long ago on another site offering almost the exact same set up called Click4Surveys.

Anyway, let’s look at what else Take Surveys For Cash has to offer since the survey list is not all that your gonna get when you sign up with them.

You’re also going to get an offer to join “Verified Traders” which is a binary options program. I believe this is actually the offer they really intend to get people to sign up for, they have the potential to take a lot more of your money with a Binary options program than the survey program. The majority, if not all Binary Options programs are scams. You can read another review I did on Binary Options to get an idea of how those type of programs work and why I believe the majority of them are scams.

But, wait, that’s not all! I picture that being said in a sleazy salesperson voice! But, wait, That’s not all! lol

You’re also going to get some eBooks that are so outdated they are of absolutely no value. These eBooks are supposed to teach you how to make money online with blogging and creating websites for profit! But since they are so outdated (more than likely why they are offered for free with signing up) your not going to learn much about current principles of either business, there may be a few things in each book worth learning, but trying to cypher out all the dated material your better off not even looking at them.

This pretty much wraps up what you get when signing up for Take Surveys For Cash, you get a list of surveys you could compile on your own using Google, an offer to join the Verified Traders Binary options program and some useless eBooks.

Some other things I noticed about the site, that made me go hmm. Oh, and some other things that are commonly known as Red Flag Indicators!

Jason White, the owner of the product Take Surveys For Cash and self-proclaimed “King of paid surveys” created an interesting video for us to enjoy, or laugh at if you watch it from a skeptical point of view.

King Of Paid Surveys
King Of Paid Surveys

In the Video, there are a few things I picked out that I wanted to share with you that seemed a little fishy and at the very least may make you laugh a little.

The very first thing Jason say’s in the Video is “What you’re about to see is going to change your life,” and then continues to show you a check that he received for $500. I found this part of the video kind of funny. Think about it, how can a check that Jason received for $500 possibly change our lives? Does he plan on sharing it with us?  Even if he does, I don’t think $500.00 is enough to go around! By the way, no survey company is ever going to pay you $500.00 for a single survey. I just wanted to make sure people are very clear on that.

By the way, no survey company is ever going to pay you $500.00 for a single survey. I just wanted to make sure people are very clear on that because Jason claims this is from one survey, he also claims it was a 2-hour survey that earned him the $500 check. I would rather jab my own eyeballs out with hot pokers than take a 2-hour survey!

Jason White's Claims
Jason White’s Claims

Then, Jason goes on to say in his video “I receive 3-5 checks in the mail every week.” But, hold up Jason, directly to the left of the video playing is a box that states that you receive dozens of these checks every week. So which is it, 3-5 checks or Dozens meaning at least 24 or more checks?

I want to point out that I am a math guy. So, whenever I do a review that has dollar amounts or some other mathematical equations, I like to check and see if everything adds up.

Jason states two different things

  1. He gets 3-5 $500.00 checks each week let’s go with 3 for the example. 3 checks a week x $500.00 each equals $1,500 a week. $1,500 a week x 4 weeks per month equals $6,000 a month. But wait a minute, Jason states he only makes $3,500 a month (there seems to be some sort of discrepancy here.) Oh and just an FYI, The total would be closer to $10,000 if we did the math for 5 checks a week.
  2. The math is already way off for the weekly earnings that Jason claims that he receives, so do we even need to do the math for the dozen’s of $500.00 checks Jason claims he gets each week? Let’s skip that part it’s only going to be astronomically higher
Jason White's Earnings To Date Claims
Jason White’s Earnings To Date Claims

Jason also states that he has earned $247,000 completing paid surveys since 2009. Drum roll for the math equation, please!

  1. For this example let’s go with the $3,500 monthly income Jason claims to earn each month and multiply that by 12 months a year for 6 years. $3,500 monthly income x 12 months a year x 6 years equals 252,000. So as you can see Jason is pretty close if he is making $3,500 a month, but with some of the other descrepencies I still highly doubt it.

PROS and CONS of Take Surveys For Cash


  • Making money with Online surveys is a tried and true method
  • Easy to qualify for majority of surveys as long as you fit the criteria companies are looking for
  • Sometimes money is not provided and you will be entered into larger drawing for better prizes (these prizes can consist of jackpot cash prizes or gifts)
  • Taking surveys is a great time waster that can help you earn a little extra pocket change


  • Payouts and earning potentials are largely exaggerated
  • The offer to join the Binary Options program Varified Traders is more of a red flag than an offer and should not be included for people looking to learn about a survey program
  • The eBooks you recieve have very dated material and are pretty much useless
  • Gimmicky claims by Jason White
  • Unable to find any relavant data to back up the earnings of Jason White in Google. If he cracked the Survey code and is making all this money there would be some interview or something somwhere on the internet, right?
  • Earnings data given by Jason dfor the most part, does not add up mathmatically
  • The list of links you receive when buying Take Surveys For Cash is common knowledge and can be obtained by anyone with a simple Google search.

Who is Take Surveys For Cash for?

Take Surveys For Cash is mainly going to target and attract a specific set of people, usually.

  • People looking to learn how to make money online or earn a living using the internet in some way.  Which if this is you, and that was your ultimate goal, then I recomend you take a look at my top rated training program and find out how it’s really done.
  • People just looking for survey’s to complete and they don’t know where to get started
  • People hard up for money that are willing to try just about anything especially online
  • People that lack general knowledge about the internet and that could potentially view this as a legitimate online opportunity.
  • People that are not cautious before they sign up for things

Tools and Training for Take Surveys For Cash

There is not really much to talk about when it comes to tools and training. Step 3 and 4 of the package you recieve from Take Surveys For Cash will explain to you that companies pay people for completing surveys, and to register with as many companies as possible. Oh, they also suggest an auto informtion populating software toease the burden and time consumption of entering personal data within each survey, I guess thats a good tip.

Support for Take Surveys For Cash

There is a member area, and a contact us form that you can fill out which is actually a ticketing system.

Other than that, your pretty much on your own.

The Price of Take Surveys For Cash

This was a part of the review that I was really wanting to get to because there are a few things I want to go over when it comes to pricing.

First off, the Original price was $78. But of course, that $78 price tag has a slash through it showing that you are now getting a discount and the program is only priced at only $39.

But wait just a minute, here is the real kicker and what really shouts scam to me. Take Surveys For Cash is using a known RED FLAG indicator style tactic that lowers the price of the product upon deciding not to buy the product and when your trying to leave or exit the page.

Miraculously the price drops from $39.00 down to $27.00,  and if you click the stay on the page option and try to leave again the price then drops to a final price of $12.00!

Price Drop Anyone?
Price Drop Anyone?



My Final opinion of Take Surveys For Cash

As you can probobly already imagine, my final opionion of Take Surveys For Cash is not going to be on the positive side of things.

Take Surveys For Cash claims that you can make $500.00 a survey, $3,500 a month completing only surveys, and that Jason White himself gets anywhere from 3 to Dozens (plural) of $500.00 checks a week. After looking at the data that Jason provides himself, and doing reviews of similiar survey list systems. I know, that this type of earning potential is in fact impossable with online Surveys alone.

Now, You do get additional resources when you sign up for Take Surveys For Cash.how to make money Ebooks that are

This consists of some primaroly useless eBooks that have nothing but a large amount of dated material that will basically help no one ever, in todays blogging or website creation and management market.

Let’s not forget about the Validated  Trader Binary Options offer that is more than likely just like all the other Binary Options systems out there, that are complete and utter Money Pits!

If your tired of the run around when it comes to trying to find a system that actually does what it says its going to do, or just something that actauuly works and is not going to waste your time. Then take a look at how  Take Surveys For Cash stacks up against a real training system, someplace you can learn how to make a living on the interne and not get those same ole empty promoises of riches. Try a system with a proven track record that has over 300,00 active members that help one another day in and day pout create finincial freedom by starting their own online business. Try Wealthy Affiliate today for free. No hidden cost, no credit card needed just a try before you buy principle, period!


Take Surveys For Cash At A Glance…..

Name: Take Surveys For Cash
Website: www.takesurveysforcash.com
Jason White
$39.00 or if you try to leave $27.00 or if you try to leave again $12.00
Overall Ranking: 


Straight Up Scam!




You could just as easily use Google and compose your very own online Survey list that could just as easily match or even be better than what Take Surveys For Cash is offering.

The bonuses are not worth it either, since one is just an offer to join another program that will only drain more of your money instead of helping you make money, and the eBooks are laughable in terms of usefulleness.

If your interested in Surveys, go it alone and find the companies on your own that offer paid surveys. There are more of them out there than you would ever know what to do with!


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We love to hear from our readers….

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Have you been scammed by Take Surveys For Cash? Please comment below we would love to hear your story.

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This review report has been submitted by Damon, of HowtoEarnaLivingUsingTheInternet.com

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About Damon

10 thoughts on “Take Surveys For Cash Review- What They Really Do Is Take You For A Ride!”

  1. I was looking for ways to earn extra money online and I often wondered about these survey for cash systems. After reading your detail review on Take Surveys for Cash, I will have to pass on this idea. Your post have highlighted numerous red flags and clearly this is a scam. Their claim is that you can make $500 to $3500 a month? Yea, right! Again, thanks for exposing this scam and will share with friends.

  2. Love the break down of how you picked up on all the different discrepancies between the talking on the video and text on checks etc. Most importantly the final comparison between Wealthy Affiliate and what they have to offer straight up and the dollar dropping scam Take Surveys for Cash. I’m with you on WA.

  3. Hi, Travis. I love catching these type of shysters in lies and finding all the little discrepancies in their ridiculous claims of making X amount of money. The math did not add up for any of Mr. Whites Claims, one of them was pretty close and I gave him the benefit of the doubt, but all the other claims are so far in left field it’s not even close.

    It makes you think, how stupid do these guys think we all are? Not today Jack! lol

    Sometimes it’s hard to compare some of the better companies like Wealthy Affiliate against some of the scams like Take Surveys for Cash because the legitimacy between the two are like night and day.

  4. Hi, Tony. I can’t imagine it being possible to complete enough surveys to even earn a portion of $3,500.00 a month. These sort of dollar figure claims are just ludicrous! Thanks for commenting and feel free to swing by anytime Tony 🙂

  5. Thanks for the review on surveys ! Just the other day my girlfriend and I were talking about this. And now I know how it works, I will be staying away from them.

  6. Hi, Gan. You are very welcome! These survey sites, that sell just a list of survey sites or links to survey sites seem to be growing out of control on the web. Thanks for the comment Gan, swing back by anytime.

  7. I would try the list of survey websites given in this review for starters, there are thousands upon thousands of sites that offer surveys for money. Don’t waste your time and money buying these bull crap lists!

    Good honest review! Very nice of you to watch out for people, not something found on the internet very often.

  8. Hi, I wanted to tell you that i have been following your blog for a while now. I normally don’t leave comments, but this post on Jason White’s Take Surveys for Cash is amazing! I bought into this, not knowing any better and before I ever knew any better than to watch out for stuff like this online. I can vouch for this review being accurate, this is a straight up scam as the author rated it.

    Thank you for putting out such great reviews and being so helpful, this website is great and I read the articles here at least once a week.

  9. Thanks, Reagan! It’s always great when a reader leaves a comment, we like to hear from you all it makes it more interesting than just writing all the time. Please from here on out feel free to comment anytime.

    Thanks for vouching for the legitimacy of the review.

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