The Best Seo Keyword Tool – How To Check Your Website Ranking on Google

The Best Seo Keyword Tool – How To Check Your Website Ranking on Google


Well it took me a while to get to this, but I finally have a chance to share with you what I have found to be The Best SEO Keyword Tool on the market today. This tool has been the single most important ingredient in achieving good rankings across all of my websites with minimal amount of time and effort put into researching keywords.

Tired of outdated Keyword tools like the Keyword planner
Tired of outdated Keyword tools like the Keyword planner

There used to be a time when I hated everything about Keyword research, it was such a long drawn out process. If I knew I had a new post coming up and would need to research some keywords for it I would find myself putting it off day after day, which ultimately hurt my business.

Now, keyword research is still not my favorite aspect of running a successful online business but I don’t loathe it like I once had. That’s because Jaaxy makes my keyword research a breeze, and my favorite part of getting on Jaaxy each morning is checking my website rankings.

That’s right, have you ever wanted to know how to check your website rankings on Google? Well Jaaxy does just that, you click on Site Rank type in your URL and what keyword you want to see where you rank for and within a few seconds you can see this data in real time. Jaaxy also gives the change from the last time you checked up 5 places or down 5 places.

As you can see in the image below my website at the current time ranks for Keyword Inbox Dollar Scam in Google is in the 36th place, that is on page 4 of google and position change is down 2 points from the last time I checked the ranking of this keyword. This is by far my favorite aspect of Jaaxy all together, and just an added perk to a keyword research tool that you generally wouldn’t expect to get.


How To Check Your Website Ranking on Google
How To Check Your Website Ranking on Google


Why is Keyword research Important?

Keyword research is important for the success of your online business, period! You want all the hard work you put into content and your website creation to pay off don’t you? Well that is where good keyword research and a great keyword research tool come into play.

If you want to be successful with any online niche website, then Keyword research is just part of the process and a must. The good thing is that Jaaxy alleviates a lot of the time and effort put into keyword research and makes it much less cumbersome and much more enjoyable.

As you can see in the image below; Jaxxy’s quick view red, yellow and green light system it makes finding those diamonds in the rough keywords a snap. With the amount of time it takes to build a keyword list with Jaxxy which is no time at all, and the ability to save the list under your Jaaxy account or export the list as a TXT or CVS file Jaxxy really is in a league all it’s own.

Jaaxy how to get ranked in google fast
Jaaxy how to get ranked in google fast



In this screen shot of Jaaxy you have some different categories and I will break them down below.

  • Keyword – This is the keyword or like keywords related to your search term int his image the keyword “Check My Seo” was searched for.
  • Avg – The amount of average monthly searched for each keyword or keyword phrase a.k.a. long tail keyword (long tail keywords are usually 5 or more words)
  • Traffic – the amount of Traffic you can expect to get if you rank on page one of google for that specific keyword
  • QSR – The number of websites online competing for this exact keyword
  • QKI – Keyword Quality indicator (Red means hard to rank for, Yellow means difficult but not impossible and green means easy to rank for)
  • SEO – How hard it will be to rank for this keyword overall traffic and competition is taken into account and the higher the number the easier it will be to rank for overall

Now, take a look at the keyword I have boxed in the red square above; the long tail keyword “check my SEO free SEO tools”

  • This keyword gets searched 4,425 times a month
  • has the ability to give 753 visitors worth of traffic if you rank on the first page of Google
  • only 16 other websites competing for the keyword (so your already going to start on page 2 right off the bat)
  • Is green for GO
  • With a ranking difficulty of only 87

With very little effort and some decent content you could rank this keyword on your site in a matter of days and be generating 750+ visitors a month. Jaaxy is like having one of those Easy Button’s in your back pocket.

Not only does Jaaxy offer all this but if you notice on the far right side of the image there is a list of related keywords, don’t like this grouping click on the next set and it will pull a new list without typing a word.

Jaaxy has single handedly taken hours of keyword research that I used to hate, and turned it into 10-15 minutes worth of work for each post I produce now. I am very found of this tool to say the very least 🙂



If your looking for the top keyword tool of 2015 then look no farther because Jaaxy is the tool you want

Now Jaaxy comes in 3 variations or flavors as I like to call them, in other words there are 3 types of accounts; Jaaxy Free, Jaaxy Pro and Jaaxy Enterprise. I will break them down here and include an image with what is offered in each flavor below.

Jaaxy Free – It’s just that free, there are search limits placed on a free account of 30 searches, some of the data is not available to view and it is pretty limited but not bad if you just need a few searches a month

Jaaxy Pro – This option is $19.00 a month and this is the option I recommend for most people. It has every bell and whistle except for on page data sorting, but this is not really needed especially if you will be exporting your data to excel.

Think of the cost like this; how much is your time worth? mine is worth more than $19.00 an hour at the very least, Jaaxy will save you more than multiple hours a month in keyword research time so it makes sense to spend $19.00 on this tool for me.

Jaaxy Enterprise – $49.00 per month, this is the full feature and will save more time clicking through and reorganizing your lists, but for me and my recommendation to you it’s just not worth the extra $30.00 price tag for the limited upgrades from the PRO version.

Now if your time is worth $50.00 an hour instead of my meager $19.00 then by all means this may be the version of the tool your looking for because it will save additional time for sure. I personally just can’t see the $30.00 benefit at this time for me to upgrade farther than the PRO version, it’s just the better choice.



Jaaxy Free, Jaaxy PRO, Jaaxy Enterprise
Jaaxy Free, Jaaxy PRO, Jaaxy Enterprise



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This review report has been submitted by Damon, of How to Earn a Living Using The Internet.



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16 thoughts on “The Best Seo Keyword Tool – How To Check Your Website Ranking on Google”

  1. Damon!

    I love your review! Very thorough and I can back up Jaaxy 100%!

    I definitely credit much of my website’s success to the help of Jaaxy. I have been able to find “low-hanging fruit” keywords with a click of a button using Jaaxy’s easy-to-use platform.

    Thank you for great info, Damon!

    To much success,


  2. Thanks for the comment Whitley.

    I agree the low competition keywords is where it’s at and the Jaaxy Keyword tool is on point in finding those keywords for you too. Jaaxy has helped me rank better and better in search engines too, all my posts since I started using Jaaxy well out perform even my older posts on most occasions. You really just can’t go wrong starting off a post or page with good quality Keywords to aim for…

  3. I have to come back by and tell you that I followed your advice and checked out Jaaxy after reading the review that you did.

    This web-based software is fantastic! The keyword research is going to save me so much time that I am almost pissed off that I just now learned of Jaaxy! But, that was not my favorite part, my favorite part was just as you said the site ranking portion of Jaaxy… I could spend hours on this portion alone per day I just know I could, the Site ranking is fabulous to find out exactly how I fair ranking wise per keyword I am targeting. The Site ranking is flipping priceless, at least for me it is anyway.

    My advice to anyone else that happens upon this review as I have and if you have never heard of Jaaxy as I hadn’t then get your butt over there nd check it out! Jaaxy is simply AMAZING!

  4. Carman, I know right?

    I cracked up when I read your comment, because I know how someone could get caught up in the site ranking portion of Jaaxy. I only allow myself to use that portion twice a week, otherwise I would spend 1-2 hours a day checking each keyword I am trying to rank for just to see how I fair. I know your pain, lol.

    Thanks for stopping back by and letting us all know how you liked the Jaaxy software and the review, we all appreciate hearing feedback about those sort of things from other folks that have tried it.

  5. I have tried this tool and the site rank feature is addictive as #$%^!
    It works good, but you I can see how you can spend too much time checking your rank and not enough time putting out ranking content.

    Jaaxy is a great all around tool for Seo and Keywords too!

  6. Awesome Keyword tool, I wish I had found this tool months ago. Thanks for the review and the heads up!

  7. I agree Joesph, one can lose an afternoon looking at their site rank for sure! Or every afternoon if you allow it to happen. I try to only check mine once a week, just because I too get caught up with it and waste a lot of time.

    Jaaxy is a great tool.

  8. A motivating discussion is definitely always worth a comment.

    I use the site rank portion of Jaaxy every day and really like it! I think everyone should give Jaaxy a shot!

    This keyword tool could help any site to rank for any specific keyword combination.

  9. The KQI is my favorite aspect of Jaaxy. I like the red, yellow and green set up, it makes researching Keywords much quicker than with other research tools. Good review though.

  10. I use Jaaxy, and I would suggest those who are looking for a keyword tool to check it out. I would be lost without Jaaxy, I also have the Enterprise version and it is lightning fast!

  11. I have used Jaaxy for a while, and I really only pay attention to 3 columns when doing my research; Traffic keep at more than 50, QSR keep lower than 300 and KQI stay yellow or green.

  12. I agree with you, Marian. I also like the KQI feature in Jaaxy! It definitely helps speed up my Keyword research too.

  13. Hi, Alissa. I agree the Jaaxy tool is priceless and I too love it. I only use the Pro version and have not found a need to upgrade just yet.

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