The MYNT Review – In The MLM World There Is Always A New King Of The Mountain

Monavie MYNT

The MYNT Review – In The MLM World There Is Always A New King Of The Mountain

Monavie MYNT
Monavie MYNT

Name: MYNT
Owner: MonaVie LLC.
Price: $39.00 fee for preregistering a team
Overall Ranking: 1/10

Mynt Product Overview

What is MYNT? How does the MYNT Program work? Can I make money following the MYNT Program?


In this MYNT review, we are going to uncover the answers to all of these questions and more. We are also going to figure out what has made MYNT one of the fastest growing and most popular systems over the last few years.

So what is MYNT?

Basically, MYNT is a sub-company that is owned by the juice giant MonaVie! MonaVie has broken sales records over the last ten years and since the juice industry now has more competitors than it ever has in the past, MonaVie has branched out and purchased the MYNT brand.

The MYNT program differs from its parent company MonaVie because MYNT does not sell any sort of juice products. Instead, MYNT’s product base consists mainly of health drinks, energy drinks, shakes and other health related products.

How does the MYNT Program work?

The MYNT program is geared towards Generation Y specifically, it targets this generation mainly because of their adherent grasp of today’s technological advances and social media knowledge in everyday life.

This is kind of an ingenious tactic on multiple levels when you think about it. Young folks are always going to be more technologically advanced than older people on the average. I am more technologically advanced by default than my parents, and my kid’s are more technical than I am. Young people also tend to have a lot less to lose on an iffy venture like an MLM, than an older person, and younger people are more willing to take chances than say someone with a mortgage, car payments and little mouths to feed.

Youth Jobless statistics
Youth Jobless statistics

It’s likely that most young people being targeted have also not been previously burned by an MLM style business,.Their friends more than likely have not been burned by an MLM business either so they lack the word of mouth that MLM’s generally come with.

You will notice below, the same ole MLM structure, but MYNT is not supposed to be an MLM they use a Unilevel, Binary back to Unilevel. It all looks the same to me!


You make money with MYNT primarily by promoting and selling their products, but unless you can manage to get these products into stores and sell a hell of a lot of them this path will not earn you much money.

The ultimate goal of making money with the MYNT program will be recruiting downline people that you will eventually profit from their sales and their recruits sales and so on and so on down the line!



  • Get in somewhat on the ground floor of an aspiring company with a lot of growth potential
  • Potential to make money with the program is present
  • The quality of the products are absolutely great
  • Associated with parent company MonaVie can help add instant credit to MYNT


  • MYNT, even though they offer a physical product is structured just like an MLM program
  • Being structured like an MLM leaves a lot of room for failures and little room for successes
  • Having the MLM structure puts the odd’s of making money against you on average 98% of MLM associated people fail to make any return on investment
  • MYNT is run on a multi-level marketing platform but calls it Uni-level since they start off as a uni-level for beginners it then changes to Binary in the middle only to change back to Uni-level at the top. Sounds like Multi-Level to me
  • The Marketing for this program is directed at a generation that has seen economic struggles and has had more than their fair share of problems finding work. More and more people live at home until they are in their 30’s for lack of finding a good job to pay their bills, I feel that MYNT see’s this and is exploiting this to a point.
  • You must bring in at least 4 people under you but the average that people are able to bring in for MYNT is only 2.7 which means most people fail and MYNT suggests those that can’t bring 4 people in should just be customers.
  • The compensation plan is not laid out in a way that people can understand and appears to be confusing on purpose, I was unable to find anyone associated with MYNT that could fully explain the compensation plan.

Who Is MYNT For?

If you have been on any social media at all then I’m sure you have probably heard of MYNT and seen some of the companies postings for marketers. If so, then I’m sure you have noticed that MYNT is targeting the under thirty or techie crowd. Thier targets are often the youth that have had the hardest time finding work after college, with the economy still in recovery.

The Youth are Ready for Any work at this point!
The Youth are Ready for Any work at this point!


Tools and Training for MYNT

Your training will come exclusively from whichever teams you end up joining and whoever becomes your upline Mentor.

MYNT Support

All support will come from the teams you join and your upline mentors.

The Price for MYNT

Joining the MYNT program is anything but cheap to get started. There is the sign-up fee of 39.00 which is not bad and on par with most other systems out right now. The first drawback for MYNT I believe is the high price of the starter kit’s that are priced at $500-$1,000! This is a large amount of upfront cash in my opinion, there are rumors that in the near future the starter kit’s should be dropping to $299-$600 which is a bit more reasonable but still seems to be a little pricey for a starter kit fee.


My Final Opinion of MYNT

Mynt Products
Mynt Products

Let’s first assume that the MYNT products do work, mainly because they are associated with MonaVie and if we know anything about MonaVie they do offer good products that hold true to what they say they do.

Then you decide to promote MYNT, it’s going to cost you anywhere between $540.00 and $1040.00 just to get your foot in the door. Now your already out at least a half a grand. Now you need to put on your salesman hat and start peddling these health drinks this may not be hard for some but the majority of us will fail at this stage. In fact, roughly 95% of us will fail here.

The next step is to start recruiting other people, remember at least 4 other people otherwise MYNT thinks you should just be a customer of the MYNT product because 4 is the minimum you need to recruit. Oh yeah, also remember the MYNT average for recruits is only at 2.7, so the odds are against you in this step too since you need 4 recruits.

Now, onto the unilevel, binary, unilevel marketing (also known as the Multi-level marketing to the rest of the world) but we will call it unilevel for now since that is what MYNT thinks it’s called. So you made it through selling some products, you have 4 recruits and you are in the MYNT program but what you probably arent aware of yet at this point is that 98-99% of all people associated with MLM’s fail to make any profit. I am not talking about some profit I mean any profit at all!

So, if you are lucky enough to make it through all the levels you ultimatly have a 1-2% chance of making some profit, you see these type of marketing tiers are set up so that the folks at the top make profits, and if you can get to the top then you will be golden. But, unfortunatly that requires a massive amount of luck, skill, hob nobbing with the right folks, your recruits, their recruits and so on down the line. It’s sort of like winning the lottery in a sense.


MYNT At A Glance….

Name: MYNT
Owner: MonaVie LLC.
Price: $39.00 fee for preregistering a team
Overall Ranking: 1/10


Could you make money with MYNT?

Sure, you could!

Will you make money with MYNT?

Well as you have probably realized by now, the odds are stacked against you to say the least.

The possibility is there with MYNT, but why take such a huge gamble when there are much safer business ventures available that you can control and start on your very own?

Why not start your own business and make create your own destiny that way you don’t have to follow the lead of some company and become a pushy sales person? Have you ever had an idea that you thought would make a good or great business? Do you have an interest or hobby you thought you could one day make money with? That day could be today! Take a look at the comparison table below that stacks MYNT an MLM sales job, against a company that can train you how to start your very own business

Take a look at the comparison table below that stacks MYNT an MLM sales job, against a company that can train you how to start your very own business today for completely free! That’s right it’s free to try out, no credit cards required to check it out, sign up today and only stick around if you think that you can make a profit with it or if you want to. No obligations for minimum results here, the results are totally in your hands, learn what you want at your own pace and start your own thing, instead of helping someone else build there’s!


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