Work At Home Scams; Work at Home EDU – Work at Home University – Work at Home Institute

Work At Home Scams; Work at Home EDU – Work at Home University – Work at Home Institute

Name: Work At Home EduWAHEDU, wotk at home institute, wahinstitute, work at home university, wahuniversity
Owner: Michelle Robinson, Michelle Withrow
Price: $97.00 (6 month Unlimited access) 2 month money back guarantee with multiple stipulations
Overall Ranking: 0/10



What are these Work at Home programs and why are they all being reviewed together?

These Work at home programs (wah edu, wah university, wah institute) are all ran by the same company and that is why they are being grouped into one review/ scam report. But, before we get into how these websites conduct their business let’s take a look at what they are offering and if we can make any money with it.

Okay, so in what ways are we able to earn money from these programs? How does it all boil down to cash?

It really does not matter which one of these programs you choose since they are all one in the same basically. Each one of these programs is claiming they will teach you how to become an internet marketer.


What is an internet marketer?

An internet marketer is someone that acts as a middle man of sorts and sells products on behalf of someone else for a profit. For example, if you have ever sold something on Ebay or Amazon you could already be classified as an internet marketer.

Most internet marketers will be selling these things on their own websites, or they will be marketing them on Facebook or similar social media avenues. As a matter of fact Facebook was the exact spot I first learned of WAHEDU.COM!

How I learned about this program…


The post itself that I seen was under one of the work at home pages and it claimed that you could make $7,000.00 in two weeks time. Figuring this was either the best thing since sliced bread, or the more obvious verdict of being a big ole scam. I figured it was right up my alley for a review for my readers and I would dig into the WAHEDU deeper so we could all either become rich or stay away from the program all together.



The Nitty Gritty on these WAH programs 

Alright so these are some of the things that all 3 of these WAH claim to offer in terms of training.

  • They claim to teach you money making techniques with over 100 training videos that are customized to their specific product training program.

Marketing and traffic generations via

  • Social media and bookmarking
  • Article Marketing
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Pay per Click (PPC or PTC)
  • Video Marketing
  • Purchasing media

You are offered all of this for $97.00 for a 6 month membership that come fully equipped with a 60 day money back guarantee. Please note that this 60 day guarantee has multiple stipulations (hoops you must jump through) in order to get a refund. You must also have proof that you followed their instruction path to a T and they also have the sole right to accept or decline your refund request.

Every thing this program offers can be found elsewhere on the internet for little to no cost, there is really no need to purchase such a program.





  • These programs are Scams so I was unable to find a single PRO to list in this section (Sorry)


  • These are the same ole scam that are found everywhere on the internet today. They hope to get your money upfront then up-sell you multiple levels of training before you realize that you’ve been had.
  • Unrealistic Success stories when under there own disclaimer they offer no guarantee you will ever attain any results



  • contradictory refund policy; home page shows a 60 day money back guarantee, but under refund policy they offer two levels of protection (money back guarantee is one level the second level is never disclosed) with a rock solid 30 day money back guarantee
  • Multiple website address with different names selling identical products –,,,,,,,
  • Multiple owners with similar names all which are more than likely fictitious- Michelle Robinson, Michelle Withrow
  • There is no real description on how you will make money just a very vague insinuation you will be doing affiliate marketing.
  • Outlandish income potential claims then they contradict themselves saying no guarantees you will ever make anything, WTH?????
  • Each time you click the get started box and enter your zip code (any zip code) you are presented with your in luck there are 3 spots left in this program. There are 3 spots left in each and every zip code we tried, even after signing up for the program from our zip code and going back to try again there was still 3 spots left in the program under our zip code. I call BS!
  • Each of these WAH Products have TV news shows listed at the top of the their home page. These are displayed as though this product has been verified and is being promoted by these networks. The following Networks are shown on the home page> MSNBC, ABC, FOX NEWS, USA TODAY, CNN. These network television stations have done news pieces on general “work at home opportunities” not this specific program as they try to lead you to believe.


My Final Thoughts on work at home university, work at home institute and work at home edu…..

The very first thing I noticed that didn’t seem to be disclosed elsewhere on any other review for this company was the multiple websites promoting the exact same product only with a slight name change (institute, university, edu.) I kind of figured this would have been uncovered by someone else before now!

Any company that needs 8 exact copies of the same website selling 3 separate programs under different names that are intact the same program does not seem very legit to me. I will also suspect these programs now will not seem legit to anyone else reading this review simply because these programs are indeed Scams and not legitimate programs at all.

This program also appears very similar to another program I reviewed last month called Online Profit Stream. You can read the review of this similar product here Online Profit Stream. This program also bounces from web address to web address and has multiple instances of itself just like all the WAH instances.

I can honestly say, I have never reviewed a program or group of programs that openly had so many variances of the same training all while claiming the program worked. It was almost like they themselves had openly admitted that they are a scam before I even delved deep into my research.

This is ultimately the biggest scam program I have reviewed so far, and they have some amazing redundancy to their program to ensure the funds keep pouring in.



The WAH Trio at a Glance….


Name: Work At Home EduWAHEDU, wotk at home institute, wahinstitute, work at home university, wahuniversity
Owner: Michelle Robinson, Michelle Withrow
Price: $97.00 (6 month Unlimited access) 2 month money back guarantee with multiple stipulations
Overall Ranking: 0/10



Considering the multiple websites uncovered in my research that are offering the same product under different but similar names, the two similar named owners and the outlandish claims to wealth but no guarantee’s that we could make a dime. It is my conclusion that all three of these WAH programs get my STRAIGHT UP SCAM verdict!




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This review report has been submitted by Damon, of HowtoEarnaLivingUsingTheInternet


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  1. I concur Work at Home University is a GD scam. Save your time and money and do as this author say’s stay away from these guys.

  2. Yeah, these guys have set up shop in every corner of the web it seems. They want to make sure they have fail-safes in case they get caught with one version of their scam system. Thanks for stopping by and giving us some feedback Jonathan

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