Work Home Programs

Work Home Programs

Let’s face it, there is not a shortage of products online that offer you the chance to work from home and earn a lucrative living doing so. Many of these sites boast that for a $5.00 Investment from you, that you will earn $600.00 dollars a day or some other outlandish sum of cash. The sad fact of the matter is; they are full of BULL!

Now with that being said…

I know that most or some of us at least, at one time or another have fallen for these type of promotions or something similar. You know the ones I am talking about “Those sound too good to be true promotions.” After all that what they all are right? They are too good to be true, because they are scams, or they don’t even offer you the fine print to read for yourself…

Well let me be the first to admit that I myself have fallen for a few of these scams myself, and I am not proud to say that either. It’s really sad, because most of us just want a way to add some extra income in our lives. For me personally I wanted to find a way to earn extra, and maybe even not work for someone else for the rest of my life. Working for someone else as the old saying goes “Makes them rich, not you.” Most of us don’t want a free ride either, we are more than willing to “WORK” or “EARN” our share  of income. The only problem with that is finding out what products work and what one don’t, before spending an arm and a leg or wasting hours, days, months before discovering the truth. After all, with all the products available, and all the bogus information online how do we determine what really works or not? Or who to trust?


Do some work from home programs just work for some people?

This can be a touchy subject, because you are always going to run into that person (Let’s call him Bob for this Article) that claims his product that he used (Let’s call the product Money-O-Matic) was a life changer an worked for them and now they are a Gajillionaire! We have all heard or read these type of stories, and it just kills me that these companies even claim that some of their customers make this much. I mean come on, really?

But, that does not necessarily mean that Bob didn’t make ton”s of profits from Money-O-Matic does it? No it does not! Bob may have made a killing with Money-O-Matic, but that does not mean you and I could duplicate Bob’s results. To be honest I don’t think there is a single product that is a one size fit’s all, we all have different goals, and different expectations!


So how do we find the products or solution’s that do work, when it comes to earning money online? 

That is the main focal point of this Website! To help one another, by keeping like minded people that are looking for good legitimate opportunities together! We can do this by sharing what has worked and what hasn’t worked for us, and give some additional details. We are looking for legitimate money making opportunities, things with content, training, some way of bettering ourselves. Remember we are wanting to “Work for ours” or Earn our share.” No fly by night programs, no get rich quick schemes, because that is what they are schemes or scams!


I feel somewhat fortunate in this area, because even though I have been caught up in some of these scams myself. I have not had it nearly as bad as some of my colleagues and friends have, some of their stories would have made me just give up altogether! But I know there is real opportunity out there and I vow I am going to find it. My main goal is to not be a millionaire or anything extra ordinary (Not in my opinion anyway) I only want to be able to shed my 9-5 job. That’s really my goal, that’s it sounds simple enough right? Make just enough money online to not have to work for someone else, in m opinion that goal should be obtainable!


So what have I found that does work?

Out of all the things I have tried to make money with online and I am sad to say it’s more than I expected when looking back over all of them. I have found just a few handful of products that do actually work.

One product worked much better than all the rest that I have personally tried though. That Product is Wealthy Affiliate, and you can check out this TOP Rated Product review by clicking the link.

Why does Wealthy Affiliate work?

There are a few reasons that I believe sets Wealthy Affiliate apart from the pack and I will cover these below.

1) Free Starter Membership – To be honest, Wealthy Affiliate got me to try a free starter membership because they offered me something for free. (Who doesn’t like free right? well as long as it is really free) So what was offered? Wealthy Affiliate offers (2) Free websites that includes free hosting for those websites (At the very least this would save me $50.00-$100.00 a year so I bit on the offer.) But, that’s not it, they also offer free training to help you get these websites up and running and additional free training on top of that. To this day this is still a great deal for anyone looking to start their own website, or for someone that has no idea how to begin to build their own website (they take you by the hand and guide you in order to get your website up and running correctly)

2) Training – Ultimately my plan was to sign up, get my two free websites and bounce. Get as much free stuff as I could, maybe gain some knowledge or tips and then move on. But the training as Wealthy Affiliates is immense, it is set up step by step in order for you to succeed. At Wealthy Affiliate there is none of that here is your training, watch these videos and read this manuscript and then they shoe you away while patting you on your butt and telling you good luck! This is not Wealthy Affiliate is about! Did I mention it is step by step at Wealthy Affiliate and that a starter membership is 100% free? Yes, I sure did!

There are two main tracks in which you can take!

One training track allows you to promote any idea that you may already have. This track allows you to come up with any idea you want and make this idea become a business reality! Wealthy Affiliate will guide you through each step in taking your idea, putting it together on a website, marketing it, getting it to ran in google  and making it a successful online business.

The second training track is geared more for people that want to start a business, but have not decided on a specified area that they want to pursue. This track is named the Boot Camp track, and Wealthy Affiliate will help you find your own Niche and then guide you on how to make that Niche a success!

Once you sign up and become a starter member you can pick a track, or try them both! This was another key feature of Wealthy Affiliate is the try before you buy type mentality. You can get pretty deep into the website before ever thinking about opening your wallet.

3) Community – This was the reason I stayed and signed up for a premium membership. The community here consists of tens of thousands of people, that are all in the same boat (Making Money Online) and everyone is either looking for an answer to their questions or they are helping out fellow Wealthy Affiliate members. Let me give you one of my own personal examples. Sometimes I will get stuck on what to do next on my website (we have all been there) or I will have a generic what do I do if this happens sort of questions. I have asked over 200 questions within the Wealthy Affiliates forum’s and I have never had a response that took longer then 60 minutes in order to get a reply with help. This is the most important aspect of the site in my opinion, no other program offers instant help to any or every problem you could run into.


Want to give Wealthy Affiliates a try?

Then click here to see the Top Rated Affiliate program on the web reviewed. Or click the link below to be taken directly to the Free Starter Membership sign in page. Let me be the first to welcome you to your new future





Please feel free to leave comments below of other legitimate ways of earning money online so that we can all benefit from them! 

Or if you have other products you would like me to take a look at and give a review on, then you can post those below and I would be more than happy to take a look and post a review for you.





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